Self-Judgment as a Message from Your Higher Self?

Notes From the UniverseYour secret blessing, Celeste, is that no matter where you go in time and space, you only ever have to be yourself – as courageous, vulnerable, bold, or afraid as you may feel – to find yourself amongst friends.

So loved,
The Universe

You’re actually kind of like chocolate to other people when you’re just being yourself.

Another perfect note from the Universe this morning as it mirrors succinctly the very foundation of the philosophy from which I coach, total self-acceptance.  Just this morning I worked with a client around recognizing self-judgment as a message he was receiving from his Higher Self to fully accept himself, warts and all.

What if you stopped listening to the words of your own self-judgment and just recognized “the Judge” as one of your multi-dimensional selves indicating your Higher Self was seeking your attention? What might “the Judge” actually be saying to you?  Maybe something like, “Let’s get honest here, nobody here but us two.  What do you really think/believe/feel/sense deep in your core?”  (Read more here to know which of these words is the best for you.)

I love the way that Abraham explains that negative, or uncomfortable, feelings are nothing more than just indicators that you’re ready to get back into alignment with who you really are.  There’s nothing good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative, clean/dirty, or black/white about them. These indicators are just like the gas tank indicator on our car warns us when we’re nearing empty.  It’s not the goal to put a “happy face sticker” on your gas tank and hope for the best.  We use the indicator as information and guidance.

So an uncomfortable feeling, such as self-judgment, is an indicator your Higher Self wants to talk! And, your Higher Self NEVER uses degrading, demeaning or judgmental language, so learn to listen to what is beneath the words you hear in your head.  When you’ve tapped into what is honest and authentically true for you, you’ll feel the immediate relief of self-acceptance for the whole kit and caboodle that is you.   And the legacy? When you connect with your totality and accept yourself, others sense this and you become a beacon for their own self-acceptance.

Integrative Action Steps for Using Your Indicators:

  • As you pay attention to your inner thoughts and feelings, instead of trying to cover up or shift your attention from uncomfortable feelings, experiment with acknowledging their presence as an aspect of yourself, and then “ask” this aspect what’s really true.  Even if it feels like the “answers” are coming from your imagination, keep asking for the deeper truth until you feel the “ah-ha” of deep knowing.
  • Are you already a beacon of change for others? Check out this incredible training from The Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard called “Agents of Conscious Evolution” to receive training to increase your skills for supporting our global awakening.
  • Do you feel a calling for a more personal, inner-directed spiritual experience? I teach simple tools to my coaching clients that help them connect easily and gracefully with their Higher SelfPlease feel free to contact me at for more information.
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Imagination is Your Simple Access to Higher Guidance

“If I only knew then what I know now” is often used looking back with regret at past choices.  But, what would show up in our lives if we did the opposite and brought forward the innocence and energy of our youth, and coupled that with the wisdom of our current maturity and beliefs?

Recently I played with just that sort of reversal and imagined, “If I could feel the way I felt then, knowing what I know now, what would be interesting to me?”  I asked this question of myself in response to a grand new experiment happening in the Consciousness Playground where we are beta testing the “youthening quantum information packets” delivered energetically by Wendy Down.  I wanted to gain clarity on my underlying intentions for participating in this experiment.

Easy to think that it would be nice to look younger!  However, to get beyond this conditioned response and see what my Higher Self had to say about the matter I tapped into my mental energy body.  One of the best ways to circumvent the “thinking” mind, which is our lower vibrating mental energy body, and move into its higher vibrating expression is to use imagination. An easy tool to shift into deeper communication is to simply imagine the best possible outcome. When you use your imagination, you typically soften the resistance of your thinking mind, which then allows your Higher Guidance to flow in with ideas, images, colors, new stories, and feelings that create the foundation for manifesting your future experience.  If you are inspired by your imagination, then that’s your Higher Self.  If you feel fearful (worst case scenario thinking), then you are engaged with your egoic mind.

Here’s what showed up for me when I played with imagining what “youthening” would bring me:

Do you want to play in the quantum field of moving beyond the thoughts and beliefs that “everybody” agrees with? You’ll find plenty of other co-pioneers in the Consciousness Playground that enjoy pushing the boundaries of both our individual and culturally conditioned beliefs.  And the best part is that we do this in ways that feel natural and easy, using our own daily lives as our lab.

How You Can Tap Into Your Mental Energy Body for Communication:

  1. Begin with an easy topic, one that you would like some guidance around, but it doesn’t have a big emotional hook in it.
  2. Take a few moments to move yourself to an inner focus by breathing deeply into your low abdomen and back.
  3. Now, let your imagination run wild around the “best possible outcome” for your situation.
  4. Several stories might pop up.  Wait for the one that gives you a little zing, one that feels really good.
  5. Now, build on those good feelings by including as many “best possible” specifics as you can.  Who is with you?  Where are you?  What does the environment feel like?  What emotions are present?  What are you doing?
  6. Keep your thoughts moving toward those that inspire you.
  7. When you’re ready, open your eyes and make some notes about your experience.
  8. What action steps do you now feel inspired to take, if any, that move you in the direction of this outcome?
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