I am so Grateful for Guidance from my Higher Self

I am so grateful.

I am so grateful that I have practiced communicating with, and opening to the guidance of my Higher Self on a regular, consistent basis.

I am so grateful that I can hear, see, smell, receive, feel, touch, surrender to, and interpret this ongoing communication that flows to me unceasingly from my Higher Self.


If January was about sitting back (read more), then February was about bounding forward!  Things came together all of a sudden in February for my husband and I to take action on a home renovation project that has been on the vision board for years and years.

And, my Higher Self is here with me every step of the way.

 “Throw this away?  Get this shredded?”  A very certain “yes” or “no” is present.

 “Whom should I give this to?” A feeling about a specific person or organization shows up, and I’ve noticed it is appreciatively accepted.

 “Where is such and such?”  I can see clearly the box where it’s been packed, or the location in my house or car where the lost object is hiding.

These seem sort of trivial things when I write them here, but what I know is that my life flows easier, decisions seem clearer, and stress and worry are almost non-existent as I lean into this treasured skill that perhaps I had come to take for granted.

What it means is that I am actually living in each present moment these days.

I stay in the present moment even as I purge and release my hold on the past, and even as we create plans for this project’s future.  My foundation of trust in my Higher Self is being beautifully illuminated for me to see and appreciate.  What I am recognizing here is an outward manifestation of the inward embodiment of my Essence, fully allowing myself as a Spiritual Being to be doing

HA! This is what it looks like to “incarnate” as your Spirit.  It looks like every day life on the outside.  Yet there is this beautiful harmonic chord of peace, vibrancy, excitement, joy, happiness, curiosity, freedom, and more, on the inside.  How sweet is that?

I am so grateful. 

Ideas for Opening to the Guidance of Your Higher Self:

  • Sink your awareness into your heart space, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Ask any question you want to of your Higher Self and wait expectantly for an answer to “bubble up” from deep inside.  Build your foundation of trust by beginning with little, non-consequential questions such as “What is the optimal dish for me to order?” or “Which email is best for me to read first?”  Play with the results by looking for the fun synchronicities that show up when you follow this guidance, even on little things.
  • Are you interested in exploring the path of embodying your Essence?  I am looking for beta testers for my e-course, The Spiritual Explorer’s Path, that will be ready for feedback in about 4 – 6 weeks.  At the completion of this e-course you will feel your Spiritual (Higher) Self fully integrated into your physical, moment-to-moment existence.  In exchange for your thoughtful insights about this product, you can receive it for FREE by completing the form below.

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The Simplest ? Accesses Immediate Guidance

How do you know if you are in connection with your Higher Self? The simplest, most direct path is to ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”  And simply put, if you are feeling good, excited, enlivened, appreciative, passionate, happy, peaceful, or any other emotion that feels yummy, you are in alignment/connection with your Higher Self.

To notice what is happening in your emotional energy body is a simple way to begin to recognize communication with your Higher Self. Feeling good indicates you’re in alignment with your divine guidance system and headed in the direction of your highest good.  Feeling ornery, frustrated, angry, jealous, bitter, resentful, or any other emotion that doesn’t feel “good” means the guidance from your Higher Self indicates you’ve veered off your path.

Esther Hicks, who channels “Abraham” (a collection of non-physical beings), explains the importance of using this inner guidance system that is so present in every NOW moment.

The past several months I’ve been paying close attention to my emotional energy body to observe its guidance around whether I am engaged with life from my authentic self, or if I have fallen back into a core illusion of powerlessness.  Prior to the Feminine Power course I took in the Fall, I was clueless that I ever felt “powerless,” yet there in the behavior list were many recognizable traits. Some of these traits I had “worked on” for years, but apparently not at the root cause.

Then right on cue the book, Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav, synchronistically came into my hands.  The focus of this book is learning to recognize emotions that stem from powerlessness, and those that indicate authentic power.  Emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, feeling inferior or superior to others, entitled, vengeful, resentful, or needing to please are all associated with powerlessness.  Feeling content, appreciative, caring, loving, non-judgmental, joyful, and other good feelings are associated with authentic power.  (Sound familiar?)

And one more synchronous piece dropped into place.  Using an exercise from the New Knowledge for the New Age (studied in the Consciousness Playground), I experienced myself while in deep meditation as my “first born cell” taking on the game (the illusion) of powerlessness as a means of hiding my divine self from my human self.   Wowie Zowie! Interestingly, the emotion that surfaced was deep grief, not for the losses that powerlessness wrought, but because I would no longer be able to play that game and not recognize it as a game.  It was the grief of believing something so strongly (like believing in Santa Claus!), then discovering the illusion and wanting desperately to turn back the clock and “not know” again.  Our core illusory games are so seductive because they are so comfortable and familiar.

In the awakening journey, one can’t go backwards, only forwards.  And so I move forward by letting go of the biggest game I’ve every played using my emotional energy body as a direct line to my Higher Self who is guiding me through the complex playing field I have created.

What is the illusory game you are playing to hide your divine spirit from your human self? You can begin to deconstruct your illusion and reconstruct deep recognition of your core self with your emotional guidance system and one simple question, “What am I feeling?

Want to play with your emotional energy body?

  • Set your watch to chime on the hour and when it does, ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”
  • Observe as many emotions flowing through you as you can notice while considering a specific situation.
  • What emotions support you in feeling your authentic power?  What emotions are indicative of your illusory game?  Can you recognize when each is present?
  • You have a choice as to which emotions you pay attention to.  Make your choices moment to moment.
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My Friend Charlie

My friend Charlie left his physical body last Saturday. His body was 92 years old and had been a very good body to inhabit for many years.

I met Charlie at fitness camp the year I was 31 and he was 69. Interestingly, I just found out in a bio that was the year he was named an All American triathlete. I just knew he was an “old man” who was a good runner and had the unusual habit of carrying a long bone, decorated Native American style, as he ran. Charlie’s name is still in the record books holding many of the age group records, both in Texas and nationally, for distances from the 5K to the marathon. Here he is at age 88 running the Fort Worth Cowtown 10K (which he helped start in 1979) on a blustery and cold February day.

As I got to know and love Charlie, he stopped being an old man and became ageless. He had the enthusiasm and curiosity of a young person, the wit and intellect of a man full of life experiences, and the wisdom and groundedness of an old soul. Charlie was generous, humble, kind, funny, smart, and spiritual. He always made me feel like I was his “special” friend, yet, I know that each and every one of his friends also felt that way.

In recent years I began to talk to Charlie about his beliefs about the world, why we’re here and who we really are, since that was my current interest. Charlie was a man of science and approached these concepts from the intellect. (Being born in the winter, this is exactly the way of his design according to the medicine wheel philosophy, something he ascribed to.) I’m more of a feeler, more interested in energy states. In our little microcosm we mimicked the world of science and spirituality, and just as is happening in that macrocosm, we found our intersection in quantum physics. We shared resources, talked about our non-physical selves as energy, and listened to each other’s perspectives.

What stuck with me was a state he called the “forever now.” I shared with him some of my “expansion” exercises.  These came close, but never quite matched the ecstatic (?), peaceful (?) state, he experienced only once or twice in his life, his glimpses behind the veil. I feel quite sure he is currently experiencing the “forever now,” a state that is beyond any intellectual description or feeling either of us could imagine in our conversations.

When I was in college I read Jonathon Livingston Seagull and I loved this quote. It seems appropriate. So, to my friend Charlie, with love:

Remember, Jonathan, heaven isn’t a place or a time, because place and time are so very meaningless…. If our friendship depends on space and time, then when we finally overcome space and time, we’ve destroyed our own brotherhood. But overcome space, and all you have left is Here. Overcome time and all you have left is Now. And in the middle of Here and Now, don’t you think that we might see each other once or twice?

Richard Bach

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Focus on Appreciation

Now, this is what I’m talking about!  Last week I wrote about becoming aware of the thoughts you were thinking first thing in the morning.  I love both the excitement and focus on appreciation that Jessica exhibits in this video. When you learn to focus your thoughts, and even more importantly, shift your emotional state to a high vibration, then you set yourself up to create more of the things you want, less of the stuff you don’t want.

One of the exercises in my book, How To Channel Your Higher Self, revolves around using appreciation as a portal to communing with your Higher Self.  Most of the exercises in the book include an audio version that is available in the experiential online environment that comes free with the book.  Here’s my version of opening your day by accessing a state of appreciation.  It’s more in the meditative mode than Jessica’s version, but either way, you shift your inner state of being and set the tone for new possibilities to emerge for you in your day.

Opening to Appreciation

Integrative Action Steps for Shifting Your Energetic State:

  1. Notice the flow of your thoughts and/or feelings.  Are they moving you toward more of what you want or away?
  2. If needed, shift your inner energetic state by focusing on appreciation or your highest excitement.  Words (affirmations) alone don’t make the difference.  You must create an energetic match between your thoughts and your inner state of being.  Jessica definitely lines up her words and feelings!
  3. Notice the resulting flow of your thoughts and/or feelings.
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Connecting to your Higher Self isn’t always pretty

Following your inner guidance from your Higher Self (HS) isn’t always a bed of roses.  Yea, I know.  I have this whole site promoting the support, guidance and unconditional love of your HS, but just like a small child I can sometimes feel lost, or maybe spoiled, by so much support.

On Monday afternoon I found myself in just such a childish state, stomping around in some kind of resistant energy field, feeling strident, defensive and cranky.  And I definitely did NOT want to take action to shift out of it.  That defiance was seductive, a familiar feeling no matter how uncomfortable it was, and though a buddy coach was willing to support me in moving to a better feeling state, I was not willing to go.  Hmmmm, what’s up with that?

Personally, I think I was in retreat mode from receiving a lot of communication from my HS that I hadn’t taken the time to process.  I’m still learning the nuances of following my excitement and allowing positive synchrony to happen.  My HS is willing to continually feed me a number of ideas and actions that feel exciting, inspiring even, when they are delivered, but when I somehow think I can do them all, I end up feeling oh so overwhelmed.

I see communication in everything around me, everything.  What people say to me, what songs I hear on the radio, the ideas that come to me through meditation, the movies I see (loved Avatar), the TV shows I watch (Lost and its new “alternate universe” spoke to me), what happens in my dream state, etc, etc.  Communication is always streaming forth.

That non-physical part of me that I refer to as my HS exists in the Now moment where there is no time or space limitation.  So when I receive communication about taking action, for my HS there is no difference between my doing it today or doing it ten years from now.  It’s all the same Now moment.  That’s the nuance for me to learn in my 3D world is to feel for the most exciting action/idea and follow that, not follow every idea that I receive.

So, was the defensive, strident energy field a throw back to past conditioning having a temper tantrum?  It did, after all, feel very much like ego stomping around.  Or was it yet another way for my HS to provide guidance and support for me to take a step back, stop trying to do it all, and take stock about what it is I really want to be doing?

If you like the idea of improving your skills at interpreting the communication flowing to you, please join me in my Coached Collectives.  In these groups you have the opportunity to practice sharing your interpretation of the collective energy in a safe and supportive environment.  Join me for my next free PREVIEW CALL on Wednesday, February 10 at 11:00 am CT (noon ET, 9:00 am PT).

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Synchronicity Happens

After I wrote about my 2010 focus on the intersection of synchronicity, excitement and multidimensionality I had three synchronous events happen over the weekend that helped to solidify, validate and integrate this desire.

The first was Saturday while I was doing housework and listening to a variety of things on youtube.  This video of Bashar popped up (even though it did not meet my search criteria) about what it means to live from a place of excitement and synchronicity.  It got me excited!

On Sunday as I was walking in the beautiful crisp sunny morning I listened to my friend Wendy Down lead the Consciousness Playground through an exercise of creating our past.  Yes, you read correctly, we created our past.  From a quantum physics point of view there is only the present moment and there are just as many probable “pasts” as there are probable “futures.”  Lynne McTaggart has done some incredible research around our ability to change the past based on intention (vibration, observation) from the present moment.  I worked with shifting this past fall to a place that felt more in alignment with ease and balance.  The two strongest vibrations that came forward from this particular past that I was lining up with, centered around designing my website, and moving through the birth of it, with elegance and grace.  I’ve often heard these words spoken by Kendall SummerHawk, the “Money and Soul Coach,” but now I have a deep and personal experience of what this actually feels like.

Following directly on the heels of shifting my past, I participated in a holographic delivery of 2010 energy brought through by Reggi Shelley, the Alchemist Energy Practitioner.  With over 1100 people on the webinar, she channeled through an amazing energy.  The hologram seemed to be wrapped in the violet energy of compassion, transporting in an energy best described as “allowing creation to happen without attachment to what the final creation is to look like.”  The focus of 2010, at least through this channel, is to feel for the essence of your desire, letting go of how it might show up.  Reggie’s guides specifically mentioned that this energy is distinctly different than 2009, which was focused around bringing up old energies that were ready to be released.  Boy did that speak to me on both counts.  And, given I had just felt the fullness of a business model founded on “elegance and grace,” I was excited off the charts!

I began my week incredibly jazzed by the synchronous support I received from all of these energy shifts. Now I’m looking forward to this weekend when I get to play in the morphic field of Matrix Energetics.  More about that when I write next.

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