Opening to the Feminine Field

This week’s full moon is in ScorpioMolly Hall says this moon is about “catharsis. . . . It can illuminate what’s stuck, hinting at reservoirs of old wounds, resentments, and unfulfilled desires.  At the deepest levels, there can be a release, a sense of greater power and a deluge of fresh feelings.

So much energy is swirling in me, surfacing “stuff” I thought I had already completed, yet also firing up fresh awareness and passions (watch my video about choosing physical form).  An old neck injury is causing pain, tightness, numbing and tingling all through my left sideThe left side represents feminine energy and the message I’m receiving from my body is that it’s time to cultivate a deeper sense of my feminine nature. Not surprisingly, everywhere I turn I’m directed toward feminine energy.  In very synchronistic ways, I’ve been guided to download specific meditation music focused on Ishwari, to listen to an Inspiring Women Telesummit, to add Shakti rituals to my daily routines, and to notice that every thing that draws my attention these days is actually some reflection of “the feminine field.”

Here I am in my 50’s and in a womb being nurtured for my birth into fulfilling my commitment to play a significant role in the transformation of our world.  Just last night in the Agent of Conscious Evolution (ACE) training (that I’m loving!), Barbara Marx Hubbard talked about building the feminine aspect of receptivity within us in order to join with the masculine aspect of genius that is also within each of us.  It’s an “inner procreation” that will then birth my capacity to fully participate in outer co-creation for world transformation.

It’s heady stuff, but in alignment with a quote I’ve heard was from the Dalai Lama, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” He is reported to have said this at the Vancouver Peace Summit in September 2009 along with his view that “we are seeing the rise of the feminine energy globally as we move toward compassionate, empathetic and nurturing global society.”

Men are not excluded, however, from this shift in our way of relating to one another.  Each of us has what to date, traditionally called masculine and feminine characteristics.  In the ACE training, and also in a local networking discussion I attended about this very subject, the consensus is that as we raise our consciousness levels, duality in all its forms is blurred, and an enlightened “Universal” human arises to embody the highest forms of both the masculine and feminine energies. (Do not fear, it is NOT a genderless society, rather a juicy, creative, cooperative, sexual society.  But, that’s a whole other post!).

As you raise your vibration, you come more into alignment with your true “universal” nature, and with the natural order around you.  Use this Scorpion moon’s energies to “[transform] again and again, to stand on a sense of real integrity.  True confidence emerges when there’s nothing to fear within or without.”  Molly Hall

Integrative Action Steps to Utilize Scorpion Energies:

  • It’s time to go deep, purge what no longer serves you, and find a firm footing on your foundational beliefs.  Grab your journal, find a quiet space with sufficient time, and allow yourself to move inward.  Drop your mind into your heart by placing your hand on your heart and focusing your breath and attention there.  Ask these questions:
  1. What dream, goal, desire is ready to emerge from me?
  2. Scan your body and notice if any contraction occurs.  If yes, ask this specific body part, “What is your message to me?  What are you most afraid of?”
  3. Imagine you had complete freedom to drop this fear, or limitation that surfaced, and ask, “Will you show me a vision of my life without this fear/limitation?”
  4. What insights, new awareness showed up for you?  What inspired actions do you now feel called to take?  Write about this experience in your journal.

  • I have been pleased with my experiences with programming through The Shift Network.  For resources around shifting your consciousness, take a look at
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