I am so Grateful for Guidance from my Higher Self

I am so grateful.

I am so grateful that I have practiced communicating with, and opening to the guidance of my Higher Self on a regular, consistent basis.

I am so grateful that I can hear, see, smell, receive, feel, touch, surrender to, and interpret this ongoing communication that flows to me unceasingly from my Higher Self.


If January was about sitting back (read more), then February was about bounding forward!  Things came together all of a sudden in February for my husband and I to take action on a home renovation project that has been on the vision board for years and years.

And, my Higher Self is here with me every step of the way.

 “Throw this away?  Get this shredded?”  A very certain “yes” or “no” is present.

 “Whom should I give this to?” A feeling about a specific person or organization shows up, and I’ve noticed it is appreciatively accepted.

 “Where is such and such?”  I can see clearly the box where it’s been packed, or the location in my house or car where the lost object is hiding.

These seem sort of trivial things when I write them here, but what I know is that my life flows easier, decisions seem clearer, and stress and worry are almost non-existent as I lean into this treasured skill that perhaps I had come to take for granted.

What it means is that I am actually living in each present moment these days.

I stay in the present moment even as I purge and release my hold on the past, and even as we create plans for this project’s future.  My foundation of trust in my Higher Self is being beautifully illuminated for me to see and appreciate.  What I am recognizing here is an outward manifestation of the inward embodiment of my Essence, fully allowing myself as a Spiritual Being to be doing

HA! This is what it looks like to “incarnate” as your Spirit.  It looks like every day life on the outside.  Yet there is this beautiful harmonic chord of peace, vibrancy, excitement, joy, happiness, curiosity, freedom, and more, on the inside.  How sweet is that?

I am so grateful. 

Ideas for Opening to the Guidance of Your Higher Self:

  • Sink your awareness into your heart space, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Ask any question you want to of your Higher Self and wait expectantly for an answer to “bubble up” from deep inside.  Build your foundation of trust by beginning with little, non-consequential questions such as “What is the optimal dish for me to order?” or “Which email is best for me to read first?”  Play with the results by looking for the fun synchronicities that show up when you follow this guidance, even on little things.
  • Are you interested in exploring the path of embodying your Essence?  I am looking for beta testers for my e-course, The Spiritual Explorer’s Path, that will be ready for feedback in about 4 – 6 weeks.  At the completion of this e-course you will feel your Spiritual (Higher) Self fully integrated into your physical, moment-to-moment existence.  In exchange for your thoughtful insights about this product, you can receive it for FREE by completing the form below.

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What do you Propose for 2012?

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

Photos of White Rock Lake Park, Dallas

This photo of White Rock Lake Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

While running at White Rock Lake on Dec. 31, a man newly arrived from Mexico asked me this question.  As he shared his “proposal” for his new year in a new country I delighted in his energies of potential and possibility that presented itself.  He came from Matamoros where the drug lords are terrorizing every day life and the expansiveness of the freedom we enjoy here was pouring from him.  When we parted, I was left feeling euphoric with positive possibilities of what it might mean to “propose” to the New Year.


Propose” feels so collaborative; “resolve” feels individuated.
“Propose” is full of possibilities; “resolve” seems inflexible.
“Propose” carries future potential; “resolve” holds shame of the past.


For Conscious Evolutionaries, the year of 2012 holds much potential for the Birth and first breath of a new humanity, our next evolutionary state.  Referred to as “Universal Humanity,” this conscious collective is characterized by collaboration, cooperation, peace, sustainability, regenerative economics, co-creativity and unity consciousness.  It is our world movement as a species to a balance of the higher vibrating states of both masculine and feminine energies combined.  We won’t magically arrive at this state all at once, but this is the year of the tipping point, the 100th monkey effect that moves us in that direction.

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

I propose for myself in 2012 to be in synergistic collaboration with the energies flowing around me throughout the year; to step fully into the syntony of being an Agent of Conscious Evolution, aware of synchronicities guiding me toward others who are also resonating with this calling. Our co-creation occurs (supra-sex!) through inspired action based on the spontaneous knowing that flows from our Higher Selves.  In living from this place of our Essential Selves we support our world’s natural syntropy (vs. entropy) to occur and evolution toward the Universal Humanity happens.

My proposal is based on the “Seven S’s of Social Synergy” that I recently taught in our Conscious Evolution Circle in Austin.  Join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary) to learn more about what we are doing in the Circle.  In the next few months our focus is around the “Winter of Wellness.”

But, you don’t have to live in Austin to participate!  You can hear inspirational wellness talks in the Wellness Summit, a FREE telesummit beginning January 9- March12 chock full of world-class pioneers such as Joan Borysenko, Dan Millman, John Gray and more!  For more info visit http://bit.ly/wowch.


“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

  • Sit quietly and let your awareness move inwardly.  Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”  Make your proposal based on your deepest joy.
  • Or, ask your quiet and poised mind, “What is most wanting to emerge from me in 2012?”
  • Want to get better at hearing your own inner wisdom?  Try the exercises from How to Channel Your Higher Self to build your skills at receiving deep and personalized guidance.


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Kids Learn to Create an Awesome Life

This summer my gym (Castle Hill Fitness) is assisting with Project Healthy America, an organization focused “to improve the health and wellness of the community and diminish economic disparities, starting with the youth.”  Trainers are volunteering to teach sessions for the kids, age 10 – 17.  I volunteered to provide a “life coaching” lesson instead of something physical.

If you are working with children this summer, either your own or with groups, you are welcome to use any or all of this lesson plan to help teach kids about their ability to co-create their lives. I’m sharing the outline of this as my way of saying “thank you” to those of you who are supporting our newest cosmic citizens to live their lives remembering who they really are, powerful co-creators of our universe.

Lesson Plan:  How to Create An Awesome Life

ObjectiveExperientially teach simple tools for understanding our personal capacity to impact our own life.

I Create Your Compass/GPS

A.    Use a paper plate to draw circle in the middle & 4 lines drawn to the outside edge

B.    Label one line for each letter “L” “I” “F” “E”

C.   Discussion points:

1.    GPS helps to keep us on course for where we want to go.

2.    If you get off track, the GPS can always help you get started again, no matter where you are.

II            L = LOVE what you want

A.    Focus on the things you love to do, have and BE to create your awesome life.

B.    Group activity:

1.    Person A with ball in their hand says, “In my Awesome Life I love to _________” and then runs to the other side of the room.

2.    Anyone who also loves that thing moves to the other side with him/her.

3.    Person A throws ball to someone else (either on the same side of the room or opposite, it doesn’t matter).

4.    Person B now says, “In my Awesome Life I Love to ________ “ and from wherever they are in the room, he/she runs to the other side.  Other kids who also love that thing move to the same side of the room, and if they don’t love the same thing, they move to whatever side is opposite.

5.    Person B throws the ball to another person and it continues.

6.    Look for responses that include doing (action), having (things) AND Being (states of being/emotions).  After a bit, prompt any area that is not showing up (probably “being”).  Continue until you have a good mix.

C.   Have each person write one thing they “love” that he/she wants more of in life on the compass in the “L” space.

D.   The “SECRET KEY” to this tool: You get more of what you focus on.

III            I = Imagine the end result

A.    Imagination is an awesome tool for creating focus on the “stuff” you want.

B.    Imagine:

1.    “What your life would look like if you had ‘more than enough’ of what you wrote under ‘L’”  (You could also “act” this out!)

2.    What’s different in your life?

3.    Draw or write what’s the best part of the change.

C.   The “SECRET KEY” to this tool:  Using your imagination makes you feel better.

IV            F = Feel as though it is already so

A.    Continue to imagine the end result, what feelings/emotions are present?

1.    Stand up and act out the feelings/emotions without using words and notice how they feel in your body.

2.    Which emotions feel good in your body?

3.    Which emotions feel contracted/tight?

B.    The “SECRET KEY” to this tool:  When your whole body feels in flow, then you know where to go.

C.   Write word or phrase or image on compass about feeling state that felt the best.

V            E = Engage with your life

A.    Engaging your Natural Gifts & Actions Generates Energy

B.    Focus on using your natural gifts as you take inspired (feeling state) action.

1.    What are natural gifts?

2.    Write on compass.

C.   Discuss how trying to “figure out” or “force something” stops momentum.

D.   The “SECRET KEY” to this tool:  Using your natural gifts to take action generates energy/momentum to attract more of what you want.

VI            Review/Share/Close

Updates and other resources:

  • Want to play an integral role in the transformation of consciousness on our planet?  The second ACE (Agent of Consciousness Evolution) program begins July 26.  I highly recommend this course!  It is loaded with passion for following your inner evolutionary impulse, calling you into creative and innovative involvement with a community of like minded global citizens.
  • Watch my Facebook page on July 12 for a new book about accessing your feminine power and some great bonus offers with it.
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A Birthday Gift from My Higher Self

One of my intentions of playing with “youthening” is to completely lose awareness of my age. But, birthdays are still fun to celebrate and this year I received a wonderful gift from my Higher Self.  In a flash I was moved from melancholy to a powerful appreciation for our ability as humans to create in the physical world, and I felt deep in my core, this choice I made to be here NOW!

Soon after I received this gift I heard and downloaded a beautiful musical meditation from the group, Sacred Earth.  It’s called “Shine” and one of the repeated lines is,

Step out from behind the darkness to the Light
‘Cause it is time for you to Shine

I listen to this group during my morning cleansing ritual and get juiced for the day, allowing the question, “What is wanting to emerge from me today? to be present.  Then, I feel inspired to take action, such as making the video above.

What is emerging today from your choice to be physical?

Ideas for Stepping Fully into Your Choice to be Physical:

  • Connect with your physicality daily through movement such as dance, yoga, running/walking/swimming/cycling, strength training, gardening, etc.  Practice loving and appreciating all of the many ways your physicality supports you, saying kind and gentle things to your body.
  • Contemplate or meditate regularly upon the question, “What is emerging from me to share with others in support of the transformation of our world?” Step outside the chatter of your intellect and allow your inner compass of stillness, excitement, joy, curiosity, or passion to guide you into taking inspired action.
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Real Journeys Outside and Inside

Real Journeys. That was the name of the company that took us through Milford Sound, but whose name epitomized the incredible three-week vacation to New Zealand I took with my husband, Larry, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our real journey was filled with seeing beauty that was beyond words, experiencing adrenaline-packed adventures, and relishing the joy and love of being together for this “bucket list” experience. I also underwent a “real journey” inside as well, as I came face-to-face with another layer to this illusion of “powerlessness” that is making itself known to me this year.

When we are lost to the illusions of our deep conditioning we are clueless that we could feel differently and are drawn to certain feelings and behaviors, even when they don’t feel good.  These feelings do, however, feel familiar and there is consistency/safety in that familiarity. When we awaken to our illusions we are still enticed by the familiarity of old feelings and behaviors, but now can recognize just how disconnected and uncomfortable those feelings are.  Thus becomes the spiritual practice of rewiring neural pathways to integrate new behaviors that are more in alignment with our connection to our authentic self, our Higher Self.

What conditioning surfaced for me with this journey was the overwhelming preponderance to anticipate a negative outcome (which boils down to the illusion of powerlessness to create).  Yuck!!! I found I kept feeling huge amounts of free-floating anxiety as I prepared for our trip.  This was a familiar feeling alright.  But now it felt intolerable, not consistent at all with whom I know myself to be, but present none-the-less.  On the morning we were to fly out I worked with my buddy coach, Amy, to find that dimension of myself that exists way beyond this anxiety.  Aaaaahhh, that felt oh so much better.  In this dimension I could feel the pleasure of experience, for experience’ sake, the “is-ness” of life, and the creativeness of being divine spirit playing with the physical. It felt like I was playfully “swimming” in the ocean of all possibility. So “swim” became my touchstone, my anchor for pulling me out of anxiousness and into expansion.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the cycling on unfamiliar roadways, or paragliding high above the city, or crawling through squeeze holes in a cave that provoked anxiety for me.  It was during transitional times (hmmm, interesting in the bigger metaphor, eh?) such as getting to airports on time, finding places to stay, or choosing from among the myriad of advertisements about where we wanted to spend our time and money that provoked my conditioned anxiety about future consequences.  Being aware of this anxiety was the easy part because it was soooooo uncomfortable.  My “practice” became how to shift/rewire this behavior.  I called upon many of the tools that I teach to others, “swimming” until I found the one that worked for each particular situation.  I like having a number of simple resources to call upon to feel the sweet spot of connection, which would bring me to the present moment to then feel ease, peace, and pleasure.

I do love the way my personal, professional and spiritual lives are now so intertwined. This is my “real journey.”  I know I am here to discover many simple resources around living day to day from a connection with my authentic/Higher Self and to share these resources with others.

Simple Tools to Shift from Anxiousness to Connection:

Create an “anchor” that holds the morphic field of connection for you.

o      During a time when you feel completely connected to your Higher Self, notice what word, image, or bodily sensation you most identify with this state of connection.  “Anchor” the word, image, or sensation by telling your Higher Self to return you to this state of connection anytime you invoke this word, image or sensation.  This is how I used the word “swim.”

  • A new (free) video series by Dr. Christian Pankhurst teaches a “heart intelligence” approach to awakening to your sabotaging conditioning and tools for living more in alignment with your authentic self.  He gives great value in this video series and it is worth the optin to get it.
  • Join the Consciousness Playground to learn, practice and integrate new skills every month that deepen and expand your ability to connect with your Higher Self.
  • Do you have a resource to share?  Please do so here!!!
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The Simplest ? Accesses Immediate Guidance

How do you know if you are in connection with your Higher Self? The simplest, most direct path is to ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”  And simply put, if you are feeling good, excited, enlivened, appreciative, passionate, happy, peaceful, or any other emotion that feels yummy, you are in alignment/connection with your Higher Self.

To notice what is happening in your emotional energy body is a simple way to begin to recognize communication with your Higher Self. Feeling good indicates you’re in alignment with your divine guidance system and headed in the direction of your highest good.  Feeling ornery, frustrated, angry, jealous, bitter, resentful, or any other emotion that doesn’t feel “good” means the guidance from your Higher Self indicates you’ve veered off your path.

Esther Hicks, who channels “Abraham” (a collection of non-physical beings), explains the importance of using this inner guidance system that is so present in every NOW moment.

The past several months I’ve been paying close attention to my emotional energy body to observe its guidance around whether I am engaged with life from my authentic self, or if I have fallen back into a core illusion of powerlessness.  Prior to the Feminine Power course I took in the Fall, I was clueless that I ever felt “powerless,” yet there in the behavior list were many recognizable traits. Some of these traits I had “worked on” for years, but apparently not at the root cause.

Then right on cue the book, Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav, synchronistically came into my hands.  The focus of this book is learning to recognize emotions that stem from powerlessness, and those that indicate authentic power.  Emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, feeling inferior or superior to others, entitled, vengeful, resentful, or needing to please are all associated with powerlessness.  Feeling content, appreciative, caring, loving, non-judgmental, joyful, and other good feelings are associated with authentic power.  (Sound familiar?)

And one more synchronous piece dropped into place.  Using an exercise from the New Knowledge for the New Age (studied in the Consciousness Playground), I experienced myself while in deep meditation as my “first born cell” taking on the game (the illusion) of powerlessness as a means of hiding my divine self from my human self.   Wowie Zowie! Interestingly, the emotion that surfaced was deep grief, not for the losses that powerlessness wrought, but because I would no longer be able to play that game and not recognize it as a game.  It was the grief of believing something so strongly (like believing in Santa Claus!), then discovering the illusion and wanting desperately to turn back the clock and “not know” again.  Our core illusory games are so seductive because they are so comfortable and familiar.

In the awakening journey, one can’t go backwards, only forwards.  And so I move forward by letting go of the biggest game I’ve every played using my emotional energy body as a direct line to my Higher Self who is guiding me through the complex playing field I have created.

What is the illusory game you are playing to hide your divine spirit from your human self? You can begin to deconstruct your illusion and reconstruct deep recognition of your core self with your emotional guidance system and one simple question, “What am I feeling?

Want to play with your emotional energy body?

  • Set your watch to chime on the hour and when it does, ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”
  • Observe as many emotions flowing through you as you can notice while considering a specific situation.
  • What emotions support you in feeling your authentic power?  What emotions are indicative of your illusory game?  Can you recognize when each is present?
  • You have a choice as to which emotions you pay attention to.  Make your choices moment to moment.
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Stop Fixing, Start Emerging in 2011

Aacckk! I don’t care much for the “I’ve got to ‘fix’ myself energy” that surrounds the New Year.  Most of us know that New Year’s resolutions most often fail, usually by February!  My belief is  these resolutions come out of some “should’s & oughta’s” and not from  inner knowing.

Inner JoyInstead of “I need to fix myself,” consciously aware folks ask, “How might I know myself even better so that I can live a more continuous experience of feeling authentically me?”  This question recognizes there is nothing to be fixed, that our core (divine) self is always present, and that our evolvement is about allowing our core self to emerge more and more fully.

Especially at this time of year I tap into the various energy bodies to receive guidance.   These 4 portals – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies – provide insights for what aspects of my life are ready to be released and what core strengths are ready to emerge.  This type of inquiry is well supported by the energies of the winter solstice, a time for illuminating our inner world.

Do you know how to sense your energy bodies?  I’ll guide you through a wonderful metaphor a friend of mine, Michael Nunnally, shared on the Consciousness Playground.  Note: as you connect with each energy body in its highest vibrational state, notice the “communication” you receive.  This is your guidance about what is ready to be released and what is ready to emerge.

  • Imagine yourself as a large glass container.
  • To get in touch with your PHYSICAL energy body, imagine large rocks in your container.  The density of these rocks correspond with your physical body.  Have you ever felt your body as coordinated, graceful, and in flow?  This is the higher vibrating physical body and the one you want to communicate with for guidance.
  • To get in touch with your MENTAL energy body, imagine pouring small pebbles into your container.  Notice that even though the large rocks filled the container there is room for these small pebbles to move down among the larger rocks. You know you are accessing the higher vibrating mental body when you feel “clear headed,” creative and focused.
  • Next, in your imagination pour sand into your container.  Once again, even though the container appears full, there are still spaces between the pebbles and the rocks and the sand filters down to fill these.  This represents your EMOTIONAL energy body and the way emotions affect us both physically and mentally.  Shift into your higher vibrating emotional body with feelings of appreciation, peace, joy and love.
  • Lastly, pour water into your container and watch as it washes through the rocks, pebbles and sand, coating every piece, visibly changing every thing it touches.  This is your SPIRITUAL energy body and is experienced in its highest vibration as a sense of divinity, connection and oneness.

What amazing and profound insights did you experience with this exercise?  I would love for you to share them here!

Would you like additional assistance in moving through these energy bodies?  Maybe you want some added support in understanding the communication process of these portals?

Join me in Play 4 Guidance in January.  I’m offering teleclasses and in person workshops in Austin where I guide participants to use these portals effectively.  I also teach several tools to help you harness and better utilize the communication that you receive.  Our focus is on receiving individualized guidance directly about 2011. You’ll leave this course with specific “next-steps” to move you purposely forward.

Complimentary Overview Teleclass on Friday, January 7, 1:00 Central Time.

If you want to know the time in your area, check here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Action Steps to Use this Process Now:

  1. Sit quietly and breath deeply to center yourself.  Read the “script” above, one energy body at a time.  Notice what you notice with each energy body, then write it down.  At the end, let yourself sit with all that you have written, and then distill your guidance down to one or two sentences that create your next steps forward in 2011.
  2. Register and join me on Friday, January 7 at 1:00 CT to experience a portion of this process with a guide.
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Medicine Wheel Provides Another Tool for Guidance

I love that there are many ways to connect with your Higher Self.  I had the pleasure Thursday afternoon to explore the use of the Native American medicine wheel as such a portal. Marilyn Naylor, a metaphysical counselor who uses this ancient wisdom in her work, shared this powerful approach for accessing guidance that is also totally congruent with our modern life.

The medicine wheel is structured around a North, East, South, and West orientation.  Each direction is associated with a particular process of guidance, and once begun, you must always move clockwise in the circle accessing higher/inner guidance in that order. Moving counterclockwise is problematic. That results in feeling stuck, disconnected, and out of synch, causing you to create discontent through bad decisions and poor choices.

The North (Winter) centers on thinking; the East (Spring) is about believing; the South (Summer) opens to your emotions and how you feel and the West (Fall) is what you physically know through your 5 senses and revolves around taking action.  Your season of birth indicates where you begin on the wheel.

My birthday is in the Spring and so my process is to consider life’s challenges based first on what I believe, then on how I feel about the challenge.  Next I consider how that challenge is impacting me in the “real” world, i.e., what is the impact on my physical body, the people around me, my environment, etc.  And the LAST thing is for me to use my intellect, to notice what I’m thinking about the challenge.  To move forward I must use the process of believe, feel, know, think.

Guess what the hardest part of this is?  We have so much conditioning in our world to THINK it’s easy to get sucked into trying to figure things out using my intellect and that, for me, (and any Spring baby), is going counterclockwise/backwards on the wheel!  Uh-oh.

Turns out, however, that no matter where you are supposed to start on the wheel, moving backwards is seductive.

It’s tempting to say it must be easiest to be born in the Winter and start in the North with thinking.  But, one look at our culture and you can see we are conditioned to take action (West orientation).  So Winter people start with “thinking” then get sucked into “doing” which is backwards!  The process that would put them into a flow state is to think, believe, feel, THEN do.

Not any easier for the Fall folks (West) who start taking action, but become afraid of the consequences of their actions ((feelings are South and moving backwards!).  Or the Summer people (South) who come from their heart, but feel compelled to justify their feelings based on their beliefs (which is East, backwards!).

Interestingly, even though there is the seduction to move backwards, it doesn’t take a whole lot of experimentation to feel the soothing effects of moving in flow with the correct, clockwise direction.  I had an opportunity several years ago to learn about this system of connection and have made it one of my “tools.”  When I remember to begin a project founded on my beliefs, feel for direction from my heart, create a prototype of the end result, and then create a plan, this tool invariably smoothes the way for a project to flow with ease and grace.

Want to experiment with this tool?  Use the ideas below and then let me hear from you.

How You Might Work with The Season of Birth Medicine Wheel:

1.     There is much more to this tool than I have space to write about, so if it interests you, please read more about it in The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality, or Going Where:  Ancient Wisdom for People Today or visit with Marilyn Naylor at 406-563-3341.

2.     Do a little experimenting of your own. Use a small challenge in your life.  Begin the process according to your season of birth (birth months in parenthesis) and fill in the blank after each statement with the first thing that pops into your mind, ie. don’t “try” to come up with an answer, just put your pencil to the paper and write down whatever is present.  Notice what new insights show up for you.

Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

  • I think _________; I believe ___________; I feel __________; I know ___________

Spring (Mar, Apr, May)

  • I believe ___________; I feel __________; I know ___________; I think _________

Summer (June, July, Aug)

  • I feel __________; I know ___________; I think _________; I believe ___________

Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov)

  • I know ___________; I think _________; I believe ___________; I feel ___________
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Speaking truths about marketing authentically

Speak your truth.

I’ve heard this often while in communication with my Higher Self. I’m not always sure why I’m getting that message and feeling frustrated I ask, “What truth am I not speaking?  What is it you think I should be saying that I’m not?”  Unfortunately, frustration is a fast train out of connection and I don’t get an answer.

This time, however, I know.

The past 3 – 4 months I’ve been working with a business-building course for How To Channel Your Higher Self.  It’s not the first such course I’ve taken.  I enjoy the pieces about getting clear about my purpose, the ways I’m here to be of service, letting go of time wasters, building a good support team, etc.  What trips me up is the marketing stuff.

I spent yesterday researching keywords, reading websites offering similar services to mine, looking for the “problems, frustrations, and fears” of my customers so that I can speak directly to these in my marketing efforts.  At the end of the day I felt drained and depressed.

Speak your truth.

I don’t want to talk about fears, frustrations and problems.  I don’t want to offer the next “fix-me” cure to people.  I don’t want to say that if you just work with me, read my books, listen to my audios that you’ll live happily ever after.  I don’t want to offer the “diamond encrusted upsell.”

Last night I went to bed reading Gary Zukav’s newest book, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, and these excerpts leaped off of the pages, synchronously revitalizing my vision of what I want for my business:

Old-type relationships are the means by which our species has survived…. However, they prevent spiritual growth.

…..we now evolve by growing spiritually. Spiritual growth is as necessary for us as sunshine is for a plant. [This concept was a major point from my focus groups!] We seek partners with whom we can grow spiritually rather than with whom we can accomplish common goals. . . .. We long for more, and as we strive for fulfillment we are redefining spirituality, relationship and evolution.

Spirituality has to do with the soul and requires alignment with the most noble impulses of the human experience – harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life . . . . . Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility.  …. The new type of relationship enables us to grow spiritually by focusing our attention inward …. We are beginning to recognize the importance of our emotions and intentions. …. We are looking for connections between our choices and our experiences.

As the values and perceptions of the new species emerge…, relationships of the old type are becoming increasingly unsatisfactory.  We are becoming increasingly interested in self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-mastery.  Fulfillment, contentment, meaning, purpose, love, and the joy of contributing to Life are taking precedence over issues such as career, lifestyle, and money. [emphasis added]

The terrain of human interaction is changing dramatically.  Old-type relationships have no future, while relationships of the new type are appearing everywhere and in surprising ways.

This is where I am in my business.  I want to play with creating new spiritual partnerships with others who are wanting to play with what it means to look inward in order to change outer experiences; who see life’s challenges as interesting ways to grow and evolve; who enjoy learning, sharing and practicing tools that expand her/his awareness of the freedom to choose and create a different experience.

So, here’s my truth. All of my life I have been a teacher to others through my ability to pass along what I have learned from other people in ways that create learning experiences that hopefully also get passed along by those I share with.  I am a conduit so that others can also become conduits.  I am a ripple intersecting with other ripples such that we create even bigger ripples.

Here I am back to where this year began, committing to following my excitement. I am committing to marketing authentically such that those who also feel the call of forming spiritual partnerships can come together and cultivate more love and more consciousness in our lives.

Are you speaking your truth?

Do you know your authentic voice?

Do you feel called to explore spirituality through generative relationships?

Integrative Action Steps for Speaking Your Truth:

  • Find time on a regular basis to sit quietly, breath deeply into your low back and low abdominals; then, listen for the truths bubbling up from your Higher Self.
  • Read inspirational material that you feel resonate with and journal the truths this material surfaces in you.
  • Form a spiritual partnership and commit to authentically explore together the internal connections between emotions, intentions, choices and experiences.
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Listen to Your Angels

Last night I attended a talk given by Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in My Hair.  She is an Irish mystic who physically sees and speaks to angels directly.  Several times throughout her talk I felt a welling of tears and an expansion in my chest, both signs for me I was responding to something that felt like “truth” to me.

It wasn’t so much what she said, but the feelings associated with hearing her words.  I could feel the possibility of numerous angels sitting amongst us. She spoke of each one of us having a guardian angel who is with us all the time, both honoring and protecting our souls, and I felt my angel’s presence at my back.  My heart expanded when Lorna said our souls are a piece of light that is also God.  She described angels as majestic and beautiful bright lights, and loving beings who whisper in our ears, and whimsical humorists who delight in all things human and it felt so believable.

The primary lessons I took from Lorna:

  • If you want something, need support, or guidance, just ask.  “Pester God, it’s okay with him,” nothing is too small or large, and no request is judged good/bad, right or wrong.
  • There are many angels surrounding each one of us all the time, offering love, support and guidance.  All we need do is be still enough to listen (with all of our senses) and we will know their presence.
  • Listen for the answer, take action, listen, take action; this is how we fulfill our purpose.

At one point as Lorna spoke about taking action, she became quite passionate about taking a “stand” for what is right for the earth.  An organization she spoke about, Hands Across the Sand, is “drawing a metaphorical and actual line in the sand; human lines in the sand against the threat oil drilling poses to America’s coastal economies and marine environment.”  Their event takes place internationally on Saturday, June 26.  See http://www.handsacrossthesand.com/ for details.

Interestingly, this event corresponds well with the summer solstice (6/21), which is a time of marking our relationship to Mother Earth.  From an astrological point of view, the particular arrangement of the planets at this time focuses on our ability to channel creative solutions.  Taken from Colette Baron Reid’s newsletter, Natasha Zaslove writes this:

This moment heralds the beginning of the middle of a massive change. With the ongoing volcanoes, earthquakes and oil spill, the earth is quite literally spewing her discontent with the status quo.

This is an important time. We must do our part. No one is exempt. We cannot ….. complain about BP without pointing the finger back at our own consumption and then devising ways to change the scenario.

Gemini asks us to see with fresh eyes and think into existence creative solutions. Gemini enables us to remain optimistic and ingenious even while images that crush the collective spirit flood the airwaves.

Maybe you feel far removed from the oil spill, or feel a sense of hopelessness about your ability to make a difference.  As powerful creators, it’s not so much about what we do, as it is about taking action within ourselves to continue to bring our own light out into the world.  Your “creative solutions” may be totally focused on using your fresh eyes to create new solutions to something amiss in your own world, and as you do this, because we are a holographic world, you also affect the whole world.

Listen within, take action from inspired guidance, listen, take action.

Integrative Action Steps:

  1. Be still and quiet.  Feel for the presence of your guardian angel and other angels around you (maybe you call this presence your Higher Self).
  2. Ask for whatever help, guidance, support, or love that you need.
  3. Listen with all of your senses for an answer.  It is always there, but you must raise your “antennas” to recognize it.  (See Exp F – Feel Your Antennas Go Up!)
  4. Take the inspired action you feel drawn to do.
  5. Notice what changes, letting go of any need to look at what stays the same (which represents old energy still manifesting from the past).
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