What’s Your Personal Anchor to One Consciousness?

I’ve only ice-skated a handful of times in my life, and yet there is a sensation inside of me that I associate with skating AND with feeling connected.  In December of 2011 a figure skater appeared for me as a metaphor for my desire to flow through a lot of work while maintaining “grace, ease, effortlessness, and balance.”  (This blog post also offers a cool tool for shifting perspective in the form of a spinning dancer; see more here.)

This year, it seems that a long track skater holds the morphic energy field for me of singularity, the union of myself with All That Is.

I’m lucky enough to meet regularly with a small group of conscious evolutionaries willing to connect heart-2-heart and share our deep and personal musings from Essence.  One evening during the 2014 Winter Olympics we each shared our most resonant, most personal understanding of our relationship with Consciousness, Source, the Universe, All That Is.

My belief is that I AM Consciousness, and that you are also Consciousness; that each of us is a unique facet of One Universal Energy (Love).  For me, Consciousness/Source is not something outside of me to look to, but is me perceiving and responding to life through my eyes, and your eyes, and everyone’s eyes.  What surprised me is that I as I shared my beliefs I could feel this long track speed skater skating around and around a track.  It struck me at the time as sort of a lonely feeling, just the one skater, dim lights, no crowds.

speed skaterWhen I laid down that night and closed my eyes, I could feel myself inside of this skater.  No longer was I lonely, rather I was joyful, energized, exuberant and vibrant with life.  I felt the whole universe within me, as the universe, skating around and around this track, complete, whole, One.  I could feel the muscles in my body pushing the skates and then gliding, the effort and the effortlessness were the same energy, with different sensations, yet still the same, somehow.  Every once in awhile I “slipped out” of this delicious sensation and found myself watching the skater and thinking, “how lonely,” only to then be swept back up into the skater and feel glorious!

Do you have a clear understanding of your personal relationship with the Divine? 
Have you spent time sifting out cultural or familial conditioning to find your own belief? 
What image or metaphor holds the energy state of being that anchors your belief?

Would love for you to share your thoughts below!

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