What’s Your Highest Vision for Humanity Post-Birth?

The challenge we now face is the challenge of choosing our destiny. Our generation, of all the thousands of generations before us, is called upon to decide the fate of life on this planet. The processes we have initiated within our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our parents and grandparents cannot continue in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. Whatever we do will either create the framework for reaching a peaceful and cooperative global society and thus continuing the grand adventure of life, spirit, and consciousness on Earth, or set the stage for the termination of humanity’s tenure on this planet.
Segment 2 of Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness


Are you a Law of Attraction fan?  Then you understand how critical it is for awakened planetary citizens to focus on the highest vision for our planet we can achieve.

As an Agent of Conscious Evolution (this inspirational and life affirming class begins anew Wed, 10/10), I am stepping more fully into my agency as a Conscious Evolutionary and asking questions to stimulate new thoughts, new perceptions, more hope, and greater planetary involvement.  Based on David Gershon’s work, Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World, I dialogued with two groups of people last week around this statement:


Create a positive vision of the transformative change of our Birth you wish to see at the personal, organizational, and systems level.


Wow!  Here is a sampling of the possibilities and potentials people were “remembering” about our future, once we make a full shift into unity consciousness.

Co-creation:  People are attracted to collaborate with one another through their mutual interests and excitement, each seeing the “other” for the unique gifts each brings to the project; projects are viewed as ways to expand consciousness by playing in both physical and non-physical realms; we are no longer bound to the Earth plane, though it remains a place to gather and connect; everyone understands fully their Divine Self and are inspired and guided by the Evolutionary Impulse to continuously expand consciousness.

Heightened empathy & intuition:  An ability to truly “get” and know one another; to understand, value and “see” one another as an aspect of ourselves having a different experience; to use this skill as a portal for shape shifting and to experience multi-dimensionality.

Transparency:  Through telepathy an ability to know what others are thinking so no more hidden agendas, back room deals, lies or cheating; increased access to the noosphere (higher collective intelligence); access to information, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values of others no matter where they are when you experience connection/resonance with them; impacts need for language, words, etc.; new ways of communication unheard of now will be the norm.

Governance/Justice systems:  Leadership for “the good of all” rises, with no power struggles, more service oriented; flatter governing models, more self-governing, self-responsibility; less need for punitive based justice, higher potential for love-based community oriented “do-overs.”

Economics:  People rise to their highest levels of service, giving their gifts at their highest potential; all gifts are valued and respected; less need for money, more focus on energy exchange; improved skills of manifestation so less need to “buy” things; abundance and prosperity for all so less need to “prove” worth with things and a simpler life is the norm; there is no power viewed in accumulation as everyone knows the “secret” to manifesting what is desired and the idea of “power” becomes irrelevant.

Health/Aging:  Health issues, as well as aging bodies, subside as people use their skills of co-creation with their own bodies; emotional and mental health practices support ever evolving consciousness; what we call “aging” only occurs through the choice of an individual and is no longer a given.


As you can see, when you allow yourself to play with what’s possible, there’s no limit for your vision.  Who knows what our “post-Birth” scenario will be, but what I do know, is the more I play in the field of what would be fun to experience, the greater the energy field of that attractor pattern becomes and helps to pull me (and collective consciousness) forward.

Never doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world.  Nothing else ever has.   Margaret Mead

What are YOU dreaming about these days?

YOU can add to the Morphic Field of the Post-Birth Attraction Pattern:

  • Make a connection with 2 or more others and explore what you think is possible if humanity takes a huge quantum leap into unity consciousness.
  • Get involved NOW to be a part of Birth 2012, a global celebration for our collective birth into unity consciousness.   Contact me about getting involved if you live in Austin!
    Or, join our meet up at http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Conscious-Evolutionaries/ or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary





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