Play 4 Guidance – Build Your Multisensory Skill Set

Perceptions of the five senses . .  take on new meaning.  This [new multisensory] system detects wisdom and compassion, intelligence and design, purpose and existence that are not physical. Gary Zukav, Spiritual Partnership

Take advantage of your natural urge to look within by learning how to harness the guidance that flows to you.  Using playful, yet powerful exercises Play 4 Guidance ellicits concrete, specific and action-oriented information accessed through your 4 energetic bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Leave this highly experiential course with:

  • 4 new portals into deep wisdom
  • Your unique vision of your spiritual path
  • Specific “next-steps” that move you purposefully forward
  • Tools to access further guidance along your path

4 Ways to Play 4 Guidance:

Contact Celeste at to set up any of these classes or workshops for your personal or professional groups.

  • FREE Overview Class – Experience a “taste test” to tap into one of your 4 energetic bodies. Discover the ease of receiving valuable information – specific to you – that you can use immediately in your life.   This format is modifiable for 20 – 45 minute in person or teleclass situations.
  • Teleclass Series – Learn to step into your 4 energy bodies to amplify your ability to sense your inner guidance. Build your capacity to acknowledge and trust what you receive.  Choose a 4 week period of time, 75 minute teleclass each week.  Minimum of 4 people, $79/person
  • 4 Week Austin Series – Build community, along with your skill set, to fully use your 4 energy bodies to receive personalized guidance.  Group dynamics accelerate your growth potential. Your group can meet in my office in Central Austin, or I can work with you for other meeting spaces.  Minimum of 4 people, $79/person
  • Half Day Workshop – Tap into the sacred group energies to find depth and clarity in the guidance delivered by your 4 energy bodies. We come together in a retreat space suited to support a multisensory experience.  Minimum of 4 people, $79/person or negotiable for large groups.

Celeste weaves her natural talents as a coach and intuitive facilitator to create a beautiful, playful space for exploring and honoring your inner wisdom. Whatever your skills at connecting with your core self, Celeste has rich activities to help you perceive, deepen, trust, and act on that wisdom.
Dianna Amorde, Author, Aha! Moments: When Intellect & Intuition Collide

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