Sort of like swimming with dolphins

A fundamental theory in the world of quantum physics, Michael Talbot’s “holographic universe” states in part, “at a deeper level of reality, all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”  This is the very basis of my Coached Collectives community, our infinite interconnectedness with one another that can be experienced, observed, embraced and even transformed.

In groups, I like to play with the possibility that the others in the group represent some aspect of me experiencing life through them.  Maybe a group member embodies a quality I admire and I get to feel myself reflecting that quality in his/her life.   Or there might be an opportunity to sense what it’s like to have accomplished a skill that in my own life I have no time to pursue.  In the “unified field” it is me possessing these qualities and skills.

It’s really a very unique sensation, this interconnectedness.  You learn to become aware of yourself as your unique essence combining with, and interconnected to, the essence of the collective group.  In my imagination, I think this must feel like how dolphins experience each other when they are swimming together in a pod.  A sense of oneness, community, and feeling completely understood and accepted.

And, it’s actually pretty easy to do, because, after all, we’re interconnected.  That’s the point.  The group learns together how to “swim” synchronously, supporting each other in learning easy ways to feel, sense, and work with this collective energy.

Come experience this “dolphin energy” for yourself!  Join me Wednesday, January 27, at 11:00 am CT (noon ET, 9:00 am PT) for a PREVIEW call and get your own experience of interconnectedness.  I promise the call will be fun, enlivening, and not at all scary!

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