Are You Integrating the Shift?

Tissues, tea bags and cough drops, these have been my daily accoutrements since the beginning of this new era.

Louise Hay (Heal Your Body) says colds can signify “Too much going on at once.  Mental confusion, disorder.”  That is how I felt after the end of our new beginning, Birth 2012, 12/22/12.  Energies swirled in, through and around me over that period of days. But, I couldn’t tell you what they meant, what they were bringing or what was releasing; though it was clear to me something special indeed was happening. See a video below of some of my experiences.*

Hay goes on to say that coughs represent, “A desire to bark at the world, ‘See me! Listen to me!’”  But, I couldn’t get anything out.  In my first Conscious Evolution Circle on Jan. 2 every time I opened my mouth to speak, I was overcome with coughing spasms.  I canceled my second circle on 1/16 because I still was not well.

What if January was meant to be quiet and introspective in order to integrate these new energies?  That has certainly been my experience though I must admit to some envy as I read others’ blogs about their accelerated manifesting abilities since the Shift.

Maybe “quiet” is not the right word since it’s felt like a roller coaster of emotions going on inside of me trying to “hear” the messages and receive the communication that this new beginning has for me.  I’ve traveled up and down from doubt to trust, from questioning my practices to being with what is, from feeling disconnected and out of sorts to expansive states of peace and bliss.

And yet, I can’t say with clarity just exactly what shifted with the Shift.   I can, though, say with certainty that our world did shift.  I can feel it when I’m in public spaces. The quality of rippling collective energy is just different, somehow softer, more receptive, less harsh, more cooperative, more caring.

There is something, and that something keeps me curious and looking for “what’s new and different?” This question is the real “accoutrement” of a Conscious Evolutionary, always looking for the emergent properties.  When I find them, believe me, I will share them directly with YOU!

Possibilities for Integrating the Shift:

  • Be inspired by Barbara Marx Hubbard as she talks about the path forward post-Birth in Dawning of a New You and a New World.  Download this free conversation here:
  • Become an “Agent of Conscious Evolution” to foster this new era and gain the skills for stepping boldly into the gifts you are here to give our world.  Class begins January 29.
  • Get involved with a community of like-minded others who are playing with these energies.  There are many different groups at, including Austin Conscious Evolutionaries.  We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings at 10:45 – noon at The Tea Embassy.

*Want to see what I did around 12/22/12?  Here’s a 2-min video of some of my experiences:

What’s your experience since the Shift?

What are your subtle senses picking up?  Maybe you’re one of those who have noticed an acceleration of your ability to manifest.  Maybe time feels different for you.  Maybe you’ve also been on a roller coaster and didn’t want to mention it because so many others are having grand experiences.  It’s all good.  Do tell!

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Definition of Conscious Evolution Continued

In my last blog I began to clarify, and also personalize, some meanings of “conscious evolution.” Here is the continuation of the definitions  we are using as we embark on building a Conscious Evolutionary Circle group in Austin (based on the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard).

  • Conscious Evolution enables us to use our creative power to envision and create images of possibilities, and then bring those images to life by design.

Most readers of this blog are well aware of the Law of Attraction, the belief that we co-create our lives through the vibrational alignment of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas.  (See Abraham-Hicks’ books for more information.)

Conscious Evolutionaries recognize the exponential effects of group co-creation and seek out collaborative opportunities to stimulate evolutionary visions.

I’ve played a lot with group synergies, but usually in the context of personal growth.  However, I feel a distinct pull to grow beyond my own spiritual inner aspirations and begin to live more consciously as a global citizen.  I don’t really know yet all of the ways that I can contribute to the transformation of our world – that thought can even feel overwhelming – but I do know its important for me to follow this urge of deep resonance.

Are you also feeling the call to play a role in our world’s transformation, but have no idea what or how to do that?  See some ideas below.

  • At its core, Conscious Evolution is a spiritually motivated endeavor affirming that humans are co-creators with Spirit, nature and universal design.

Through the 13+ billion years since the “big bang”, the natural process of evolution is actually non-linear and occurred through quantum leaps, each time to a state of more complex and higher consciousness.  This transitional period we are now in is a natural phase change from self, separated-consciousness to a universal whole system-consciousness.

Conscious Evolutionaries recognize a primary foundation of embodying “oneness” is to fully allow their Essence to incarnate in the physical body, taking dominion over the many faces of Ego (read more) thus working in synchronous partnership with higher states of consciousness (Spirit, nature, universal design).

Living from Essence is to know the difference between your Higher Mind (Higher Self) and the many voices of your Ego. The primary way I distinguish is by how the guidance feels.   Feels good, beautiful and/or true?  Must be Essence.  Feels bad, judgmental or confusingly false? More likely Ego, which is all about holding me in a separated state.

You can listen to a free recording of exercise developed to help you Feel Your Essence on my Coaching page.  The more often you connect with your Essence, the more you recognize when you are living from Essence and when you are not.

  • Conscious Evolution is the emergence of a universal humanity capable of guiding its own evolution into a future of unimaginable co-creativity.

We are a product of 13+ billion years of successful evolution and we carry this history of evolutionary success in our very DNA. Millions of people at this specific time in our planet’s life are awakening to a deeper truth about who they really are and their purpose for being here at this time.

Conscious Evolutionaries feel this deeper truth as the very impulse of evolution giving rise to an “ecstatic urgency” (Andrew Cohen) to form social systems that are cooperative, collaborative, creative, synergistic and peaceful.  These are the attributes of a “universal humanity.”

I am practicing a meditation that is focused on feeling this impulse of evolution rising in me.  It is this very “ecstatic urge”  that is compelling me to reach out to others to form community around these ideas of Conscious Evolution.

Are you resonating with the beliefs of a Conscious Evolutionary?  Join a Conscious Evolutionary Circle! I can help you locate one if you contact me.

In Austin, the Conscious Evolutionary Circle meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, by donation, at World Spirit Books, 1006 South Lamar.

FREE Introductory Circle this Wednesday, September 28, 7:00 pm.

Practicing Conscious Evolution in Your Own Life:

  • Develop your “evolutionary eyes” by noticing challenges in your life as evolutionary drivers.  When something is coming up differently than you want ask yourself, “What is wanting to evolve in me and emerge as new and innovative?
  • Develop your “evolutionary voice” by initiating evolutionary conversations about your dreams and visions for the planet for the shifts you want to see.  Find others who are willing to create a field of hope and possibility for our planet.
  • Develop your “evolutionary ears” by listening for opportunities to work collaboratively and creatively with others who inspire you with positive solutions to local challenges.
  • Develop your “evolutionary impulse” by becoming a social Agent of Conscious Evolution either by joining the Barbara Marx Hubbard program, joining a Conscious Evolutionary Circle, or by starting one of your own!
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