Were you born to be here at this specific time to aid humanity as we determine whether we evolve or become extinct?

Do you ache with the deeper purpose to create a more conscious planet, but don’t know how to give your gifts?

Are you isolated, and yearn for a community whose vision matches yours of a unified humanity that is peaceful, collaborative, sustainable and loving?

This e-learning trilogy offers you an experiential journey:

  • Develop foundational talking points so that you can speak to anyone heart-to-heart about your own story of advancing evolution through personal, conscious choice.
  • Clarify and own your unique gifts so that you may give them co-creatively in support of the transformation of our world toward a more unified humanity.
  • Take bold action, based on direct guidance from your Higher Self, that contributes to our world more powerfully than anything you can imagine in this moment right now.

In each of these e-courses you discover the intersection of your personal development and spiritual paths. This is NOT passive learning.  Interactively engage with the material through:

  • specific, thought provoking journal exercises to accelerate your growth
  • focused resource building of an extensive personal reference library
  • heart opening meditations you can download


How To Be A Conscious Evolutionary* E-Course Trilogy:
Answer Your Inner Call to Evolve Our World


Awakened Seeker’s Journey:

E-Course: $19.49

Fundamental educational components integrated with opening your heart, the intersection of science and spirituality.  (1 mo, 18 modules, 4 meditations)

Learn through interactive journal exercises, guided meditation, and web based resources how your own life is actually the macro reflection of the 13.5+ billion year story of our cosmos!


Spiritual Explorer’s Path:

E-Course Intensive: $88.49

Deepen your practice of be-ingness in order to live as your Embodied Essence, the intersection of your inner and outer worlds.  (4 mos, 22 modules, 8 meditations)

Evolve into a moment-to-moment experience of yourself as a Divine Incarnate joyfully co-creating on the physical plane using a gentle 5 Step Path of inner exploration, soul inspiring meditations, and rich contemplative inquiry.

Accelerated Guided Spiritual Explorer’s Path:

Recorded Teleclass & E-Course Intensive: $248.49

Utilize the energy of a recorded group to enliven your experience of the e-course intensive materials.  Together we accelerate the transformation of our daily existence into the visceral knowing of ourselves as embodied Spirit playfully, and joyfully, engaging with the physical world to evolve consciousness through us. (10 class recordings, 22 modules, 8 meditations)


The Wayshower’s Beam:

(in production)


Support to take your gifts boldly into the world as an expression of the enlightened leader that you are, the intersection of a human doing and a spiritual being.

Together, we will EVOLVE our world.


* Based on the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard

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