Are You Being Called to Birth Your Contribution?

Birth. Re-birth.  Renewal
Earthquakes. Tsunamis.
Opening hearts sending out tender roots.

Wake up. Awaken.  Awake.
WaySeers become WayShowers.
Birthing your beingness to birth the new.

Clarion call!
Resonance. Chaos. Expansion.
Many paths, all unique, sacred and true.
Listening to One energy.

Are you hearing the call this Spring? My email inbox is full of opportunities to get involved. It’s more important than ever to create the still, sacred space to be able to hear and receive your own inner guidance for how you are going to participate in your own unique way in the gigantic, global shift that is happening right now.  There is absolutely no question you will participate, yet, wouldn’t it feel better to do it consciously?

Resources for Adding Your Unique Voice to Birthing the New:

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, the “evolutionary voice for our times,” is “calling upon visionaries, evolutionaries, change leaders, and open-hearted humans to step forward to add your unique brilliance to consciously co-creating our new world.

“What if Dec. 21, 2012 marks the passing of one phase of evolution and Dec. 22, 2012 marks “Day One” of the next epoch of evolution – for the next 26,000 years? A time we can collectively set our intentions for a more evolved world?

The catch is that it likely won’t happen if we sit back and hope for something cosmic to occur. Instead, we can decide to come together now and co-create the greatest field of love, resonance and social synergy in the history of the world.”

  • Nature of Mind, Alex Grey

    Nature of Mind, Alex Grey

    The Blooming Humans project continues to inspire me daily on this 42 day opening to clarity about my own contributions to the birthing of the new for both the world and myself.  Beautiful images and creative prose facilitate a daily focus on allowing what is most wanting to be expressed through me to step forward.

  • What is your life theme? (read more) Consider the inner genius that is already present in you and how this natural aspect of your multidimensional self is ready to play in the birth of our new world.
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