Real Journeys Outside and Inside

Real Journeys. That was the name of the company that took us through Milford Sound, but whose name epitomized the incredible three-week vacation to New Zealand I took with my husband, Larry, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our real journey was filled with seeing beauty that was beyond words, experiencing adrenaline-packed adventures, and relishing the joy and love of being together for this “bucket list” experience. I also underwent a “real journey” inside as well, as I came face-to-face with another layer to this illusion of “powerlessness” that is making itself known to me this year.

When we are lost to the illusions of our deep conditioning we are clueless that we could feel differently and are drawn to certain feelings and behaviors, even when they don’t feel good.  These feelings do, however, feel familiar and there is consistency/safety in that familiarity. When we awaken to our illusions we are still enticed by the familiarity of old feelings and behaviors, but now can recognize just how disconnected and uncomfortable those feelings are.  Thus becomes the spiritual practice of rewiring neural pathways to integrate new behaviors that are more in alignment with our connection to our authentic self, our Higher Self.

What conditioning surfaced for me with this journey was the overwhelming preponderance to anticipate a negative outcome (which boils down to the illusion of powerlessness to create).  Yuck!!! I found I kept feeling huge amounts of free-floating anxiety as I prepared for our trip.  This was a familiar feeling alright.  But now it felt intolerable, not consistent at all with whom I know myself to be, but present none-the-less.  On the morning we were to fly out I worked with my buddy coach, Amy, to find that dimension of myself that exists way beyond this anxiety.  Aaaaahhh, that felt oh so much better.  In this dimension I could feel the pleasure of experience, for experience’ sake, the “is-ness” of life, and the creativeness of being divine spirit playing with the physical. It felt like I was playfully “swimming” in the ocean of all possibility. So “swim” became my touchstone, my anchor for pulling me out of anxiousness and into expansion.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the cycling on unfamiliar roadways, or paragliding high above the city, or crawling through squeeze holes in a cave that provoked anxiety for me.  It was during transitional times (hmmm, interesting in the bigger metaphor, eh?) such as getting to airports on time, finding places to stay, or choosing from among the myriad of advertisements about where we wanted to spend our time and money that provoked my conditioned anxiety about future consequences.  Being aware of this anxiety was the easy part because it was soooooo uncomfortable.  My “practice” became how to shift/rewire this behavior.  I called upon many of the tools that I teach to others, “swimming” until I found the one that worked for each particular situation.  I like having a number of simple resources to call upon to feel the sweet spot of connection, which would bring me to the present moment to then feel ease, peace, and pleasure.

I do love the way my personal, professional and spiritual lives are now so intertwined. This is my “real journey.”  I know I am here to discover many simple resources around living day to day from a connection with my authentic/Higher Self and to share these resources with others.

Simple Tools to Shift from Anxiousness to Connection:

Create an “anchor” that holds the morphic field of connection for you.

o      During a time when you feel completely connected to your Higher Self, notice what word, image, or bodily sensation you most identify with this state of connection.  “Anchor” the word, image, or sensation by telling your Higher Self to return you to this state of connection anytime you invoke this word, image or sensation.  This is how I used the word “swim.”

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7 Responses to “Real Journeys Outside and Inside”
  1. Wendy Down says:

    Wow – sounds like a very rich trip on every level Celeste.

    Love the photo of you and Larry hang-gliding!


    • Celeste says:

      Hee hee, I love it that you think that is Larry up there with me, but this is actually a “tandem paraglide” and that was my guide, Chris. Larry was in his own tandem sling seat & for both of us this felt like being an eagle, riding the updrafts, and feeling so very free and a natural part of the environment. It was an amazing experience.

  2. Carolyn says:


    I love the authentic sharing of the highs and lows of the trip, especially the lows. You so skillfully dissected that experience and it’s rare to read about a trip with that level of insight. Yet it’s just what we need when we travel! The anchoring exercise is something I’ll definitely try, too…



  3. Amy says:

    Looks like a wonderful adventure of body and mind! I was wondering if you were there during the earthquake and if you felt it at all.

    • Celeste says:

      Yes, we were in NZ and had just left Christchurch the day before the earthquake. We were in Queenstown which is several 100 miles away and did not feel it. It was so sad to see the pictures of the many places we had visited in such distress. We really loved our time in Christchurch.

      An interesting side note is that in January when we were finalizing our plans our travel agent had scheduled us to leave CC on 2/22, which was the day of the quake. I called him to say I thought the schedule would “feel better” to me if we flew to Qtown on 2/21 instead. I’m glad I followed that intuition and believe my guardian angel was certainly looking out for us.

  4. Celeste says:

    I welcome your views and would love to have you post more specific thoughts. Having different opinions and ideas helps everybody learn and clarify their own ways of living consciously. Thanks for posting.


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