Tuning into my Soul Sister, or is that Soul Brother?

Launching this website, and this blog, is certainly a thrill. It’s been in process for months and sometimes it seemed like it might not happen. But then again, I believe in the perfect timing of the universe and always came back to trusting that all “cooperative components” (ala Abraham) would fall into place to create the perfect timing for this launch.

The “Channel Your Higher Self” website is about demystifying the idea of learning how to open up to communicating with your Higher Self, while still honoring the sense of awe, magic and true preciousness of actually doing so. Discovering my own open channel is the path that I’ve been playing on for several years.

This blog, however, is going to reflect and explore the new arena in which I’m playing, multidimensionality. This new course stretching out in front of me centers around my finding tools, techniques, processes, pathways and whatever else that shows up that would make tapping into our own multidimensionality just as assessable and easy as opening the channel to our Higher Selves. I am definitely not anywhere close to this yet, though I’ve had some glimpses, and so you, if you so choose, get to come on this journey with me.

Even the term “multidimensional” is used in different contexts within the Spiritual conversation. The use of the term “multidimensionality” might include our collective and individual movement from the third dimension toward fifth dimensional living (seems to be the most prevalent use); Or, the same term could be applied to the recognition of multiple aspects of ourselves living in multiple parallel universes, or in this one universe and allowing the fullness of all of our inner dimensionality to come forward (see Wendy Down’s blog about Multidimensional Intelligence). Yet, I am called to explore it in even another way.

I became fascinated with the idea of other people who are connected to us through our “soul ray” when I read Machelle Small Wright’s book, Dancing in the Shadow of the Moon. She has quite an interesting story about her interactions with another person from her soul ray living in a “sister dimension” to Earth. Yes, this is a non-fiction book.

In recordings of Steve Rother of Lightworker I have heard him talk about eleven other beings that have our same soul. Hmmmmm.

So, my adventure looks something like this: If there are other beings out there living with this part of me that I think of as my “soul,” yet potentially living a very different life, wouldn’t it be incredibly interesting to engage with them in ways that allow us to share with each other what we are learning in highly conscious and aware ways?

Sound intriguing to you? Wouldn’t you like to communicate with someone who has an intimate knowledge of what it feels like to be you, your core you, and know how they are dealing with the same soul themes you came here to explore? It sounds like fun to me.

Do you know if this area of interest is “commonly” referred to as something other than “multidimensionality?” Do you have an experience to share where you knew you were meeting or communicating with another being that shared your same soul? I’m not talking about soul mates, but your same, actual soul? Does the idea of the “soul ray” even seem like a possibility to you?

Hop on board, I think this is going to be a fun ride!

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One Response to “Tuning into my Soul Sister, or is that Soul Brother?”
  1. Celeste says:

    Would love to hear your perspective on tapping into your soul ray. Not sure we really need a “right” answer, but would enjoy participating with you in a discussion. Thanks for commenting!

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