Supplicate & Surrender, Can I? Can You?

Twice each month I have the most incredible opportunity to connect deeply, spiritually, and heart-to-heart with a small group of conscious evolutionaries that I met through my training with Barbara Marx Hubbard. Last week we each contributed around the felt vision of an evolved humanity, a “global supra-human organism in which no one is left out, everyone has a role to play, and everyone’s interests are aligned with each other’s interests and with the planet.” This is not just an idealistic utopian fantasy, but is the potential culmination of billions of years of evolutionary progression. It is the “structure” for which our planet, which is in chaos, is looking for as a coherent structural order that draws humanity towards a higher order. Evolutionaries see this structure as a benevolent “strange attractor” that lifts the chaos into its new order.

groupcocreateearthIn our group, we referred to this structure as a “cooperative” organism and likened it to the body, an organism of trillions upon trillions of individual cells. As one member of our group commented:

an organism is a structure in which the interests of every member of the group are completely aligned with the group’s interests. There are no debates about minimum wage between the spleen and the quadriceps; no lobbying for a thousand times the “minimum wage” by the brain, while other organs or cells in the body are dying of starvation. All organs are fully supportive of each other and every cell has a role to play. The lungs don’t try to convince the kidneys that they should be more “lung-like.”

The very next morning in meditation I immediately began receiving a very specific message:

Suffer, Supplicate, Surrender

Yikes!! What is this that is bombarding me?

Push back NOW, resist, resist!

Even as I felt my body tightening up and resisting this message, I focused on breathing and opening up to at least “hear” what was streaming to me, mostly at a rate much faster than I was able to take in.

The word, “supplicate” held the strongest energy for me, one that was definitely NOT comfortable. This word meant groveling, looking outside of myself for answers, and begging for mercy, none of which fits my idea of my relationship to the Divine. It was very hard for my “mind” not to get in the way of this download, to throw up barricades and shut down the flow.

Breath, center, ground, know that you are Divine and protected, listen. I heard:

“We move forward as a cooperative organism [whether that be our own body, relationships, or humanity] by releasing our need and desire for recognition, approval, individuality and uniqueness. We all have a talent to be of service and if each is in their service, all are recognized as an important part of the whole. To live from this cooperative state is to end suffering as no one would need for something that would not automatically be a part of the cooperative whole. We must supplicate ourselves to release our separated states and surrender individuality for the benefit of the whole.”

Resistance big time!

Really? I can’t be seen as unique? My beliefs have been to see each of us as a facet of the whole diamond, shining our unique perspective of the whole. What if this belief is a way for my separated self (my Ego that so wants to glory in its individuality) to stay in control?

It was at this time I was shown several areas of my physical body that aren’t 100%.

“Just like your right leg is resisting it’s service to the whole and wants separate attention, even with the expense of pain and suffering. Suffering is preferable as a unique understanding of the separated self to the seemingly conglomerate [anonymity] of the whole.”

Deep breath.

But, supplicate? I must beg to be released?

Once again I was shown an experience in my life to create understanding.

hummingbird“You’ve experienced the ecstasy of a supplicated state before.” And then I was flooded with the memory of an experience I had sitting in meditation on a mountain in New Mexico. During that meditation I opened my eyes to see a hummingbird hovering right in front of my face and then I was suffused with the energy of LOVE, not as an emotion, but as a BEING state. It was ONE consciousness, it was God, it was ALL THAT IS, it was bigger than I could actually hold. It was beautiful. And, even though I can remember this experience, I’ve never quite been able to enter that energy state again. But, now I know that “supplication” is an entering into the “glory, power and presence” of LOVE, and not a subjugated state.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this meditation, but it has definitely stuck with me. I am on the verge of a transition in my life to a new home, located 100 miles from where I currently live. This future move certainly has me asking questions about what I will “do” when I get there. What is my service to the whole? What does “surrendering my separated self” really look like? Is it possible to form a cooperative structure in my own microcosm of humanity? What would that even look like?

How are you playing with the ideas of surrender and supplication?


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