What do you Propose for 2012?

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

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While running at White Rock Lake on Dec. 31, a man newly arrived from Mexico asked me this question.  As he shared his “proposal” for his new year in a new country I delighted in his energies of potential and possibility that presented itself.  He came from Matamoros where the drug lords are terrorizing every day life and the expansiveness of the freedom we enjoy here was pouring from him.  When we parted, I was left feeling euphoric with positive possibilities of what it might mean to “propose” to the New Year.


Propose” feels so collaborative; “resolve” feels individuated.
“Propose” is full of possibilities; “resolve” seems inflexible.
“Propose” carries future potential; “resolve” holds shame of the past.


For Conscious Evolutionaries, the year of 2012 holds much potential for the Birth and first breath of a new humanity, our next evolutionary state.  Referred to as “Universal Humanity,” this conscious collective is characterized by collaboration, cooperation, peace, sustainability, regenerative economics, co-creativity and unity consciousness.  It is our world movement as a species to a balance of the higher vibrating states of both masculine and feminine energies combined.  We won’t magically arrive at this state all at once, but this is the year of the tipping point, the 100th monkey effect that moves us in that direction.

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

I propose for myself in 2012 to be in synergistic collaboration with the energies flowing around me throughout the year; to step fully into the syntony of being an Agent of Conscious Evolution, aware of synchronicities guiding me toward others who are also resonating with this calling. Our co-creation occurs (supra-sex!) through inspired action based on the spontaneous knowing that flows from our Higher Selves.  In living from this place of our Essential Selves we support our world’s natural syntropy (vs. entropy) to occur and evolution toward the Universal Humanity happens.

My proposal is based on the “Seven S’s of Social Synergy” that I recently taught in our Conscious Evolution Circle in Austin.  Join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary) to learn more about what we are doing in the Circle.  In the next few months our focus is around the “Winter of Wellness.”

But, you don’t have to live in Austin to participate!  You can hear inspirational wellness talks in the Wellness Summit, a FREE telesummit beginning January 9- March12 chock full of world-class pioneers such as Joan Borysenko, Dan Millman, John Gray and more!  For more info visit http://bit.ly/wowch.


“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

  • Sit quietly and let your awareness move inwardly.  Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”  Make your proposal based on your deepest joy.
  • Or, ask your quiet and poised mind, “What is most wanting to emerge from me in 2012?”
  • Want to get better at hearing your own inner wisdom?  Try the exercises from How to Channel Your Higher Self to build your skills at receiving deep and personalized guidance.


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Stop Fixing, Start Emerging in 2011

Aacckk! I don’t care much for the “I’ve got to ‘fix’ myself energy” that surrounds the New Year.  Most of us know that New Year’s resolutions most often fail, usually by February!  My belief is  these resolutions come out of some “should’s & oughta’s” and not from  inner knowing.

Inner JoyInstead of “I need to fix myself,” consciously aware folks ask, “How might I know myself even better so that I can live a more continuous experience of feeling authentically me?”  This question recognizes there is nothing to be fixed, that our core (divine) self is always present, and that our evolvement is about allowing our core self to emerge more and more fully.

Especially at this time of year I tap into the various energy bodies to receive guidance.   These 4 portals – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies – provide insights for what aspects of my life are ready to be released and what core strengths are ready to emerge.  This type of inquiry is well supported by the energies of the winter solstice, a time for illuminating our inner world.

Do you know how to sense your energy bodies?  I’ll guide you through a wonderful metaphor a friend of mine, Michael Nunnally, shared on the Consciousness Playground.  Note: as you connect with each energy body in its highest vibrational state, notice the “communication” you receive.  This is your guidance about what is ready to be released and what is ready to emerge.

  • Imagine yourself as a large glass container.
  • To get in touch with your PHYSICAL energy body, imagine large rocks in your container.  The density of these rocks correspond with your physical body.  Have you ever felt your body as coordinated, graceful, and in flow?  This is the higher vibrating physical body and the one you want to communicate with for guidance.
  • To get in touch with your MENTAL energy body, imagine pouring small pebbles into your container.  Notice that even though the large rocks filled the container there is room for these small pebbles to move down among the larger rocks. You know you are accessing the higher vibrating mental body when you feel “clear headed,” creative and focused.
  • Next, in your imagination pour sand into your container.  Once again, even though the container appears full, there are still spaces between the pebbles and the rocks and the sand filters down to fill these.  This represents your EMOTIONAL energy body and the way emotions affect us both physically and mentally.  Shift into your higher vibrating emotional body with feelings of appreciation, peace, joy and love.
  • Lastly, pour water into your container and watch as it washes through the rocks, pebbles and sand, coating every piece, visibly changing every thing it touches.  This is your SPIRITUAL energy body and is experienced in its highest vibration as a sense of divinity, connection and oneness.

What amazing and profound insights did you experience with this exercise?  I would love for you to share them here!

Would you like additional assistance in moving through these energy bodies?  Maybe you want some added support in understanding the communication process of these portals?

Join me in Play 4 Guidance in January.  I’m offering teleclasses and in person workshops in Austin where I guide participants to use these portals effectively.  I also teach several tools to help you harness and better utilize the communication that you receive.  Our focus is on receiving individualized guidance directly about 2011. You’ll leave this course with specific “next-steps” to move you purposely forward.

Complimentary Overview Teleclass on Friday, January 7, 1:00 Central Time.

If you want to know the time in your area, check here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Action Steps to Use this Process Now:

  1. Sit quietly and breath deeply to center yourself.  Read the “script” above, one energy body at a time.  Notice what you notice with each energy body, then write it down.  At the end, let yourself sit with all that you have written, and then distill your guidance down to one or two sentences that create your next steps forward in 2011.
  2. Register and join me on Friday, January 7 at 1:00 CT to experience a portion of this process with a guide.
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What does Miles-Per-Gallon have to do with Trust?

Stick with me.  This is a circuitous route back to trusting excitement and synchronicity as my guides for the year.

This morning I left for my swim workout feeling slightly down, in self-judgment about my lack of effective promotion for a new coaching program, and overwhelmed by a couple of conversations with marketing people this past week.  Driving along I noticed that my average miles-per-gallon indicator was quite low and it got me to thinking about indicators.  I look at this avg mpg frequently and get kind of excited when I see it on the high end.  I feel good about how I’ve been driving and conserving gas, supporting in some small way a cleaner environment.   Why is it so low this morning?  What did I do to contribute to such poor performance?

I’ve noticed in the past it doesn’t take much idling time to rather dramatically affect this indicator, especially if I’ve just refueled.  That’s when it hit me.  It doesn’t take but a few negative feelings, a bit of “poor-me” reflections or a round of self-critical barbs to dramatically affect my own indicator of “synchronous manifestations per unit of excitement.”  When I stop focusing on excitement and get seduced by “should’s,” then life stops flowing, which is another way of saying synchronicity turns south. My indicator is low!  However, the more time I spend taking action from a place of excitement (refueling), the more fun synchronicity I experience (positive manifestations), which leads to creating more of what excites me in my life (supporting others’ inner environment).  My indicator is high!

Here’s the punch line. I followed my excitement by talking to two different marketing women this week about some projects.  Each of them queried me about my business plan, marketing plan and marketing budget, none of which I have in any kind of structured form.  I also totally enjoy listening to the Lightworker Virtual Broadcast.  In a recent one, Steve told the story of a business consultant who started a new spiritually based business that ultimately failed. When Steve asked this man about his business plan he commented he had not done one for this business because he was following a spiritual calling, even though he was a specialist at business plans!

But I didn’t even recognize the synchronicity of these events.  I “idled” instead on how much time these plans were going to take and wasted energy on feeling impatient and frustrated.  It took my car’s mpg indicator to wake me up to my own inner indicator.  When I finally saw the path, built through excitement, that led to the synchronicity of hearing 3 times that I need a business plan, I just had to laugh.  And with laughter, there is some spaciousness to move toward excitement and jump back on the wagon of my commitment to trusting excitement to take me to where I want to go with this business, even when the path isn’t clear.

What kind of indicators do you have in your life?  How often do you look at them?  What’s your current reading?  Do share.  Surely I’m not the only one that has strayed a bit from the new year’s focus.

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Synching Deeper with Synchronicity

Did you join me in asking your Higher Self (HS) what is ready to shift? I just knew my HS wanted me to let go of judgment. In fact, I had a lot of judgment showing up about how much I interacted with an ongoing background commentary of “compare and contrast” no matter what I was up to. But, every time I attempted to have a dialogue with HS around this, or create a meditative vision around letting judgment go, my HS wasn’t to be found, not interested, at least at this time, with “dropping something.”

No, this New Year is about allowing more of something, rather than letting go. This year I’m to play at a much deeper level with synchronicity. Here’s a short youtube that describes the physics of synchronicity.

Based on my conversations with HS, I’m being encouraged to play with the intersection of synchronicity, excitement, and multidimensionality. Not exactly sure what this means, but what I gathered from my “channel” it looks something like:

As I am one with everything, then there are aspects of me in the form of other people that get excited about marketing, organization, collaboration, and business development. As I play consciously at higher levels of synchronicity, then these aspects of myself will show up, excited to assist me in growing this new business of mine. In a moment-to-moment basis, as I follow my excitement, then it is the excitement that energizes the synchronistic pull of these aspects of myself, in the form of another, to me.

Hmmm, as I write this I can feel how this is going to stretch me in the “trusting in the universe” department. Where is your Higher Self stretching you this year?

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Alignment rather than Resolution

It’s easy to get caught up in the collective consciousness of this time of year that is focused on looking back on what didn’t work in the last year and standing in hope that the coming year will be different.  However, mostly what happens is the conditioned mind begins it’s litany of the many ways you have failed to live up to the expectations that you think you “should be” doing and makes resolutions from this distorted perception, doomed to failure because of lack of alignment with your Higher Self.

I like to focus instead on “what’s wanting to shift” and allow my Higher Self to present something to me.  I keep my eyes, ears, and all of my senses open to receiving this message.

Last year, through a meditation led by Tobias, I dropped doubt like it was an old trench coat that I had been slogging around in for too long.  Doubt was heavy and cumbersome, yet I was holding on to it believing I “needed” its usefulness. Doubt and I had been friends for all of my life, and I had tried many different tools, both intellectual and energetic, for eliminating it.  Last year this aspect of me was ready to let go of its grip and when I dropped this cloak of doubt, it was truly gone.  Freedom surfaced and began to flow.  It’s the freedom to dance and play mentally, emotionally and physically.  It’s the freedom to play with infinite possibility, yet having nothing to prove, justify, clarify, or even manifest in 3D.  I have a feeling that whatever shows up for me this year will continue to intensify this feeling of freedom.

The question to pose to your Higher Self is, “What’s wanting/ready to shift?”  Look, listen and feel for the variety of ways your Higher Self communicates with you.  The answer might come through what you read, hear, experience, imagine, sense, etc. When you feel ready, then you can constructively use the collective energy of change to swoosh your shift through. Let me know what happens for you.  I’ll let you know my experience too.

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