Synchronicity Happens

After I wrote about my 2010 focus on the intersection of synchronicity, excitement and multidimensionality I had three synchronous events happen over the weekend that helped to solidify, validate and integrate this desire.

The first was Saturday while I was doing housework and listening to a variety of things on youtube.  This video of Bashar popped up (even though it did not meet my search criteria) about what it means to live from a place of excitement and synchronicity.  It got me excited!

On Sunday as I was walking in the beautiful crisp sunny morning I listened to my friend Wendy Down lead the Consciousness Playground through an exercise of creating our past.  Yes, you read correctly, we created our past.  From a quantum physics point of view there is only the present moment and there are just as many probable “pasts” as there are probable “futures.”  Lynne McTaggart has done some incredible research around our ability to change the past based on intention (vibration, observation) from the present moment.  I worked with shifting this past fall to a place that felt more in alignment with ease and balance.  The two strongest vibrations that came forward from this particular past that I was lining up with, centered around designing my website, and moving through the birth of it, with elegance and grace.  I’ve often heard these words spoken by Kendall SummerHawk, the “Money and Soul Coach,” but now I have a deep and personal experience of what this actually feels like.

Following directly on the heels of shifting my past, I participated in a holographic delivery of 2010 energy brought through by Reggi Shelley, the Alchemist Energy Practitioner.  With over 1100 people on the webinar, she channeled through an amazing energy.  The hologram seemed to be wrapped in the violet energy of compassion, transporting in an energy best described as “allowing creation to happen without attachment to what the final creation is to look like.”  The focus of 2010, at least through this channel, is to feel for the essence of your desire, letting go of how it might show up.  Reggie’s guides specifically mentioned that this energy is distinctly different than 2009, which was focused around bringing up old energies that were ready to be released.  Boy did that speak to me on both counts.  And, given I had just felt the fullness of a business model founded on “elegance and grace,” I was excited off the charts!

I began my week incredibly jazzed by the synchronous support I received from all of these energy shifts. Now I’m looking forward to this weekend when I get to play in the morphic field of Matrix Energetics.  More about that when I write next.

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