Synching Deeper with Synchronicity

Did you join me in asking your Higher Self (HS) what is ready to shift? I just knew my HS wanted me to let go of judgment. In fact, I had a lot of judgment showing up about how much I interacted with an ongoing background commentary of “compare and contrast” no matter what I was up to. But, every time I attempted to have a dialogue with HS around this, or create a meditative vision around letting judgment go, my HS wasn’t to be found, not interested, at least at this time, with “dropping something.”

No, this New Year is about allowing more of something, rather than letting go. This year I’m to play at a much deeper level with synchronicity. Here’s a short youtube that describes the physics of synchronicity.

Based on my conversations with HS, I’m being encouraged to play with the intersection of synchronicity, excitement, and multidimensionality. Not exactly sure what this means, but what I gathered from my “channel” it looks something like:

As I am one with everything, then there are aspects of me in the form of other people that get excited about marketing, organization, collaboration, and business development. As I play consciously at higher levels of synchronicity, then these aspects of myself will show up, excited to assist me in growing this new business of mine. In a moment-to-moment basis, as I follow my excitement, then it is the excitement that energizes the synchronistic pull of these aspects of myself, in the form of another, to me.

Hmmm, as I write this I can feel how this is going to stretch me in the “trusting in the universe” department. Where is your Higher Self stretching you this year?

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  1. Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.


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