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Celeste HammanHi! I'm Celeste. Let me be your guide, companion or mentor to resources for deep connection with your Higher Self.

My wish is for you to evolve your own unique ways to communicate with your Higher Self. This site offers a variety of practical methods to deepen your skills. Learn to contact, receive, integrate and utilize the treasures that await you as you personalize your experience with your Higher Self.

Read my definition of channel and Higher Self.

Channel Your Higher Self Blog

Done with Individual Development? Evolving Together is the Answer.

Does the idea of another self-help book, manifestation program or newest guru leave you cold? Have you stopped journaling, writing about your feelings, or meditating on your own as much? Lately this has been my story and I’ve also heard this from friends and clients. Actually, I think it is a GOOD sign! I think we have tipped the “100th monkey” and are entering our third wave of empowerment as... 

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Blog: What's on the Channel Today?


Do you hunger for a deeper connection? How to Channel Your Higher Self, in its convenient ebook or mini-book format, is a perfect traveling companion and guide for resourcing your inner wisdom. Learn new tools and be amazed by the insights, guidance and love that is flowing to you every moment of the day. Learn more.

  • Expand your definition of channel and Higher Self.
  • Synch up to source energy learning 12 new portals.
  • Refresh your inner guidance system with 7 new reference tools.
  • Intensify your channeling practice listening to 14 guided audio experiences.