Is This 5D Body Consciousness?

Ooooo-weeeee!  It’s always interesting to set intentions and then see what shows up!

The intention I set this past summer was to explore a deeper experience of body consciousness that is natural, whole and infinite; a consciousness that is distinct from my Essence, yet entangled with it.  My sense of this body consciousness that is emerging through me is different than anything I’ve read about or experienced before.

It is not about how emotions and limiting beliefs are stored in the body, though I am quite aware of this consciousness and have tools and techniques to explore this inner landscape.  Nor is it about using consciousness to morph or shift my physical body, as I also have experiences, tools and processes to do this as well.   It is a consciousness I have not yet fully grasped, but can sense a distinction for myself that is beyond the denseness of 3D physicality, yet is completely in the physical realm.

I just returned from a very physically focused vacation of hiking and mountain biking where I had a couple of experiences that seem to relate to my intention of getting a deeper sense of an innate body consciousness.  The first was an experience that seemed to be stored in my very DNA at the lowest end of the vibration scale, while the second experience seemed to be total integration of my physicality with the environment at higher vibrations.

Luckily for us the state of Utah took up the expense of the national parks and opened Arches NP.  One of the most recognizable images of this park is the “Delicate Arch” which Delicate Archtakes a 1 ½ mile hike up, up, up to see.  It is outstandingly beautiful.  Much to my surprise, however, I experienced an anxiety attack stepping onto the slanted rock that surrounded the arch.  Though called “slick rock,” the surface of this rock is like sand paper, not slick at all, but rather sticky.  Kids were jumping and running all around me, yet my body began to shake uncontrollably.  It was incredibly interesting for me to observe the “irrational” sense of a lack of safety, and I was fascinated to hear myself actually begin to whimper and cry, even as my husband supported my body and tried to walk me toward the arch.  I tried to “feel” for the fear, but actually couldn’t find a field of energy, it felt “outside” of emotion.  This experience was definitely in the “lizard” brain, my body reacting to it’s own “danger, danger” warning signal, something ingrained or conditioned.  What occurred to me, even in that moment, is that I was experiencing the physical representation of the separated body consciousness, just like lower vibrating Ego states are the representation of the separated Essence.

Onion Creek TrailOn our last day in Moab, we mountain biked through beautiful red rock canyons along Onion Creek.  We crossed the creek 20+ times on the way out, challenging my skills, but doable.  After our lunch break we retraced our ride, this time with a downhill gradient, and the creek crossings took on a whole new feel.  It felt like I had become one with this environment.  The water splashing sounded like laughter.  The sandy loam that had tugged me off the bike on the way out, seemed to pull me forward and through to firmer soil as we flew back to the car on our bikes.  The blue sky, the red rock, the laughing stream, the sandy soil, the bike and my body were all co-creating simultaneously the physical expression of joy!

Yes, the emotion was there, but it was more than that.  I was experiencing the physical sensation of an expanded body consciousness, in its whole and natural state of physicality integrating in oneness with other physicality just like when I feel myself as expanded Essence and a facet of All That Is.  To me, these feel like distinct, yet entangled, states of consciousness.  It was a “taste test” of what is possible, of what I think 5D physicality might feel like.  I look forward to more of it!

Are You Playing with A New Sense of Your Body Consciousness?

  •  You can learn a lot of fun tools and processes that connect you to higher states of consciousness in the Consciousness Playground with Wendy Down.  She is currently running a program for an online Quantum Body Sculpting program.
  • How often do you consciously connect with your body in physical ways?  Not just a workout, but rather a focused sensing of your physical self interacting with the physical world.  I often play the game of “I am that also” and actually feel myself as the tree branches blowing in the wind, or the persistent steadiness of a large rock, or the muscles, tendons and joints of a working muscle.  In what ways do you play in physicality?   Please, comment below.
  • What are your ideas about the physical aspects of being in a 5D world?



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Mo’ to Learn from Your MO

One way to experience ourselves as multidimensional is to notice the energy body we most use to interact with the world in our daily lives.  We each have physical, mental, and emotional energy bodies, but usually one of these energy bodies acts as our modus operandi (MO), the energy state that feels the most natural to us.

You might guess that mine is the physical energy body.  I use physicality to engage with the people, places and happenings in my life.  If your MO is your mental energy body you might be drawn to think logically about whatever it is you are doing, be especially aware of your thoughts, patterns of information, and strive for understanding and knowledge.  An emotionally directed person often experiences emotions/feelings first, and then uses words, labels or meanings to define the emotion to understand life.  Emotion may be your MO if you have a keen sense of the way things “affect” you and others.

All of our energy bodies come into play with everything we do; however, one of them typically is your primary driver.  This is the video celebration of a mountain biking experience with friends.  Definitely the mental body kicked in to get me through this challenge of riding up a mountain, and the emotional body did a happy dance at the top, but it was the physical engagement that colored the totality of the experience.

This experience  got me to thinking about the different responses I have when I’m using my natural MO, and when I’m not.  Here are the questions I’ve been playing with for myself recently.

  • If doing something challenging on a physical level feels so enlivening, then why does challenge in my business feel like overwhelm?
  • What is the state of being, or perception filter, that makes physical challenges exciting and mental challenges draining?
  • How might my physical MO teach/train/condition my mental/emotional energy bodies to experience business challenges as enlivening and exciting?

Love the support I get from The Universe (; just look at my note today!

Visualize, show up, happy dance.  Celeste, you can do this.

Dip,  The Universe

If you would like to help me visualize who my tribe is for How To Channel Your Higher Self, I am holding teleconference focus groups on Tuesday, Oct 19 at 4:00 CT and Wednesday, Oct. 20 at noon CT.  Please email me at for further information.

Integrative Ideas for Discovering and Learning from your MO:

  1. What is your energy body MO?  Ask yourself what energy feels the most natural. When you are thinking about stuff?  Feeling emotionally connected?  Using physical form to engage?
  2. What skills or capacities does your MO hold that you value and appreciate?
  3. If these skills/capacities integrated into your other energy bodies, how might your life change?
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