What Would Your Avatar Look Like?

Tomorrow night I’m creating my Avatar!  And I’m hoping about 35 other people will join me in creating theirs.

So, here’s the story.  I have this wonderfully cosmicious friend in the UK who is turning 60 on Saturday.   Soleira has created a world wide super-connected celebration with energetic hook-ups during the day, a cosmic ball in the evening, and all sorts of people around the globe gathering to honor her and her work of envisioning a vibrant world through collective connectivity.  Soleira’s event, themed from the movie Avatar, is “I See You – A Brilliant World Revealed.”  When I got the invitation, I knew I wanted to be a part of this global party whose purpose is “to source a super connected world, where everyone is seen, brilliance is ignited in all and our connection to Life sources and connects us all.

It just so happens I have another wonderfully connected friend here in Austin throwing her own celebratory party on Saturday evening focused on sharing our inner creative brilliance.  “Ah-ha,” say I, “This is no coincidence.”  It was an easy jump to see that my creative contribution to Carolyn’s party could also celebrate Soleira by setting up a station to decorate our own avatars!

Did you know that “avatar” is a Sanskrit word meaning “a form of self?”  It also carries the meaning, “an embodiment, as of a quality or concept, an archetype.”  The question then becomes for each person coming to my table, “What quality do I want to be known for and how would I relate that quality through the visual senses?”

I have 12” x 18” blue construction paper to cut into personal avatar paper dolls.  From there, it’s all about letting creativity flow!  People can choose from vibrant sequins of various shapes and sizes, glitter, multicolored yarn, “fur” ribbon, vivid ribbons of stars, butterflies, and flowers, lots of buttons of all shapes and sizes, colorful feathers, scraps of material, lace, golden cord, richly hued embroidery threads, jingle bells, and pieces of jewelry.

Once decorated, we’ll hang all of these lovely and beautiful self-expressed avatars on the wall, connected hand to hand.  Of course I’ll have my new flip-cam with me to record these dazzling dolls to inspire you to think about your avatar!

What do YOU embody?

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3 Responses to “What Would Your Avatar Look Like?”
  1. Wendy Down says:

    Great idea and article, Celeste!

  2. Celeste says:

    Thank you Mattie. Yes, it is fine for you to include this link on your website. I appreciate that.


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