Mo’ to Learn from Your MO

One way to experience ourselves as multidimensional is to notice the energy body we most use to interact with the world in our daily lives.  We each have physical, mental, and emotional energy bodies, but usually one of these energy bodies acts as our modus operandi (MO), the energy state that feels the most natural to us.

You might guess that mine is the physical energy body.  I use physicality to engage with the people, places and happenings in my life.  If your MO is your mental energy body you might be drawn to think logically about whatever it is you are doing, be especially aware of your thoughts, patterns of information, and strive for understanding and knowledge.  An emotionally directed person often experiences emotions/feelings first, and then uses words, labels or meanings to define the emotion to understand life.  Emotion may be your MO if you have a keen sense of the way things “affect” you and others.

All of our energy bodies come into play with everything we do; however, one of them typically is your primary driver.  This is the video celebration of a mountain biking experience with friends.  Definitely the mental body kicked in to get me through this challenge of riding up a mountain, and the emotional body did a happy dance at the top, but it was the physical engagement that colored the totality of the experience.

This experience  got me to thinking about the different responses I have when I’m using my natural MO, and when I’m not.  Here are the questions I’ve been playing with for myself recently.

  • If doing something challenging on a physical level feels so enlivening, then why does challenge in my business feel like overwhelm?
  • What is the state of being, or perception filter, that makes physical challenges exciting and mental challenges draining?
  • How might my physical MO teach/train/condition my mental/emotional energy bodies to experience business challenges as enlivening and exciting?

Love the support I get from The Universe (; just look at my note today!

Visualize, show up, happy dance.  Celeste, you can do this.

Dip,  The Universe

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Integrative Ideas for Discovering and Learning from your MO:

  1. What is your energy body MO?  Ask yourself what energy feels the most natural. When you are thinking about stuff?  Feeling emotionally connected?  Using physical form to engage?
  2. What skills or capacities does your MO hold that you value and appreciate?
  3. If these skills/capacities integrated into your other energy bodies, how might your life change?
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