Are You Integrating the Shift?

Tissues, tea bags and cough drops, these have been my daily accoutrements since the beginning of this new era.

Louise Hay (Heal Your Body) says colds can signify “Too much going on at once.  Mental confusion, disorder.”  That is how I felt after the end of our new beginning, Birth 2012, 12/22/12.  Energies swirled in, through and around me over that period of days. But, I couldn’t tell you what they meant, what they were bringing or what was releasing; though it was clear to me something special indeed was happening. See a video below of some of my experiences.*

Hay goes on to say that coughs represent, “A desire to bark at the world, ‘See me! Listen to me!’”  But, I couldn’t get anything out.  In my first Conscious Evolution Circle on Jan. 2 every time I opened my mouth to speak, I was overcome with coughing spasms.  I canceled my second circle on 1/16 because I still was not well.

What if January was meant to be quiet and introspective in order to integrate these new energies?  That has certainly been my experience though I must admit to some envy as I read others’ blogs about their accelerated manifesting abilities since the Shift.

Maybe “quiet” is not the right word since it’s felt like a roller coaster of emotions going on inside of me trying to “hear” the messages and receive the communication that this new beginning has for me.  I’ve traveled up and down from doubt to trust, from questioning my practices to being with what is, from feeling disconnected and out of sorts to expansive states of peace and bliss.

And yet, I can’t say with clarity just exactly what shifted with the Shift.   I can, though, say with certainty that our world did shift.  I can feel it when I’m in public spaces. The quality of rippling collective energy is just different, somehow softer, more receptive, less harsh, more cooperative, more caring.

There is something, and that something keeps me curious and looking for “what’s new and different?” This question is the real “accoutrement” of a Conscious Evolutionary, always looking for the emergent properties.  When I find them, believe me, I will share them directly with YOU!

Possibilities for Integrating the Shift:

  • Be inspired by Barbara Marx Hubbard as she talks about the path forward post-Birth in Dawning of a New You and a New World.  Download this free conversation here:
  • Become an “Agent of Conscious Evolution” to foster this new era and gain the skills for stepping boldly into the gifts you are here to give our world.  Class begins January 29.
  • Get involved with a community of like-minded others who are playing with these energies.  There are many different groups at, including Austin Conscious Evolutionaries.  We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings at 10:45 – noon at The Tea Embassy.

*Want to see what I did around 12/22/12?  Here’s a 2-min video of some of my experiences:

What’s your experience since the Shift?

What are your subtle senses picking up?  Maybe you’re one of those who have noticed an acceleration of your ability to manifest.  Maybe time feels different for you.  Maybe you’ve also been on a roller coaster and didn’t want to mention it because so many others are having grand experiences.  It’s all good.  Do tell!

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12.12.12 Your Gateway to Gentling Our Birth

A Birth is going to happen in December whether you are ready or not.  Why not be a conduit for gentling this birth, both for yourself and for our humanity?

TODAY, 12 – 12 – 12, is the day for you to begin the “labor” process so that you can fully release the “old ways of being” on Dec. 21 and birth in the “new ways of being” on Dec. 22.  Think of 12/12/12 as your gateway and 12/21, 22 as the time when your gate actually opens into your manifested new dimension.

What you do today significantly impacts whether you have a gentle birth, or an intense birth, but birthed you will be!  (Read more about the significance of today here.

This whole month is aligned with your third chakra, the place of your personal power and is your element of fire.  See below for some suggestions about ways for you to connect TODAY with the potential of this gateway energy that is flowing up through your solar plexus.

You don’t have to be alone when the Birth happens.  The Shift Network is sponsoring a major global event that begins Dec 21 (noon Pacific) for an unprecedented 33-hour webcast through Dec 22 (9:00 pm Pacific).

Get all of the info here:

I would love to hear about your gateway experience in the comments below or connect on Facebook at

If you live in Austin we would love to hear how you plan to celebrate our birth of a new humanity.  Come to Birth 2012 Austin and share your ideas!

Connect to the 12.12.12 Gateway Energy in These Ways:

  • Solitary rhythmic movement that lights your fire such as transcendent dance, power yoga, or contemplative running or walking.  Use mantras and breathing techniques to move you out of your thinking mind and into your expansive self.  Allow insights about “old ways” you are ready to release to emerge and “new ways” you are welcoming in to gain clarity.
  • Through meditation, contemplation, or prayer, come face to face with long held fears and see the illusions present in them.  As your fears lose their hold on you, bring your focus into your heart to see what is most wanting to emerge as your full expression in the world.  Allow this desire to enter your solar plexus and ignite your imagination about what this might look like in a “new world” and let this dream play out in a variety of playful ways.
  • Collect the information you receive from your deep knowing about what is “old” and ready to drop away, what is “new” and awaiting your presence, and what you are the most grateful for as you move toward your new beginning.  Write each of these on separate pieces of paper.  Create your own ritual that culminates in using fire to transmute these desires into manifested energy that will be waiting for you on 12/21, 22 to transform into physicality.
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Be the Midwife & Gentle Humanity’s Birth

My heart is so open I just wept with the beauty of this clip from the 1982 move, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.  This wonderful image of E.T.’s heart, big, red and vibrating with love, became the culminating energetic symbol of our Conscious Evolutionary Circle this morning as we focused our attention, and intention, on gentling the Birth of our humanity in this transformational shift we are experiencing on our planet.

Our topic of discussion revolved around making conscious the collective unconscious resistance to the shift, then stepping fully into our powerful pioneer selves to transform this resistance into energetic pathways that support the Birth so that it proceeds more gently.  Wowie zowie, to put it that way really brings home the perspective that we, which includes you since you are reading this blog, are here to play BIG in this world!  Yet, every one of us walked away from our Circle experience feeling fully empowered to authentically step into our agency as a Conscious Evolutionary.

Here are the 3 primary tools we played with this morning to energize the field of “allowing” (vs. “resisting”) the Birth of a heart-centered humanity to emerge:

  • “Touch” one another from the depths of our open hearts (think E.T.).  Seek to live in our highest vibration possible, seeing the highest vibration of others even when they show up in their lowest vibration.  Connect to our heart energy often and allow our hearts to resonate with those around us in order to strengthen the morphic energy field of Love. 
  • Awaken to an even deeper understanding that our outer world is a reflection back to us of the unconscious resistance that can be found within each one of us as the hologram of the universe that we are.  To affect the outer world we must first shift our inner world, which then gets reflected back to us as a shift in our outer world.  Visualize an infinity sign.
  • Step courageously into our calling as a conscious wayshower, and boldly claim our strengths in order to give our gifts.  When we are clear about who we really are, we recognize our unique gifts are imperative for the world AND that we are a single facet of one consciousness. “Me” becomes “we,” seeking generative alliances with whom to co-create, satisfying a yearning for both resonance and differing perspectives.  This shift involves letting go of Egoic identities, limiting beliefs, and old paradigms.


Are you getting caught up in the chaotic energy that is the manifestation of the collective unconscious resistance,


are you midwifing and gentling our birth?


My wish is for you to step courageously into your gifts as a wayshower and join with others in gentling this Birth that is moving our humanity, ready or not.


Actions You Can Take to Help Gentle our Birth:

  • Get involved with Birth 2012, a global celebration on 12/22/12 recognizing our emergence into a new way of being founded in unity consciousness.  If you’re in Austin, create your own celebration to honor our Birth and post it on Birth 2012 Austin facebook page,
  • Become an Agent of Conscious Evolution (ACE) to gain skills, knowledge, and support for stepping boldly into your gifts for the shift.
  • Learn more about your inner landscape and skills for shifting your inner world so that your outer world is more to your liking.  A great (free) resource for this is the Consciousness Playground.
  • Get involved with a community of like-minded pioneers that will support you in living more authentically.  If you are in Austin, we would love to have you in our Conscious Evolutionary Circles.  Or, you can find a wide variety of personal growth, social responsibility, and spiritual exploration programs through the Shift Network.  They also sponsor a social media gateway called the Shift Movement where you can find/create community.
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What’s Your Highest Vision for Humanity Post-Birth?

The challenge we now face is the challenge of choosing our destiny. Our generation, of all the thousands of generations before us, is called upon to decide the fate of life on this planet. The processes we have initiated within our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our parents and grandparents cannot continue in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. Whatever we do will either create the framework for reaching a peaceful and cooperative global society and thus continuing the grand adventure of life, spirit, and consciousness on Earth, or set the stage for the termination of humanity’s tenure on this planet.
Segment 2 of Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness


Are you a Law of Attraction fan?  Then you understand how critical it is for awakened planetary citizens to focus on the highest vision for our planet we can achieve.

As an Agent of Conscious Evolution (this inspirational and life affirming class begins anew Wed, 10/10), I am stepping more fully into my agency as a Conscious Evolutionary and asking questions to stimulate new thoughts, new perceptions, more hope, and greater planetary involvement.  Based on David Gershon’s work, Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World, I dialogued with two groups of people last week around this statement:


Create a positive vision of the transformative change of our Birth you wish to see at the personal, organizational, and systems level.


Wow!  Here is a sampling of the possibilities and potentials people were “remembering” about our future, once we make a full shift into unity consciousness.

Co-creation:  People are attracted to collaborate with one another through their mutual interests and excitement, each seeing the “other” for the unique gifts each brings to the project; projects are viewed as ways to expand consciousness by playing in both physical and non-physical realms; we are no longer bound to the Earth plane, though it remains a place to gather and connect; everyone understands fully their Divine Self and are inspired and guided by the Evolutionary Impulse to continuously expand consciousness.

Heightened empathy & intuition:  An ability to truly “get” and know one another; to understand, value and “see” one another as an aspect of ourselves having a different experience; to use this skill as a portal for shape shifting and to experience multi-dimensionality.

Transparency:  Through telepathy an ability to know what others are thinking so no more hidden agendas, back room deals, lies or cheating; increased access to the noosphere (higher collective intelligence); access to information, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values of others no matter where they are when you experience connection/resonance with them; impacts need for language, words, etc.; new ways of communication unheard of now will be the norm.

Governance/Justice systems:  Leadership for “the good of all” rises, with no power struggles, more service oriented; flatter governing models, more self-governing, self-responsibility; less need for punitive based justice, higher potential for love-based community oriented “do-overs.”

Economics:  People rise to their highest levels of service, giving their gifts at their highest potential; all gifts are valued and respected; less need for money, more focus on energy exchange; improved skills of manifestation so less need to “buy” things; abundance and prosperity for all so less need to “prove” worth with things and a simpler life is the norm; there is no power viewed in accumulation as everyone knows the “secret” to manifesting what is desired and the idea of “power” becomes irrelevant.

Health/Aging:  Health issues, as well as aging bodies, subside as people use their skills of co-creation with their own bodies; emotional and mental health practices support ever evolving consciousness; what we call “aging” only occurs through the choice of an individual and is no longer a given.


As you can see, when you allow yourself to play with what’s possible, there’s no limit for your vision.  Who knows what our “post-Birth” scenario will be, but what I do know, is the more I play in the field of what would be fun to experience, the greater the energy field of that attractor pattern becomes and helps to pull me (and collective consciousness) forward.

Never doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world.  Nothing else ever has.   Margaret Mead

What are YOU dreaming about these days?

YOU can add to the Morphic Field of the Post-Birth Attraction Pattern:

  • Make a connection with 2 or more others and explore what you think is possible if humanity takes a huge quantum leap into unity consciousness.
  • Get involved NOW to be a part of Birth 2012, a global celebration for our collective birth into unity consciousness.   Contact me about getting involved if you live in Austin!
    Or, join our meet up at or our Facebook page at





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Definition of Conscious Evolution Continued

In my last blog I began to clarify, and also personalize, some meanings of “conscious evolution.” Here is the continuation of the definitions  we are using as we embark on building a Conscious Evolutionary Circle group in Austin (based on the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard).

  • Conscious Evolution enables us to use our creative power to envision and create images of possibilities, and then bring those images to life by design.

Most readers of this blog are well aware of the Law of Attraction, the belief that we co-create our lives through the vibrational alignment of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas.  (See Abraham-Hicks’ books for more information.)

Conscious Evolutionaries recognize the exponential effects of group co-creation and seek out collaborative opportunities to stimulate evolutionary visions.

I’ve played a lot with group synergies, but usually in the context of personal growth.  However, I feel a distinct pull to grow beyond my own spiritual inner aspirations and begin to live more consciously as a global citizen.  I don’t really know yet all of the ways that I can contribute to the transformation of our world – that thought can even feel overwhelming – but I do know its important for me to follow this urge of deep resonance.

Are you also feeling the call to play a role in our world’s transformation, but have no idea what or how to do that?  See some ideas below.

  • At its core, Conscious Evolution is a spiritually motivated endeavor affirming that humans are co-creators with Spirit, nature and universal design.

Through the 13+ billion years since the “big bang”, the natural process of evolution is actually non-linear and occurred through quantum leaps, each time to a state of more complex and higher consciousness.  This transitional period we are now in is a natural phase change from self, separated-consciousness to a universal whole system-consciousness.

Conscious Evolutionaries recognize a primary foundation of embodying “oneness” is to fully allow their Essence to incarnate in the physical body, taking dominion over the many faces of Ego (read more) thus working in synchronous partnership with higher states of consciousness (Spirit, nature, universal design).

Living from Essence is to know the difference between your Higher Mind (Higher Self) and the many voices of your Ego. The primary way I distinguish is by how the guidance feels.   Feels good, beautiful and/or true?  Must be Essence.  Feels bad, judgmental or confusingly false? More likely Ego, which is all about holding me in a separated state.

You can listen to a free recording of exercise developed to help you Feel Your Essence on my Coaching page.  The more often you connect with your Essence, the more you recognize when you are living from Essence and when you are not.

  • Conscious Evolution is the emergence of a universal humanity capable of guiding its own evolution into a future of unimaginable co-creativity.

We are a product of 13+ billion years of successful evolution and we carry this history of evolutionary success in our very DNA. Millions of people at this specific time in our planet’s life are awakening to a deeper truth about who they really are and their purpose for being here at this time.

Conscious Evolutionaries feel this deeper truth as the very impulse of evolution giving rise to an “ecstatic urgency” (Andrew Cohen) to form social systems that are cooperative, collaborative, creative, synergistic and peaceful.  These are the attributes of a “universal humanity.”

I am practicing a meditation that is focused on feeling this impulse of evolution rising in me.  It is this very “ecstatic urge”  that is compelling me to reach out to others to form community around these ideas of Conscious Evolution.

Are you resonating with the beliefs of a Conscious Evolutionary?  Join a Conscious Evolutionary Circle! I can help you locate one if you contact me.

In Austin, the Conscious Evolutionary Circle meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, by donation, at World Spirit Books, 1006 South Lamar.

FREE Introductory Circle this Wednesday, September 28, 7:00 pm.

Practicing Conscious Evolution in Your Own Life:

  • Develop your “evolutionary eyes” by noticing challenges in your life as evolutionary drivers.  When something is coming up differently than you want ask yourself, “What is wanting to evolve in me and emerge as new and innovative?
  • Develop your “evolutionary voice” by initiating evolutionary conversations about your dreams and visions for the planet for the shifts you want to see.  Find others who are willing to create a field of hope and possibility for our planet.
  • Develop your “evolutionary ears” by listening for opportunities to work collaboratively and creatively with others who inspire you with positive solutions to local challenges.
  • Develop your “evolutionary impulse” by becoming a social Agent of Conscious Evolution either by joining the Barbara Marx Hubbard program, joining a Conscious Evolutionary Circle, or by starting one of your own!
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Are You Responding to Your Evolutionary Impulse?

My deepest desire is to live the continuous experience of BEING pure awareness, living from my essence, fully engaged in the is-ness (read more) of each moment as it unfolds gracefully, guided by the joy, excitement and evolutionary impulse of the proceeding moment.

This past weekend I treated myself to the luxury of a five-hour retreat devoted to being fully present to what is bubbling inside of me and allowing that to flow out through my writing. (Check out Carolyn Scarborough, Backyard Pearls for info on her fall retreat!).  What flowed from me was an amazing validation of the work I’ve been doing with the ACE training.  In the desire statement above you can see these foundations of being an Agent for Consciousness Evolution unfolding through me:

  1. Feel the impulse of billions of years of consciousness evolution rising up through my very core creating a powerful pull to step fully into my evolutionary purpose.
  2. Follow my “compass of joy” to recognize my path.
  3. Through this joy-path, allow my unique strengths and gifts to surface.
  4. Giving rise to my gifts brings me into alignment with my essence, pure awareness, my deep authentic power (read more).
  5. From authentic power I access “vocational arousal” (love that term!) to share my gifts for the evolution and transformation of our planet.
  6. Utilize my arousal to be a resource provider (read more) who facilitates the awakening and inspiration for others to step fully into their evolutionary impulse.

Do you also feel your evolutionary impulse when you read these steps? I urge you to join the Activation Call TODAY to become a player in the Birth 2012 experience.  Listen to Barbara Marx Hubbard (evolutionary), Lynne Twist (soul of money), Neale Donald Walsh (spiritual), Jack Canfield (collective consciousness) and Dorothy Maver (peace movement) as they share their visions for bringing together the energy of over 2 BILLION people in December 2012 to collectively align with the highest expression of consciousness transformation for our planet. WOW!  This (FREE) call is an incredible blending of the science behind the spiritual transformation taking place on our planet. Prepare to be inspired to be more of what you came here to be! You can receive a recording of this call if you are reading this after June 22.

My intent is to form Consciousness Evolutionary Circles beginning in July.  Watch this space, or add your name to my mailing list, to receive more information about these.  Here is a video of Christine, one of my ACE partners, sharing an evolutionary conversation with friends.

Ideas for You to Step More Fully into Your Evolutionary Impulse:

  • Activate your inspiration by listening to the Birth 2012 Activation Call.  Even if you are not called forth to be a part of this particular program, you will stimulate the synchronicities (read more) of the Universe to attract to you the path that is resonant for you.
  • Every day experiment with sitting quietly before beginning a task and placing the question, “What is most wanting to joyfully emerge from me in this moment?”  From a poised mind, allow the answer to bubble forth and observe what shows up.  Take action from this deeper knowing.
  • Sign up for the newly upgraded 8 Awesome Ways to Know You’ve Opened Your Channel (upper right side panel on this page) to learn and practice new tools for recognizing the inner guidance that is flowing to you in each moment from your Higher Self.
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From Revelations to Crystallization

Crystallization.  Of all places it happened this past weekend as I listened to a funeral sermon and heard: “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.”  My ears perked up and I felt a deep cord of resonance flow through me.  “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.” (Excerpts from Revelation 21:1-27 ESV)  And I heard within me this interpretation, “Behold, God is everything.  He dwells within all that is and all that is, is One.

Crystallization.  Many facets of my spiritual life are coming together, crystallizing to show me how I have been preparing for this transition into our New Earth that is happening NOW.

Did you participate as I did with the 100’s of thousands that joined Oprah and Eckhart Tolle in the ground-breaking webcast of A New Earth?  Could that really be three years ago?  In Chapter 1, Tolle refers to this same scripture and writes, “A ‘new heaven’ is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and ‘a new earth’ is its reflection in the physical realm.”  A seed was planted on my path.

Last fall I joined in the Feminine Power Teleclass for Awakening Women with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit and accessed for the first time some deep conditioning around powerlessness that I was clueless to its limiting affect on my life.  Using many of the tools from the Consciousness Playground, I began to disassemble this conditioning. Another seed nurtured.

Six weeks ago I planted these “Dream Seeds” in my Blooming Humans project:  1)  To consistently, with grace and ease, stay in tune to my inner guidance and live continuously in the field of excitement, curiosity and joy, and 2) Allow a new manifestation to flow easily into my field of awareness that is fun and calls to me.  And then, Birth 2012 showed up!

Crystallization. I am an Agent of Consciousness Evolution (ACE).

Training to be certified as an ACE began last night (it’s not too late if you also feel called!). I was moved and inspired by this highly conscious integration of science and spirituality. But, more importantly, I felt the deep resonance that this work is on my path.  I don’t know yet how it will manifest through me, but it is clear that I will share the story of our conscious evolution and play a part in this transition to our New Earth. Be-ing an Agent of Conscious Evolution is the crystallization of many of the seed facets of my path.

This came from Blooming Hearts today!:

Your part is clear. As you rise up in yourself to find a higher form of grace and astute awareness, you become a part of the great Web of Peace encircling the planet. Every person who is awakening is essential to this movement.

What is crystallizing in you?

  • From a quiet, sacred space, place this question in your heart, “What is emerging on my path?” (from the ACE training)
  • Raise your inner antennae as you listen to music, news, conversations, trainings, see images, readings, etc, and feel for an inner “zing.” This is your indicator your Higher Self is calling to you to pay attention.  What is the pattern of the messages you are receiving?
  • Use one or more of the resources listed above to stimulate deeper awakening to your inner knowing.  Additionally, listen to the channeled works of Crimson Circle, the Virtual Light Broadcasts and Kryon to hear how the New Earth is becoming manifest.
  • Share with others HERE leaving comments about what is crystallizing on your spiritual path.
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