Deliciousness of Auspiciousness

Today, September 23, 2010, is most auspicious (def: promising success, opportune).  Both the Fall equinox and the full moon fall on this same day.

The Fall Equinox reflects a joyous time associated with a bountiful harvest, the payoff for all of your hard work through the spring and summer.  Combine that with a full moon that is in Aries, which illuminates the vital power of the individual, and you may notice an eagerness in you to take action.

Molly Hall, with, says a Full Moon in Aries is about trusting your instincts, taking courageous actions, risking confrontation to be authentic, and taking a stand as you begin a new experience.

In fact, the full paragraph Molly wrote  blew me away when I reread it this morning:

Full Moon in Aries: trusting your instincts; the passion of compassion; vigorous warrior energies; the animation that comes from meeting a challenge head-on; fresh starts; courageous actions; risking confrontation to be authentic; forceful self-expression; the purifying fire of unsentimental truth; taking a stand; being at the edge of new experience; personal charisma.”

Energetically speaking, last night on the Feminine Power call we touched on every single bullet point above.  We went deep into our core knowing to access what is passionately wanting to be birthed from our deepest calling for our fulfillment of bringing our gifts into the world. Wowie zowie, it was powerful!

Talk about receiving the support of the universe!  The timing of this exploration couldn’t have been better for me, or for youTake advantage of these energies and discover the deep passions in you that are ripe for harvesting today.

Integrative Action Steps for YOU to Utilize this Auspicious Energy Today:

  1. In nature, under the full moon, or just by planting your feet firmly on the ground, connect with your deeper knowing by breathing down into your body, down into your hips and low back.  Observe your breath moving deep into your lower body; allow your mind to quieten.
  2. Ask that your Higher Self give you the emotional and physical experience of your future self who is actively and passionately living her dreams, fully utilizing her gifts, strengths and talents.  You’re not after the specifics of “what” you are doing (though you may receive that), rather feel for the emotions and sensations associated with your future fulfilled self.
  3. Enjoy these sensations flowing through your body.  When you are ready, ask for the next step that is in front of you that puts you directly on the path of manifesting this future self.
  4. Notice the images, words, or inspirations that show up.  Also, notice if you have some fear about the next step present.  That is a good sign!  You’ll know you’ve touched on  something deep and meaningful for you.
  5. Now is the auspicious time to tap into the courage of the Universe to take your next step, to nurture the spark of new beginnings; to be inspired to take action from strong intuitive nudges; to allow  passions to emerge and become manifest; and to honor the communications received from your Higher Self focused solely on your unique and highest good.
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Clean Desk, Create Vacuum, Feel Feminine Power?

I have a personal training client that frequently stimulates me with interesting conversation while we move through her workout.  Last week we ended one workout talking about feeling drawn to creating more intimate female friendships and the shifts in feminine energy we’re experiencing.  Within a day or two of that conversation I received an email about a teleclass on “Feminine Power.”  Hmmm.

The next time this client was in she told me about spending a lot of time in the spring clearing out a particularly nasty weed from her grounds only to find that after our bouts of rain another weed has taken hold of the area.  She reminded me, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Then another email arrived with information about the full moon and the astrological implications.  This is a time to look at relationships (to things, people, projects, ways of being) whose structure is ready to change.

These ideas stirred around in me Monday evening as I pulled weeds in my own yard, listened to the audio recording of the Feminine Power teleclass and waited for the full moon to rise.  The teleclass is geared toward the “awakening woman” and discussed the “symptoms” that women are feeling as the energetics of the world shift from a masculine to a more feminine energy.  This isn’t the maternal/healing/nurturing energies associated with the feminine of the past, rather, a brand new, evolving energy that is being cultivated and intuitively co-created through the collective consciousness emerging in the now.

The part that most resonated with me was the image of feeling 10 months pregnant, yet unable to birth what is yearning to come forward because the specifics aren’t yet known.  “So,” says I while pulling weeds, “if Nature abhors a vacuum, then where in my life am I too full, holding on to something that no longer needs me? Where am I ready to change a relationship to something and create a vacuum that will then attract what is wanting to be birthed?”

Wednesday morning a client cancelled, then a workout got canceled and a call rescheduled and it was raining!  All combined to create the time to clean up my desk.  Wallah!  For two years I’ve had papers in various and sundry piles all relating to the writing, production and marketing of my book.  That’s the thing that no longer needs me.  I’m ready to shift my relationship to this book!  With each filing, tossing and clearing away of the pieces of that project I could feel energy returning and a vacuum forming.

My desk is now clearer and more organized than it has been in two years.  I signed up for the teleclass with the intention it midwifes this overdue pregnancy.  And the wonderful thing about doing this consciously, is I have the power to say yea or nay to what comes forward to fill the vacuum; no new weeds, please.

Before I completely move on, just letting you know the bonuses attached to my book expire at the end of August.  If you want to maximize your purchase, receive some great e-books, audio recordings, workbooks and e-courses, best make your purchase now.

Integrative Action Steps If You’re Ready to Create a Vacuum for Attraction:

  • Are you sensing a restlessness or yearning in your body/mind, but don’t have the slightest idea why?
  • What person, job, project, environment, or other relationship are you holding on to that no longer serves you?
  • What real or symbolic action can you take that allows you to let go and create the vacuum?
  • Utilize your “feelers” and notice the synchronicities that now show up.  Feel whether you want to welcome the new things, or not, into your life.  You have a choice.
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