What do you Propose for 2012?

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

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While running at White Rock Lake on Dec. 31, a man newly arrived from Mexico asked me this question.  As he shared his “proposal” for his new year in a new country I delighted in his energies of potential and possibility that presented itself.  He came from Matamoros where the drug lords are terrorizing every day life and the expansiveness of the freedom we enjoy here was pouring from him.  When we parted, I was left feeling euphoric with positive possibilities of what it might mean to “propose” to the New Year.


Propose” feels so collaborative; “resolve” feels individuated.
“Propose” is full of possibilities; “resolve” seems inflexible.
“Propose” carries future potential; “resolve” holds shame of the past.


For Conscious Evolutionaries, the year of 2012 holds much potential for the Birth and first breath of a new humanity, our next evolutionary state.  Referred to as “Universal Humanity,” this conscious collective is characterized by collaboration, cooperation, peace, sustainability, regenerative economics, co-creativity and unity consciousness.  It is our world movement as a species to a balance of the higher vibrating states of both masculine and feminine energies combined.  We won’t magically arrive at this state all at once, but this is the year of the tipping point, the 100th monkey effect that moves us in that direction.

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

I propose for myself in 2012 to be in synergistic collaboration with the energies flowing around me throughout the year; to step fully into the syntony of being an Agent of Conscious Evolution, aware of synchronicities guiding me toward others who are also resonating with this calling. Our co-creation occurs (supra-sex!) through inspired action based on the spontaneous knowing that flows from our Higher Selves.  In living from this place of our Essential Selves we support our world’s natural syntropy (vs. entropy) to occur and evolution toward the Universal Humanity happens.

My proposal is based on the “Seven S’s of Social Synergy” that I recently taught in our Conscious Evolution Circle in Austin.  Join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary) to learn more about what we are doing in the Circle.  In the next few months our focus is around the “Winter of Wellness.”

But, you don’t have to live in Austin to participate!  You can hear inspirational wellness talks in the Wellness Summit, a FREE telesummit beginning January 9- March12 chock full of world-class pioneers such as Joan Borysenko, Dan Millman, John Gray and more!  For more info visit http://bit.ly/wowch.


“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

  • Sit quietly and let your awareness move inwardly.  Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”  Make your proposal based on your deepest joy.
  • Or, ask your quiet and poised mind, “What is most wanting to emerge from me in 2012?”
  • Want to get better at hearing your own inner wisdom?  Try the exercises from How to Channel Your Higher Self to build your skills at receiving deep and personalized guidance.


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