Listen to Your Angels

Last night I attended a talk given by Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in My Hair.  She is an Irish mystic who physically sees and speaks to angels directly.  Several times throughout her talk I felt a welling of tears and an expansion in my chest, both signs for me I was responding to something that felt like “truth” to me.

It wasn’t so much what she said, but the feelings associated with hearing her words.  I could feel the possibility of numerous angels sitting amongst us. She spoke of each one of us having a guardian angel who is with us all the time, both honoring and protecting our souls, and I felt my angel’s presence at my back.  My heart expanded when Lorna said our souls are a piece of light that is also God.  She described angels as majestic and beautiful bright lights, and loving beings who whisper in our ears, and whimsical humorists who delight in all things human and it felt so believable.

The primary lessons I took from Lorna:

  • If you want something, need support, or guidance, just ask.  “Pester God, it’s okay with him,” nothing is too small or large, and no request is judged good/bad, right or wrong.
  • There are many angels surrounding each one of us all the time, offering love, support and guidance.  All we need do is be still enough to listen (with all of our senses) and we will know their presence.
  • Listen for the answer, take action, listen, take action; this is how we fulfill our purpose.

At one point as Lorna spoke about taking action, she became quite passionate about taking a “stand” for what is right for the earth.  An organization she spoke about, Hands Across the Sand, is “drawing a metaphorical and actual line in the sand; human lines in the sand against the threat oil drilling poses to America’s coastal economies and marine environment.”  Their event takes place internationally on Saturday, June 26.  See for details.

Interestingly, this event corresponds well with the summer solstice (6/21), which is a time of marking our relationship to Mother Earth.  From an astrological point of view, the particular arrangement of the planets at this time focuses on our ability to channel creative solutions.  Taken from Colette Baron Reid’s newsletter, Natasha Zaslove writes this:

This moment heralds the beginning of the middle of a massive change. With the ongoing volcanoes, earthquakes and oil spill, the earth is quite literally spewing her discontent with the status quo.

This is an important time. We must do our part. No one is exempt. We cannot ….. complain about BP without pointing the finger back at our own consumption and then devising ways to change the scenario.

Gemini asks us to see with fresh eyes and think into existence creative solutions. Gemini enables us to remain optimistic and ingenious even while images that crush the collective spirit flood the airwaves.

Maybe you feel far removed from the oil spill, or feel a sense of hopelessness about your ability to make a difference.  As powerful creators, it’s not so much about what we do, as it is about taking action within ourselves to continue to bring our own light out into the world.  Your “creative solutions” may be totally focused on using your fresh eyes to create new solutions to something amiss in your own world, and as you do this, because we are a holographic world, you also affect the whole world.

Listen within, take action from inspired guidance, listen, take action.

Integrative Action Steps:

  1. Be still and quiet.  Feel for the presence of your guardian angel and other angels around you (maybe you call this presence your Higher Self).
  2. Ask for whatever help, guidance, support, or love that you need.
  3. Listen with all of your senses for an answer.  It is always there, but you must raise your “antennas” to recognize it.  (See Exp F – Feel Your Antennas Go Up!)
  4. Take the inspired action you feel drawn to do.
  5. Notice what changes, letting go of any need to look at what stays the same (which represents old energy still manifesting from the past).
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Fear and Resistance can be a Good Thing?

Fear, resistance, shadow side, these energies seem to often show up together.  Try as I might to be an enlightened and evolved soul, they still pop up. Why would my Higher Self attract situations that pull up these unpleasant feelings?

Perhaps my Higher Self doesn’t view these feelings as “negative” or unwanted.  What if from the broader perspective of my HS, these feelings were actually the juice, the fuel, for my moving forward towards something I am wanting?  Hmmm, interesting perspective and one that we recently played with in the Consciousness Playground.

While I was reading a post from another class member I felt a knot rise in my stomach as she described her success at using the exercise we had done in class.  Then others chirped in with their success stories as well and this energy increased.  Since the exercise we did in class was about observing the energy of resistance from a place of pure awareness (based on Quantum Entrainment), I recognized that this knot was the very thing that was being called forth from me to work with in a new way (duh!).

Sensing myself as pure awareness I began to observe this energy, without trying to change it or shift it, just notice it, and what I saw was a very old and familiar energy.  I have worked to remove this energy a number of times, calling it jealousy, envy, competitiveness, judgment, fear of success, fear of failure and those kinds of things.

As I sat noticing this energy, a word became present in my awareness, “begrudge.”  The dictionary defines begrudge as “to envy the pleasure or good fortune of.”  I knew this word captured at some very deep, old, non-verbal, feeling level, a belief that if it had words would be something like, “it’s not fair, why do they have the good stuff and I don’t!”

Yuck!  This revelation surfaced much shame and guilt at seeing my shadow side to feeling oneness.  I was filled with the darkness of recognizing how I unconsciously create my unique illusion of being separate.

The second definition also caught my eye, “to be reluctant to give or allow.”  In begrudging others their good fortune, I was also begrudging my own, that is, this very energy created inner reluctance to allow my own good fortune to manifest.  Certainly, this was not the energetic place from which I want to begin the marketing efforts for officially launching my book!*

It was very uncomfortable to just sit with this nasty pressure in my solar plexus.  “The guys,” a channeled group, say that uncomfortable feelings represent your known world bumping up against the unknown of where you are headed.  Abraham says this discomfort is your indicator that the bigger part of you has already become what you want, and your resistance is the energy you can use to move yourself into alignment with the desired manifestation.  In the CP class, Wendy used the metaphor of standing in a doorway and the resistance is the energy just before stepping through the door.

Recently I listened to Anisa Aven lead a class through her “Vibration Elevation” technique and this seemed like a highly appropriate time to practice this.  It is a combination of the work of Abraham, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and David Hawkins’ consciousness scale.  Shame, guilt, blame, regret and disappointment, all present for me in that moment, are at the very bottom of consciousness vibration.  And, as you may know, how you vibrate is what you attract!  I certainly don’t want more of this.  Using EFT, this technique walks you up the vibration scale, bringing you to a higher vibration, as you also flip the switches on your conditioning.

Additionally, even as I was using the vibration elevation technique, I was also holding the state of observing myself through the filter of pure awareness.  This background of pure awareness became my “first point” while I moved up the consciousness scale as my “second point” (Matrix Energetics) and these points merged as I felt the conditioning that is NOT me slip away and pure awareness that IS me integrate through my “shadow side.”

So, thank you to my HS who assembled all of these “cooperative components” (Abraham’s words), the right people, experiences and environments, to create this experience. I set down old baggage and moved forward into a “new” me who now senses at an even deeper level how we are all one energy and the abundance of one is the abundance of all.  Today, hearing the success of others generates real excitement for them in me as if it is my own success as well. At the same time, the excitement feels very personal as I experience success through them of the future that I am lining up for myself.

*On Monday, May 10 at 2 and 7pm CDT, I am leading a free teleclass, 2 Simple Practices to Feel Peaceful and Clear when Fear and Uncertainty Surround You. This FREE event is the kick-off to the official launch of  my book, How to Channel Your Higher Self.  Click here for details about the class.

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“Something More” Flows from Avatar Creations!

Don’t you love it when you allow yourself to stay open to the flow of energy and the outcome is so much bigger, brighter than what you could have imagined?  Last weekend I took all sorts of “goodies” to my friend, Carolyn’s, creative inspiration party to decorate paper doll avatars.  Thanks to my sister, Jill, who mentioned that “Avatars can really be anything, whatever you feel represents you like an eagle or a butterfly or even a flower,” and all manner of creativity broke loose to surface the most beautiful “avatars.”

Here’s a short clip of some of the creative ways people expressed who they are through the visual arts.

In a world of “super-connectivity,” this avatar-making project was about connecting up with another friend, Soleira’s cosmicious birthday party happening in the UK.  Her theme was “I See You – A Brilliant World Revealed.”  Check out her site for the global super-connected way she celebrated.

Carolyn keeps hearing back from guests who are loving seeing their “avatars” hanging on the fridge, over their desk, or near their bed.  “People are so surprised by what cool things they came up with.”  And I am too!  Both with what I saw others create, and with the one that flowed out of me.

I had no idea what it meant when I put it together, but as I continue to look at it every day, my HS keeps feeding me more and more insight about it (wild streak, heart centered, financial abundance).

Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self teleclass begins Tuesday, March 23.  My avatar reminds me daily of how opening to communication with your Higher Self can fill you with a sense of the “something more” that is you.  Reconnect with your “something more” using the tools I’ll share, as you also build your skills for recognizing and interpreting communication from your HS.   It is limited to 10 people so that you get lots of personal attention.  Look for my offer on FaceBook for some 2-for-1 discounts.  Only 3 of these available!

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Sort of like swimming with dolphins

A fundamental theory in the world of quantum physics, Michael Talbot’s “holographic universe” states in part, “at a deeper level of reality, all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”  This is the very basis of my Coached Collectives community, our infinite interconnectedness with one another that can be experienced, observed, embraced and even transformed.

In groups, I like to play with the possibility that the others in the group represent some aspect of me experiencing life through them.  Maybe a group member embodies a quality I admire and I get to feel myself reflecting that quality in his/her life.   Or there might be an opportunity to sense what it’s like to have accomplished a skill that in my own life I have no time to pursue.  In the “unified field” it is me possessing these qualities and skills.

It’s really a very unique sensation, this interconnectedness.  You learn to become aware of yourself as your unique essence combining with, and interconnected to, the essence of the collective group.  In my imagination, I think this must feel like how dolphins experience each other when they are swimming together in a pod.  A sense of oneness, community, and feeling completely understood and accepted.

And, it’s actually pretty easy to do, because, after all, we’re interconnected.  That’s the point.  The group learns together how to “swim” synchronously, supporting each other in learning easy ways to feel, sense, and work with this collective energy.

Come experience this “dolphin energy” for yourself!  Join me Wednesday, January 27, at 11:00 am CT (noon ET, 9:00 am PT) for a PREVIEW call and get your own experience of interconnectedness.  I promise the call will be fun, enlivening, and not at all scary!

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