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I’m a “resource connector,” (read more), that’s what I do, what I’ve always done.  I believe in sharing with others tools, people, places, things, songs, video’s, books, companies, and any other thing that has grabbed my attention by its authenticity, integrity, quality and value. Whatever inspires me personally I feel compelled to share with others so that they, too, can feel inspired.

I’ve had a lot of inspiration in the area of consciousness cross my path and though I do my best to share on Facebook I’m feeling guided to put it all in one place today.  So, here’s my latest resource favorites, the things I turn to frequently to spark my own enthusiasm for expanding and growing in higher vibration/consciousness.

The Shift Network (

Talk about leading edge consciousness for outstanding value!  Many of the programs are free and include the top names in the field of spirituality.  From personal growth to relationships to business to conscious evolution, there is so much to choose from.  Currently you can find:

Agents of Conscious Evolution  – 12 week training programs (I attended the ACE 1 & ACE 2 classes, both outstanding, transformational inspiration to give your gifts to the metamorphosis of our world.)  These particular classes no longer exist, but The Shift Network always hosts Barbara Marx Hubbard in some form of conscious evolution class.

The Enlightened Business Summit – a free 5 day telesummit with top names such as T Harv Eker & Marci Shimoff and more.  Begins 11/7/11.

The Shift Men’s Initiation, Soulful Women’s Certification, Peace Ambassadors Training, Wisdom of the Grandmothers, Manifesting through Chakras, even a course in Healing Through Laughter.  See the main website for more information.

I’ve found this organization delivers access to top names, high quality programming, and supports your learning through a variety of tools such as community building, meditation, additional handouts, and resource libraries.

The Consciousness Playground with Wendy Down (

I first met Wendy when I purchased my WaveMaker in 2003 and began this journey of consciousness expansion.  She’s been my mentor ever since. Wendy always pushes the boundaries for the next potential to explore of knowing ourselves as Pure Consciousness playing with physical form.  Though she dances on the edge of what’s “believable,” the tools and practices she shares are easily applied in your everyday life, even as the results can feel quite magical!  How does she do that?

Additionally, her playground includes a robust, communicative, international membership group that generously shares resources and experiences.  Continuous expansion happens here!

Up next – Beyond Needing Healing: Let the Era of Quantum Health Care be born in YOU!


TUT’s Adventure Club with Mike Dooley (

My all time favorite free resource, “Notes from the Universe,” are humorous bits of new thought wisdom that invariably carry the absolute PERFECT reminder for my day.  Here’s one I recently received:

Every fortune, gold medal, and trophy…

Every comeback, triumph, and celebration…

And every kiss, hug, and hand held, Celeste…

Were first a thought, a whisper, or a dream.

Go, Celeste, go!

    The Universe

Powerful, humorous & transformative workshops; books, video’s, CD’s; African adventures, you can not go wrong with anything you choose to do with Mike.


Voice for Love with DavidPaul and Candace Doyle (

Clicking on the link above takes you to a series of 4 free videos that teach you the process of receiving God’s guidance in your life.  From watching these videos you can shift out of fear and anxiety into a state of peace and joy, not only from what DavidPaul teaches, but also in the way he models this state for you.

I read DavidPaul & Candace’s book, The Voice for Love, many years ago when the word “God” carried uncomfortable baggage for me. This book was one of the ways I moved beyond my childhood version of “God” to the more expansive version of One energy, Source, Love, Higher Consciousness, that I hold now and feel grateful for this intervention in my life.


And for those who want “Edgy:”

Alchemy Wisdom (  I met Jaden Rose at a Matrix Energetics workshop.  She was a facilitator, but still relatively shy about her metaphysical skills.  Since that time she has “come out of the closet” and shares her “downloads” of “Holographic Healing” with 1000’s at a time in teleconferences.  Be prepared to have a definite experience of energy and expansion when you participate!

Crimson Circle (  These are the channeled works of Geoffrey Hopper speaking as Tobias and Adamus St. Germain. The “channels” are frequently delivered with humor and in a way that makes the metaphysical understandable.  The energy of these works is characterized in this statement pulled from their website.

“[People who listen to these channels] are humans who have realized their own divinity and strive to embody it in their lives by being conscious creators and integrating all aspects of themselves.”


In full transparency, I am an affiliate for each of these resources.  Being an affiliate is one way that supports my ability to be a resource-connector, have the time to write these articles and follow the inspiration of my heart’s vocational arousal.  I also am an avid and frequent consumer of each of these resources and they have each had a significant impact on my life.  May you gain from them as well.

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I am in Spirit.

I am in spirit.  I see and act like the Creator does.”  This is the opening for any exercise of the New Knowledge for the New Age (NKNA) and immediately I drop into this expansive field of energy, fully stepping into my authentic power.  There are many exercises for NKNA, each focusing on allowing our physical bodies to return to the state that is in alignment with the perfection of the Creator.

(Check out 5:41 for a patient story.)

Last week I was sick with a stomach virus and running a fever.  I tried to reduce the fever with aspirin, Advil and a hot bath.  It finally occurred to me to use a NKNA exercise and within minutes the fever broke and I felt tons better!  It was a very dramatic response.

These types of experiences (many with much bigger things than fever!) occur on a regular basis for the participants in the Consciousness Playground.  Joining now means you get access to all of the recordings about the New Knowledge for the New Age.  Additionally, December is devoted to moving even deeper into a true “knowing to the bones” of ourselves to BE the Creator, the One energy.  (Check out Wendy’s blog posts at both and where some incredible participant stories are showing up.)

If you enjoy cutting edge consciousness experiences, then I encourage you to join this amazing community of like-minded people, all joyously playing in the expansive field of infinite possibility.  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the value I’ve received from being a part of this communityFeel free to send me an email at

Also, watch this space for opportunities in January to play with using your energy bodies as portals for receiving guidance as you plan for 2011.

Exercises for Noticing the Creator Energy in You:

1.     You can order a free download of my meditation called “Crown Chakra Opening” to experience yourself as your Divine Self using the coupon code “spirit.” (This is Experience J from How to Channel Your Higher Self.)

2.     Sit quietly using a centering breath to bring your focus inwards.  When your mind and body have stilled, allow the words, “I am in Spirit.  I see and act as the Creator does.” to be present in your awareness.  Hold your focus on these words, gently bringing your mind back to them when you become aware that you are thinking about something else.  (This is normal to have your focus drift, but it becomes easier to retain focus the more you practice.)  As you sit with this phrase over time, notice what feels different for you.  Can you sense a field of expansiveness?  Do you feel calm and peaceful?  What other physical or emotional sensations occur for you?  All of these feelings can become “portals” for you to access your Higher Self, receive communication and initiate healing.

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