I am so Grateful for Guidance from my Higher Self

I am so grateful.

I am so grateful that I have practiced communicating with, and opening to the guidance of my Higher Self on a regular, consistent basis.

I am so grateful that I can hear, see, smell, receive, feel, touch, surrender to, and interpret this ongoing communication that flows to me unceasingly from my Higher Self.


If January was about sitting back (read more), then February was about bounding forward!  Things came together all of a sudden in February for my husband and I to take action on a home renovation project that has been on the vision board for years and years.

And, my Higher Self is here with me every step of the way.

 “Throw this away?  Get this shredded?”  A very certain “yes” or “no” is present.

 “Whom should I give this to?” A feeling about a specific person or organization shows up, and I’ve noticed it is appreciatively accepted.

 “Where is such and such?”  I can see clearly the box where it’s been packed, or the location in my house or car where the lost object is hiding.

These seem sort of trivial things when I write them here, but what I know is that my life flows easier, decisions seem clearer, and stress and worry are almost non-existent as I lean into this treasured skill that perhaps I had come to take for granted.

What it means is that I am actually living in each present moment these days.

I stay in the present moment even as I purge and release my hold on the past, and even as we create plans for this project’s future.  My foundation of trust in my Higher Self is being beautifully illuminated for me to see and appreciate.  What I am recognizing here is an outward manifestation of the inward embodiment of my Essence, fully allowing myself as a Spiritual Being to be doing

HA! This is what it looks like to “incarnate” as your Spirit.  It looks like every day life on the outside.  Yet there is this beautiful harmonic chord of peace, vibrancy, excitement, joy, happiness, curiosity, freedom, and more, on the inside.  How sweet is that?

I am so grateful. 

Ideas for Opening to the Guidance of Your Higher Self:

  • Sink your awareness into your heart space, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Ask any question you want to of your Higher Self and wait expectantly for an answer to “bubble up” from deep inside.  Build your foundation of trust by beginning with little, non-consequential questions such as “What is the optimal dish for me to order?” or “Which email is best for me to read first?”  Play with the results by looking for the fun synchronicities that show up when you follow this guidance, even on little things.
  • Are you interested in exploring the path of embodying your Essence?  I am looking for beta testers for my e-course, The Spiritual Explorer’s Path, that will be ready for feedback in about 4 – 6 weeks.  At the completion of this e-course you will feel your Spiritual (Higher) Self fully integrated into your physical, moment-to-moment existence.  In exchange for your thoughtful insights about this product, you can receive it for FREE by completing the form below.

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Opening to Appreciation this Holiday

I love Thanksgiving!  It seems like it brings out the best in people.  Everywhere I went this morning I felt the energies of love, appreciation and gratitude flowing through the people and places I encountered.

This holiday energy also created an awesome swim for me at our beautiful spring fed natural pool, Barton Springs.  Metaphors about spiritual growth were bubbling forth as I glided through the cool waters feeling chock full of gratitude for this place, my body, my life.  Looking at the aquatic plant and fish life beneath me, and glimpsing the blue skies and wind blowing through the trees above me, spoke to me about how our inner landscape is as real and interesting and varied as our outside world.  And then as the wind picked up and the surface of the water got choppy, I loved how underneath the surface the water remained still, silent, and peaceful. It reminded me of the depths of my core self I can reconnect with when I remember to meditate in the middle of a hectic life.  And metaphors continued on like that, each deepening my pleasure of this luxurious yearly tradition I have of swimming in balmy weather on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Please accept this offering of a meditation from my book, How to Channel Your Higher Self, as my gift of gratitude to you for reading my blog and interacting with me through this space.  “Opening to Appreciation” is centered on allowing the people, places and things you love in your life to come into your awareness and fully experience a deep sense of appreciation for your life as you also open your heart.  (Turn your speakers up, the volume of this recording is very low.

May you have a wonderful, thanks-giving filled holiday.

Action Steps for Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation:

  1. Begin a gratitude/appreciation journalgratitude/appreciation journal and commit to recognizing and acknowledging at least 5 things every day you appreciated during your day.  (My friend Carolyn Scarborough’s book, Backyard Pearls, is a wonderful collection of essays focused on finding the pearls of beauty, wisdom and joy that occur in your everyday life.)
  2. Join the “World Gratitude Gathering” and receive beautiful messages and images for 42 days to remind you of the many ways we can express gratitude.
  3. Build your “muscle” at shifting into appreciation by setting aside one day each week to practice this skill by finding sincere appreciation within yourself for every person, place or event you encounter during that day.
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