Gestating FREEDOM

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m in a gestational period.  I’m incubating the next phase of my vocation, though I do not yet know what it looks like.  I do, however, have the full support of the Universe as I am receiving many synchronous signs about what this next phase feels likeFREEDOM!

A couple of weeks ago I was walking home from the gym where I am a personal trainer, thinking about client hours, cancellations, income, the time oriented nature of this biz, and retirement.  The question I raised for myself was, “If you retired, what would you want to do with your time?”  Well, I treasure the physical training I do with others and would want to keep a few clients; I enjoy playing with energy, consciousness expansion, and sharing these kinds of resources with others; I get pleasure from writing about living from a connection with your Higher Self.   A huge wave of recognition flowed through me and I just had to laugh out loud!  I am already living in a way that reflects what I want to do when I “retire!”  I am already experiencing the FREEDOM I imagined for my future.

Last week I confessed to a friend I had wasted too much time lately playing Angry Birds (really? it’s embarrassing!).  She told me that when she was pregnant she had the most delicious feeling of being continuously productive, regardless of whether she was “in action” or not.  She was producing a baby when she was taking a nap, watching mindless TV or working; the most important thing was that she was gestating. There it is, FREEDOM to follow whatever is calling to me whether it is strategic games to entertain my mind, or bike rides to fuel my body, or sharing my professional skills, the real productivity of gestating my future is happening 24/7 and it needs the time, space and FREEDOM to do that.

One last example is from the Agents of Consciousness Evolution training.  Our focus the past few weeks is around allowing our compass of joy to bring forth our unique skills and gifts so that we each can use these in service to the transformation of our world. As Agents, we see ourselves as the pioneers modeling a co-creative community that honors every ones’ strengths and gifts, providing the FREEDOM for people to self-express in ways that empower their highest contribution to the community.  It’s the FREEDOM to be who you really are, abundantly supported on all levels, to joyously evolve our world through your own full self-expression.

Integrating More Freedom Into Your Life:

  • Where in your life do you feel the most restricted or stuck? Now take the opposite view and “make a case” in your journal how this part of your life actually reflects some aspect of FREEDOM.  What insights or inspired action steps come from this?
  • In your quite time, ask yourself, “What is growing in me that wants to be shared with the world? You may not receive a specific answer, but you may receive a feeling, an image, a color, a thought, a scenario. Just notice what shows up and allow this new information to incubate. Check in again after a few days to see what else is present. How is this information moving you toward experiencing more FREEDOM of self-expression in your life? Check out programs (many are free!) by the Shift Network to support you in your journey toward full self-expression.
  • Whenever I lead clients to experience themselves as their most expanded Self and ask, “What are you feeling?” invariably I hear “FREEDOM.” Listen to my meditation,The Mental Gap,” which leads you through the experience of feeling yourself as pure energy. You can download this for FREE using the promotional code FREEDOM. Share your experiences HERE of feeling your Mental Gap!
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A Birthday Gift from My Higher Self

One of my intentions of playing with “youthening” is to completely lose awareness of my age. But, birthdays are still fun to celebrate and this year I received a wonderful gift from my Higher Self.  In a flash I was moved from melancholy to a powerful appreciation for our ability as humans to create in the physical world, and I felt deep in my core, this choice I made to be here NOW!

Soon after I received this gift I heard and downloaded a beautiful musical meditation from the group, Sacred Earth.  It’s called “Shine” and one of the repeated lines is,

Step out from behind the darkness to the Light
‘Cause it is time for you to Shine

I listen to this group during my morning cleansing ritual and get juiced for the day, allowing the question, “What is wanting to emerge from me today? to be present.  Then, I feel inspired to take action, such as making the video above.

What is emerging today from your choice to be physical?

Ideas for Stepping Fully into Your Choice to be Physical:

  • Connect with your physicality daily through movement such as dance, yoga, running/walking/swimming/cycling, strength training, gardening, etc.  Practice loving and appreciating all of the many ways your physicality supports you, saying kind and gentle things to your body.
  • Contemplate or meditate regularly upon the question, “What is emerging from me to share with others in support of the transformation of our world?” Step outside the chatter of your intellect and allow your inner compass of stillness, excitement, joy, curiosity, or passion to guide you into taking inspired action.
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Speaking truths about marketing authentically

Speak your truth.

I’ve heard this often while in communication with my Higher Self. I’m not always sure why I’m getting that message and feeling frustrated I ask, “What truth am I not speaking?  What is it you think I should be saying that I’m not?”  Unfortunately, frustration is a fast train out of connection and I don’t get an answer.

This time, however, I know.

The past 3 – 4 months I’ve been working with a business-building course for How To Channel Your Higher Self.  It’s not the first such course I’ve taken.  I enjoy the pieces about getting clear about my purpose, the ways I’m here to be of service, letting go of time wasters, building a good support team, etc.  What trips me up is the marketing stuff.

I spent yesterday researching keywords, reading websites offering similar services to mine, looking for the “problems, frustrations, and fears” of my customers so that I can speak directly to these in my marketing efforts.  At the end of the day I felt drained and depressed.

Speak your truth.

I don’t want to talk about fears, frustrations and problems.  I don’t want to offer the next “fix-me” cure to people.  I don’t want to say that if you just work with me, read my books, listen to my audios that you’ll live happily ever after.  I don’t want to offer the “diamond encrusted upsell.”

Last night I went to bed reading Gary Zukav’s newest book, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, and these excerpts leaped off of the pages, synchronously revitalizing my vision of what I want for my business:

Old-type relationships are the means by which our species has survived…. However, they prevent spiritual growth.

…..we now evolve by growing spiritually. Spiritual growth is as necessary for us as sunshine is for a plant. [This concept was a major point from my focus groups!] We seek partners with whom we can grow spiritually rather than with whom we can accomplish common goals. . . .. We long for more, and as we strive for fulfillment we are redefining spirituality, relationship and evolution.

Spirituality has to do with the soul and requires alignment with the most noble impulses of the human experience – harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life . . . . . Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility.  …. The new type of relationship enables us to grow spiritually by focusing our attention inward …. We are beginning to recognize the importance of our emotions and intentions. …. We are looking for connections between our choices and our experiences.

As the values and perceptions of the new species emerge…, relationships of the old type are becoming increasingly unsatisfactory.  We are becoming increasingly interested in self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-mastery.  Fulfillment, contentment, meaning, purpose, love, and the joy of contributing to Life are taking precedence over issues such as career, lifestyle, and money. [emphasis added]

The terrain of human interaction is changing dramatically.  Old-type relationships have no future, while relationships of the new type are appearing everywhere and in surprising ways.

This is where I am in my business.  I want to play with creating new spiritual partnerships with others who are wanting to play with what it means to look inward in order to change outer experiences; who see life’s challenges as interesting ways to grow and evolve; who enjoy learning, sharing and practicing tools that expand her/his awareness of the freedom to choose and create a different experience.

So, here’s my truth. All of my life I have been a teacher to others through my ability to pass along what I have learned from other people in ways that create learning experiences that hopefully also get passed along by those I share with.  I am a conduit so that others can also become conduits.  I am a ripple intersecting with other ripples such that we create even bigger ripples.

Here I am back to where this year began, committing to following my excitement. I am committing to marketing authentically such that those who also feel the call of forming spiritual partnerships can come together and cultivate more love and more consciousness in our lives.

Are you speaking your truth?

Do you know your authentic voice?

Do you feel called to explore spirituality through generative relationships?

Integrative Action Steps for Speaking Your Truth:

  • Find time on a regular basis to sit quietly, breath deeply into your low back and low abdominals; then, listen for the truths bubbling up from your Higher Self.
  • Read inspirational material that you feel resonate with and journal the truths this material surfaces in you.
  • Form a spiritual partnership and commit to authentically explore together the internal connections between emotions, intentions, choices and experiences.
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Manifesting Delight

I had a fun experience last Sunday that reminded me how easy it is to manifest something I want when I’m not really attached to whether it happens or not.  Such a funny paradox about manifestation, the more you really, really, want something, the less likely you are to allow it to show up in your life, because really, really wanting something is actually the energy of not believing it’s possible to have that thing in your life.

The story I tell you in my video is based on playfully imagining that something could happen and feeling just how much fun that would be if it really did without any expectation that it would, . . . . and then it did.

After I manifested some help, I proceeded to ride my bike.  Waiting in the intense sunlight and heat for yet another stoplight to turn green, I had the thought, “If I could manifest before, why not do it again?”  I  imagined how great it is not to have to stop at a light.  Right after that, I noticed lights were all green for me, but I had to really pick up the pace to get through the light.  So I tweaked my imagining some more and thought how pleasant it is to ride comfortably as lights turn green just when I get to them, allowing me to keep pedaling without stopping.

I was having so much fun noticing how the lights would play with me, laughing at how they would turn green right at the last minute.  Most of the rest of the ride I was able to hold this state of “playing” with the lights.  Several times people I didn’t know honked and waved at me, so I must have been showing the delight on my face as well.

Towards the end of the ride when I was hot and tired, I felt myself shift into “willing” the lights to turn green.  Ahhh, there it was.  Attached to an outcome, and guess what?  Red lights.

It’s a fine line, non-attachment in the midst of desire.  It’s about playing in the field of excitement and joy for the fun of imagination, letting “seriousness” about reality drop away, and jumping whole heartedly into our ability to create our very own illusions which we can then call our reality.  I’m playing with this.  Want to join me?

Integrative Action Steps for your own creative manifestations:

  1. Start with simple things where you absolutely don’t care one way or the other what happens.  Think of it as “building your manifestation muscle.”
  2. Begin imagining your creation using playfulness, delight and fun as your only motivation.
  3. Notice only the synchronicities that show up to support your creation and delight in them, letting go of any seduction to look at what doesn’t happen.
  4. Acknowledge your creations when they show up and express appreciation to the universe/source for support in your co-creation.
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Focus on Appreciation

Now, this is what I’m talking about!  Last week I wrote about becoming aware of the thoughts you were thinking first thing in the morning.  I love both the excitement and focus on appreciation that Jessica exhibits in this video. When you learn to focus your thoughts, and even more importantly, shift your emotional state to a high vibration, then you set yourself up to create more of the things you want, less of the stuff you don’t want.

One of the exercises in my book, How To Channel Your Higher Self, revolves around using appreciation as a portal to communing with your Higher Self.  Most of the exercises in the book include an audio version that is available in the experiential online environment that comes free with the book.  Here’s my version of opening your day by accessing a state of appreciation.  It’s more in the meditative mode than Jessica’s version, but either way, you shift your inner state of being and set the tone for new possibilities to emerge for you in your day.

Opening to Appreciation

Integrative Action Steps for Shifting Your Energetic State:

  1. Notice the flow of your thoughts and/or feelings.  Are they moving you toward more of what you want or away?
  2. If needed, shift your inner energetic state by focusing on appreciation or your highest excitement.  Words (affirmations) alone don’t make the difference.  You must create an energetic match between your thoughts and your inner state of being.  Jessica definitely lines up her words and feelings!
  3. Notice the resulting flow of your thoughts and/or feelings.
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Living Authentically Amid Cultural Memes

(n) meme – a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation)) “memes are the cultural counterpart of genes”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to live authentically.  What is truly authentic for the deepest part of me? What are conditioned beliefs through our culture (memes) that are so much a part of my life that I don’t even recognize an issue?

So nice to know that wherever my thoughts go, life then supplies learning opportunities, answers and even more questions to produce clarity.  That’s known as synchronicity and one of my favorite aspects of connecting consciously with life.

Our conditioned beliefs are not easy to spot because they are so engrained, so automatic.  And a meme is so much a part of the cultural pattern that we often don’t even see them as “beliefs.” (Abraham defines beliefs as thoughts we keep thinking over and over again.)  And, as is true for any thought we keep thinking, there is an attraction pattern built around that thought which pulls to us all sorts of evidence to substantiate that belief.   Once, however, that belief/thought becomes conscious, then it is possible to make a decision about it.  We can consciously choose whether we want to continue to hold that belief (and therefore, the attraction of things to support it), or change the thought/belief to something else and create a new attraction pattern.

As I listened to a Consciousness Playground recording recently, I became aware of a thought pattern that no longer serves me.  It was brought to my attention just by noticing the first thoughts I typically had as I awoke.  What I discovered was, “What do I ‘have’ to do today?”  As I felt for the underlying, more subtle energy, I discovered, “What do I ‘have’ to do (accomplish, produce) that will make me feel like a worthwhile human being?” And even under that was a circular pattern that whatever I did accomplish never quite measured up to fully being “worthwhile.” Wow, never knew that was there, and no wonder I fall into a recurring pattern of setting up “too much to do!”

In speaking to others, it seems that “What do I have to accomplish today?” is a common thought upon waking, though the underlying energies might be slightly different.  I heard fear, or protection, themes, as in “what must I accomplish so that something bad doesn’t happen to me or my loved ones?”  “Shame” and “guilt” also showed up.

So, what does understanding of this meme mean for me in choosing to live authentically? My biggest learning opportunity revolves around how to promote my products and services in ways that feel authentic.  At this point in my life “authentic” means maintaining a deep sense of connection to inner peace, freedom and joy. There is no doubt of worthiness in inner peace. There are no have-to’s in freedom. There is no overwhelm in joy.

My now practice is to think new thoughts upon waking.  To bask in peacefulness as I go to sleep so that this energy can be present when I awake.  To feel for the freedom of potentiality in each new morning, not for what can be accomplished in that day, but for the experiences I’m drawn to, I attract.  To commit (once again!) to taking action from a place of excitement that is founded in joy.

Check out this free ebook on living authentically that Anisa Avens supplied as resource just yesterday.  Synchronicity always!

Integrative Action Steps for You to Live More Authentically:

  1. Name 3 primary feelings you associate with connecting to your deep, authentic self
  2. What % of your day are you experiencing these feelings?
  3. What 1 belief could you change that would affect this %?  (Try looking at the thought that is most prevalent when you awake!)
  4. What new thought(s) do you want to choose?
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How the Trapeze led me to my Zone of Genius

I flew through the air last week.  Not particularly with the greatest of ease, but I actually succeeded at transferring to a hand grab and have the video to prove it!  This week I’ve been processing what really happened for me on that trapeze.  What I conclude is probably different than what you might expect.

My belief is that we create our realities in order to have an experience.  I’ve been mulling over this week just what was the experience?  What did it mean to me? What was being communicated to me from my Higher Self ?

(My friend, Tricia, and I also jumped out of a plane last fall.)

On the physical front I got really sore, not the day afterward as everyone told me would happen, but two, three, and even four days later my chest, biceps, triceps and abs were screaming!  It was physically challenging to hold the bar high just before take off, to hook my legs over the bar, and to curl back up to grab the bar during the practice runs.  But, I’ve challenged my body a number of times and this didn’t feel like it was “the experience” I was there to have.

Emotionally, I have a fear of heights, especially when I am standing on the edge of a drop off.  Climbing up the ladder, climbing onto the platform and then standing on the edge holding a heavy bar all stimulated wild amounts of adrenaline coursing through my body.  Again, I’ve faced down this fear a number of times on ropes courses and so this also didn’t feel like “it.”

Spiritually I didn’t find a connection.  I thought I would really enjoy the feeling of flight and feel free like a bird.  However, the actuality is that I was so focused on trying to execute the movements as they were being called up to me that I was hardly aware that I was in flight!  And, I think this is the insight that I’m looking for.

Every part of my mental energy was focused on getting the movement patterns in place to create the perfect timing in order to perform the final trick.  With each practice run I would feel the adrenaline of the physical and emotional challenge, and also that of moving myself forward towards the final goal.   I was on assignment!

It’s not that I didn’t have fun, because I did.  And the staff at Trapeze Austin was excellent in maintaining a focus on the end goal and moving me toward it with wonderfully positive reinforcement.

What I realize, however, is that I am in my zone of excellence (ala Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap) when I am goal oriented.  I stay mentally focused on the goal, using a mentally oriented structure to consistently move forward and I usually achieve success.  Nothing wrong with that, except, that I am now more interested in being / living in my zone of genius.   I perceive my zone of genius shows up when I am taking action from a place of excitement and passion. I want to be passionately engaged in each moment; not doing things because of where they will take me (or my biz), but because they are exciting, fun and inspire my genius.   I want to be/live/work from this feeling place rather than being mentally driven.

The question becomes, how to be/live/work from excitement and passion without creating mental structure and goals about doing so?  A funny conundrum!

If you like to play with improving your understanding and interpretation of the guidance you constantly receive (whether you know it or not) from your Higher Self, please join me in Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self teleclass beginning on Tuesday, March 23 at 4:00 CT.

Comment on these questions and receive a 50% discount for the class:

  1. What is your zone of genius?
  2. How is it different than your zone of excellence?
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“Something More” Flows from Avatar Creations!

Don’t you love it when you allow yourself to stay open to the flow of energy and the outcome is so much bigger, brighter than what you could have imagined?  Last weekend I took all sorts of “goodies” to my friend, Carolyn’s, creative inspiration party to decorate paper doll avatars.  Thanks to my sister, Jill, who mentioned that “Avatars can really be anything, whatever you feel represents you like an eagle or a butterfly or even a flower,” and all manner of creativity broke loose to surface the most beautiful “avatars.”

Here’s a short clip of some of the creative ways people expressed who they are through the visual arts.

In a world of “super-connectivity,” this avatar-making project was about connecting up with another friend, Soleira’s cosmicious birthday party happening in the UK.  Her theme was “I See You – A Brilliant World Revealed.”  Check out her site for the global super-connected way she celebrated.

Carolyn keeps hearing back from guests who are loving seeing their “avatars” hanging on the fridge, over their desk, or near their bed.  “People are so surprised by what cool things they came up with.”  And I am too!  Both with what I saw others create, and with the one that flowed out of me.

I had no idea what it meant when I put it together, but as I continue to look at it every day, my HS keeps feeding me more and more insight about it (wild streak, heart centered, financial abundance).

Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self teleclass begins Tuesday, March 23.  My avatar reminds me daily of how opening to communication with your Higher Self can fill you with a sense of the “something more” that is you.  Reconnect with your “something more” using the tools I’ll share, as you also build your skills for recognizing and interpreting communication from your HS.   It is limited to 10 people so that you get lots of personal attention.  Look for my offer on FaceBook for some 2-for-1 discounts.  Only 3 of these available!

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Connecting to your Higher Self isn’t always pretty

Following your inner guidance from your Higher Self (HS) isn’t always a bed of roses.  Yea, I know.  I have this whole site promoting the support, guidance and unconditional love of your HS, but just like a small child I can sometimes feel lost, or maybe spoiled, by so much support.

On Monday afternoon I found myself in just such a childish state, stomping around in some kind of resistant energy field, feeling strident, defensive and cranky.  And I definitely did NOT want to take action to shift out of it.  That defiance was seductive, a familiar feeling no matter how uncomfortable it was, and though a buddy coach was willing to support me in moving to a better feeling state, I was not willing to go.  Hmmmm, what’s up with that?

Personally, I think I was in retreat mode from receiving a lot of communication from my HS that I hadn’t taken the time to process.  I’m still learning the nuances of following my excitement and allowing positive synchrony to happen.  My HS is willing to continually feed me a number of ideas and actions that feel exciting, inspiring even, when they are delivered, but when I somehow think I can do them all, I end up feeling oh so overwhelmed.

I see communication in everything around me, everything.  What people say to me, what songs I hear on the radio, the ideas that come to me through meditation, the movies I see (loved Avatar), the TV shows I watch (Lost and its new “alternate universe” spoke to me), what happens in my dream state, etc, etc.  Communication is always streaming forth.

That non-physical part of me that I refer to as my HS exists in the Now moment where there is no time or space limitation.  So when I receive communication about taking action, for my HS there is no difference between my doing it today or doing it ten years from now.  It’s all the same Now moment.  That’s the nuance for me to learn in my 3D world is to feel for the most exciting action/idea and follow that, not follow every idea that I receive.

So, was the defensive, strident energy field a throw back to past conditioning having a temper tantrum?  It did, after all, feel very much like ego stomping around.  Or was it yet another way for my HS to provide guidance and support for me to take a step back, stop trying to do it all, and take stock about what it is I really want to be doing?

If you like the idea of improving your skills at interpreting the communication flowing to you, please join me in my Coached Collectives.  In these groups you have the opportunity to practice sharing your interpretation of the collective energy in a safe and supportive environment.  Join me for my next free PREVIEW CALL on Wednesday, February 10 at 11:00 am CT (noon ET, 9:00 am PT).

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What does Miles-Per-Gallon have to do with Trust?

Stick with me.  This is a circuitous route back to trusting excitement and synchronicity as my guides for the year.

This morning I left for my swim workout feeling slightly down, in self-judgment about my lack of effective promotion for a new coaching program, and overwhelmed by a couple of conversations with marketing people this past week.  Driving along I noticed that my average miles-per-gallon indicator was quite low and it got me to thinking about indicators.  I look at this avg mpg frequently and get kind of excited when I see it on the high end.  I feel good about how I’ve been driving and conserving gas, supporting in some small way a cleaner environment.   Why is it so low this morning?  What did I do to contribute to such poor performance?

I’ve noticed in the past it doesn’t take much idling time to rather dramatically affect this indicator, especially if I’ve just refueled.  That’s when it hit me.  It doesn’t take but a few negative feelings, a bit of “poor-me” reflections or a round of self-critical barbs to dramatically affect my own indicator of “synchronous manifestations per unit of excitement.”  When I stop focusing on excitement and get seduced by “should’s,” then life stops flowing, which is another way of saying synchronicity turns south. My indicator is low!  However, the more time I spend taking action from a place of excitement (refueling), the more fun synchronicity I experience (positive manifestations), which leads to creating more of what excites me in my life (supporting others’ inner environment).  My indicator is high!

Here’s the punch line. I followed my excitement by talking to two different marketing women this week about some projects.  Each of them queried me about my business plan, marketing plan and marketing budget, none of which I have in any kind of structured form.  I also totally enjoy listening to the Lightworker Virtual Broadcast.  In a recent one, Steve told the story of a business consultant who started a new spiritually based business that ultimately failed. When Steve asked this man about his business plan he commented he had not done one for this business because he was following a spiritual calling, even though he was a specialist at business plans!

But I didn’t even recognize the synchronicity of these events.  I “idled” instead on how much time these plans were going to take and wasted energy on feeling impatient and frustrated.  It took my car’s mpg indicator to wake me up to my own inner indicator.  When I finally saw the path, built through excitement, that led to the synchronicity of hearing 3 times that I need a business plan, I just had to laugh.  And with laughter, there is some spaciousness to move toward excitement and jump back on the wagon of my commitment to trusting excitement to take me to where I want to go with this business, even when the path isn’t clear.

What kind of indicators do you have in your life?  How often do you look at them?  What’s your current reading?  Do share.  Surely I’m not the only one that has strayed a bit from the new year’s focus.

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