Done with Individual Development? Evolving Together is the Answer.

Does the idea of another self-help book, manifestation program or newest guru leave you cold?

Have you stopped journaling, writing about your feelings, or meditating on your own as much?

Lately this has been my story and I’ve also heard this from friends and clients. Actually, I think it is a GOOD sign! I think we have tipped the “100th monkey” and are entering our third wave of empowerment as humanity and YOU, my friend, are on the leading edge of that wave.

I heard Steve Rother with talk about 3 Waves of Empowerment several years ago and I’ve summarized it this way.

1st Wave – Our focus in early humanity was on meeting our essential needs of safety, food and security. We learned how to gather in groups and focus on the good of the whole.

2nd Wave – As primal needs were met, we began to know ourselves as individuals and our focus shifted on satisfying the needs for love and relationship, as well as vocational/educational success and achievement. At the highest vibration, we learned how to shine individually and step into authentic power.

3rd Wave – Where we are moving to is an ability to harmonize what we learned from the first two waves, how to simultaneously collaborate with others with a focus on what is best for the whole, without diminishing or diluting our own unique truth and gifts. This is a “triality” state of being, rather than “duality.”

What I took from this is that WE CAN NOT MOVE INTO THE THIRD WAVE ALONE! In order for the 3rd wave of empowerment to truly come into being, we MUST be working together with groupcocreateearth
others, all of us giving our unique gifts in service to the whole.

That’s why it no longer excites us to work on “personal” development, doing the individually focused work. Our own development, really, our own evolution, must occur in collaboration with others who are also evolving and learning this new skill of “triality.” As we evolve in this new way, we normalize synergy, collaboration, respectful interactions, and holistic empowerment as the model for the new world, bringing it into the NOW world.

You need community to evolve your capacities for living in triality, and I need your help to build the community. Won’t you help create the magic of sharing your strengths as we create together the skills for living eyes-wide-open as the physical embodiment of our Essence, our Divine Selves?

In The Spiritual Explorer’s Path we focus, as a group, on what it means to live in “triality.”   Together we practice skills over 10 consciousness sharing/expanding tele-classes beginning Tuesday, March 1. You will also receive the e-course intensive materials, downloadable meditations and a private Facebook group.

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Let’s EVOLVE together!

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