Skating Through Work & Life

An ice skater, in a beautiful, flowing white, silvery, sparkly kind of outfit, moving gracefully across the ice.  That’s the image that surfaced for me when a friend asked me for a metaphor of how I wanted my December/January to feel.

An ice skater works on so many levels for me.  I’m in the midst of developing a new product I want to release in January (I’m totally excited about it!), yet there is still quite a bit of work to do.  My new product needs to look pretty, become accessible through new web pages, entered into a software program so it can be purchased, and marketed, of course.  There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that must happen to launch a new product.

In figure skating the “long program” is all about demonstrating the skater’s skills, grace and athleticism.  There are changes in rhythm, jumps, spins, long graceful movements and short bursts of fancy footwork, all of this while maintaining a look of grace, ease, effortlessness and balance.  It takes practice to create this sense of flow.

My practice for the past ten years has revolved around how to work in ways that don’t feel stressful, overwhelming and out of balance.  I’ve learned, and utilize, a number of tools to do this, sometimes successfully, other times not so much.  So, with this new product development I am once again focused on my “long program.”  I intend to demonstrate not only my skills for writing and coaching, but also, at working within a state of grace as I change rhythms, jump, spin and glide my way through the myriad of tasks associated with this new product while also participating in holiday cheer.

Which way is the dancer turning when you look at her?  It’s said that in whatever direction she’s turning is the side of the brain you’re using to see her.  Turning clockwise? You’re in your right brain.  Turning counter clockwise? That’s the left brain.  Can you shift your perspective and see her turning in the opposite direction? Can you change the speed of her turn?  Can you do this at will? All of these are possible!

I use her to remind myself that I can shift my perspective at any time I want to if I’m “skating” in a way that doesn’t feel good to me.  It’s my practice for creating grace, ease, effortlessness and balance.  What’s your practice?


Want to Create Your Own Metaphor?

  • Sit quietly, close your eyes and take a few deep, centering breaths.
  1. Now pose the question to your Higher Self, “What image will best serve to remind me of my deepest desires for how I want to ‘be’ as I move through these next few months?”
  2. Allow the answer to float up from your depths, without forcing or trying to make it happen.
  3. Be open to it showing up as an image, phrase, specific color(s), metaphor, story, archetype, or any number of ways your Higher Self can communicate with you.
  4. Journal about the image you received; why is it perfect?
  5. Draw the image or find a facsimile that you can post to remind yourself of your deepest desires.
  6. Most of all, have FUN with this!!


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3 Responses to “Skating Through Work & Life”
  1. I love this Celeste–thanks for the reminder to help me anchor back to my image of sitting quietly under the Cottonwoods at Big Bend.

    Beautiful imagery–holding this for you my friend!

  2. Grace says:

    Celeste, I’ve been a figure skater for years and this really resonated with me. Beautiful. Reminded me why I love to skate. THANKS!!


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