Speaking truths about marketing authentically

Speak your truth.

I’ve heard this often while in communication with my Higher Self. I’m not always sure why I’m getting that message and feeling frustrated I ask, “What truth am I not speaking?  What is it you think I should be saying that I’m not?”  Unfortunately, frustration is a fast train out of connection and I don’t get an answer.

This time, however, I know.

The past 3 – 4 months I’ve been working with a business-building course for How To Channel Your Higher Self.  It’s not the first such course I’ve taken.  I enjoy the pieces about getting clear about my purpose, the ways I’m here to be of service, letting go of time wasters, building a good support team, etc.  What trips me up is the marketing stuff.

I spent yesterday researching keywords, reading websites offering similar services to mine, looking for the “problems, frustrations, and fears” of my customers so that I can speak directly to these in my marketing efforts.  At the end of the day I felt drained and depressed.

Speak your truth.

I don’t want to talk about fears, frustrations and problems.  I don’t want to offer the next “fix-me” cure to people.  I don’t want to say that if you just work with me, read my books, listen to my audios that you’ll live happily ever after.  I don’t want to offer the “diamond encrusted upsell.”

Last night I went to bed reading Gary Zukav’s newest book, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, and these excerpts leaped off of the pages, synchronously revitalizing my vision of what I want for my business:

Old-type relationships are the means by which our species has survived…. However, they prevent spiritual growth.

…..we now evolve by growing spiritually. Spiritual growth is as necessary for us as sunshine is for a plant. [This concept was a major point from my focus groups!] We seek partners with whom we can grow spiritually rather than with whom we can accomplish common goals. . . .. We long for more, and as we strive for fulfillment we are redefining spirituality, relationship and evolution.

Spirituality has to do with the soul and requires alignment with the most noble impulses of the human experience – harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life . . . . . Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility.  …. The new type of relationship enables us to grow spiritually by focusing our attention inward …. We are beginning to recognize the importance of our emotions and intentions. …. We are looking for connections between our choices and our experiences.

As the values and perceptions of the new species emerge…, relationships of the old type are becoming increasingly unsatisfactory.  We are becoming increasingly interested in self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-mastery.  Fulfillment, contentment, meaning, purpose, love, and the joy of contributing to Life are taking precedence over issues such as career, lifestyle, and money. [emphasis added]

The terrain of human interaction is changing dramatically.  Old-type relationships have no future, while relationships of the new type are appearing everywhere and in surprising ways.

This is where I am in my business.  I want to play with creating new spiritual partnerships with others who are wanting to play with what it means to look inward in order to change outer experiences; who see life’s challenges as interesting ways to grow and evolve; who enjoy learning, sharing and practicing tools that expand her/his awareness of the freedom to choose and create a different experience.

So, here’s my truth. All of my life I have been a teacher to others through my ability to pass along what I have learned from other people in ways that create learning experiences that hopefully also get passed along by those I share with.  I am a conduit so that others can also become conduits.  I am a ripple intersecting with other ripples such that we create even bigger ripples.

Here I am back to where this year began, committing to following my excitement. I am committing to marketing authentically such that those who also feel the call of forming spiritual partnerships can come together and cultivate more love and more consciousness in our lives.

Are you speaking your truth?

Do you know your authentic voice?

Do you feel called to explore spirituality through generative relationships?

Integrative Action Steps for Speaking Your Truth:

  • Find time on a regular basis to sit quietly, breath deeply into your low back and low abdominals; then, listen for the truths bubbling up from your Higher Self.
  • Read inspirational material that you feel resonate with and journal the truths this material surfaces in you.
  • Form a spiritual partnership and commit to authentically explore together the internal connections between emotions, intentions, choices and experiences.
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Amazing Progress

I am so pleased with How To Channel Your Higher Self – it has been the perfect tool for me to connect deeply with more of my whole self! I have especially enjoyed the Emotional Pattern Release exercise, it is easy and effective, with permanent results!

Specifically, I have been using this exercise whenever emotionally uncomfortable sensations arise in me (even during emotionally uncomfortable situations!), and gave myself permission to focus, dissolve, and release them, whether I could name them or not!

I feel so much more confident and fearless!

Thank you Celeste!

Linda Dodrill

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When Passion and Purpose Converge

What are you passionate about?”  A friend asked me that question on New Year’s Eve about 15 years ago.  It surprised me that I had to really think about it, an answer didn’t come immediately.

Now I know the answer.  It seems simple to me, and yet it’s such a part of me I think I understand why it didn’t jump out at me that night.  My vision then of being passionate included the narcissistic, in your face zealot, or perhaps the high-risk, defy death, adrenaline junky.

What I’ve come to realize is that my passion purrs in the background of my daily experience.  From the dictionary, passion is a “keen enthusiasm or intense desire for something” which I think is actually the smoldering “stuff” that compels us (if we listen to the call) to be more of who we authentically are.   I believe now that both passion and purpose in life are the same.

Here’s what passion = purpose looks like for me:  I love being with people who know themselves deeply, and especially love being with people who first grasp their deep, divine essence.  My passion is to be the resource, a conduit, for this recognition of awe, wonder, and delightful acceptance of who they really are.

Recently I found old folders from a job I held in the ‘90’s.  It made me smile to see how my passion = purpose was playing out then through many handouts, articles and classes around the theme of “listening to your inner wisdom to find wellness.”  And 10 years prior to that I remember sitting in a graduate advisor’s office at UT telling him, “I feel a calling to help people discover how good they can feel in a body that is fit and active.”  And more examples came to mind of being a teacher, sharing whatever I was into with anyone else who also wanted to be doing that thing I was doing.

What is smoldering in you?  What is the theme of your life?  Does it feel like your passion?  How does what you do on a daily basis connect with your purpose?

Learning to recognize, allow and interpret the communication streaming to you from your Higher Self can help you answer these questions.  Next week I am excited to “officially” launch the sale of my book, How To Channel Your Higher Self.  I invite you to join me in my kick off event, a free teleclass called 2 Simple Practices to Feel Peaceful and Clear When Fear and Uncertainty Surround You. The two experiences I share in this class are powerful, yet very accessible, ways for you to expand your skills for tapping into your divine mind.  Come join me even if you’re not fearful and uncertain, rather you are interested and curious about the idea of channeling your Higher Self.

Beginning Tuesday, May 11, purchasers of my book also receive twelve bonus gifts all complementing the experiences found in How To Channel. From soul focused nutritious recipes and awareness filled ebooks, to energy embedded audio programs and workbooks, you create a valuable resource library for your spiritual path.  Visit my website on Tuesday for more details.

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Right Combination Locks Into Inner Guidance

Recently I received a locker at work with a combination lock.  It’s been really nice having a place to put all of my stuff.  Sort of reminds me of high school.

I have also started swimming indoors and have thought it would be nice to have a lock there so that I can have a safe place to store my things while swimming.  But I hadn’t purchased one because I just didn’t want to learn a new combination.  What I kept thinking was, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a lock with the same combination as I have at work?”  I’m sure locks exist where you can set the combination, but I’m not a shopper and didn’t spend any time looking for one.

I was out running errands last Friday afternoon and was near a drug store and felt the nudge to just go buy a lock.  I stood in front of the selection and one lock kept getting my attention, but my mind wanted a “prettier” red one.  The one that my eyes kept moving to was sort of drab and the numbers didn’t stand out as well.  However, by the third time that my hand reached for this lock I recognized the inner guidance that was coming through me (duh!) and purchased it.

How I laughed when I opened it to see the combination.  It begins with the same number as my work combination and then the next two numbers are exactly double that of the work lock.  Now, that’s abut as close a match to my request as one could get, don’t you think?

And, once again I’m reminded of how great it is to be able to recognize the inner guidance that is always flowing to me.  This is the kind of stuff I’m sharing in the Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self teleclass that begins Tuesday, March 23, 4:00 CT.

Right now you can grab a friend and sign up two people for the price of one! Your friendship can deepen as you support one another on this incredible journey and you won’t feel alone as you play with your new guidance skills.  Enter the coupon code “2for1” and add your friend’s name and email address in the comments section. Now, that’s the right combination!  (There’s a limit of only 3 of these coupons available.)

I hope you choose to join me in learning how to tap into your own vast reservoir of knowledge, support, guidance, peace, joy and love.  You will be amazed at how guided in your life you feel when you experience yourself through your open channel.

Pass this along to others and fill the class with your friends!

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Alignment rather than Resolution

It’s easy to get caught up in the collective consciousness of this time of year that is focused on looking back on what didn’t work in the last year and standing in hope that the coming year will be different.  However, mostly what happens is the conditioned mind begins it’s litany of the many ways you have failed to live up to the expectations that you think you “should be” doing and makes resolutions from this distorted perception, doomed to failure because of lack of alignment with your Higher Self.

I like to focus instead on “what’s wanting to shift” and allow my Higher Self to present something to me.  I keep my eyes, ears, and all of my senses open to receiving this message.

Last year, through a meditation led by Tobias, I dropped doubt like it was an old trench coat that I had been slogging around in for too long.  Doubt was heavy and cumbersome, yet I was holding on to it believing I “needed” its usefulness. Doubt and I had been friends for all of my life, and I had tried many different tools, both intellectual and energetic, for eliminating it.  Last year this aspect of me was ready to let go of its grip and when I dropped this cloak of doubt, it was truly gone.  Freedom surfaced and began to flow.  It’s the freedom to dance and play mentally, emotionally and physically.  It’s the freedom to play with infinite possibility, yet having nothing to prove, justify, clarify, or even manifest in 3D.  I have a feeling that whatever shows up for me this year will continue to intensify this feeling of freedom.

The question to pose to your Higher Self is, “What’s wanting/ready to shift?”  Look, listen and feel for the variety of ways your Higher Self communicates with you.  The answer might come through what you read, hear, experience, imagine, sense, etc. When you feel ready, then you can constructively use the collective energy of change to swoosh your shift through. Let me know what happens for you.  I’ll let you know my experience too.

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