The Simplest ? Accesses Immediate Guidance

How do you know if you are in connection with your Higher Self? The simplest, most direct path is to ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”  And simply put, if you are feeling good, excited, enlivened, appreciative, passionate, happy, peaceful, or any other emotion that feels yummy, you are in alignment/connection with your Higher Self.

To notice what is happening in your emotional energy body is a simple way to begin to recognize communication with your Higher Self. Feeling good indicates you’re in alignment with your divine guidance system and headed in the direction of your highest good.  Feeling ornery, frustrated, angry, jealous, bitter, resentful, or any other emotion that doesn’t feel “good” means the guidance from your Higher Self indicates you’ve veered off your path.

Esther Hicks, who channels “Abraham” (a collection of non-physical beings), explains the importance of using this inner guidance system that is so present in every NOW moment.

The past several months I’ve been paying close attention to my emotional energy body to observe its guidance around whether I am engaged with life from my authentic self, or if I have fallen back into a core illusion of powerlessness.  Prior to the Feminine Power course I took in the Fall, I was clueless that I ever felt “powerless,” yet there in the behavior list were many recognizable traits. Some of these traits I had “worked on” for years, but apparently not at the root cause.

Then right on cue the book, Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav, synchronistically came into my hands.  The focus of this book is learning to recognize emotions that stem from powerlessness, and those that indicate authentic power.  Emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, feeling inferior or superior to others, entitled, vengeful, resentful, or needing to please are all associated with powerlessness.  Feeling content, appreciative, caring, loving, non-judgmental, joyful, and other good feelings are associated with authentic power.  (Sound familiar?)

And one more synchronous piece dropped into place.  Using an exercise from the New Knowledge for the New Age (studied in the Consciousness Playground), I experienced myself while in deep meditation as my “first born cell” taking on the game (the illusion) of powerlessness as a means of hiding my divine self from my human self.   Wowie Zowie! Interestingly, the emotion that surfaced was deep grief, not for the losses that powerlessness wrought, but because I would no longer be able to play that game and not recognize it as a game.  It was the grief of believing something so strongly (like believing in Santa Claus!), then discovering the illusion and wanting desperately to turn back the clock and “not know” again.  Our core illusory games are so seductive because they are so comfortable and familiar.

In the awakening journey, one can’t go backwards, only forwards.  And so I move forward by letting go of the biggest game I’ve every played using my emotional energy body as a direct line to my Higher Self who is guiding me through the complex playing field I have created.

What is the illusory game you are playing to hide your divine spirit from your human self? You can begin to deconstruct your illusion and reconstruct deep recognition of your core self with your emotional guidance system and one simple question, “What am I feeling?

Want to play with your emotional energy body?

  • Set your watch to chime on the hour and when it does, ask yourself, “What am I feeling?”
  • Observe as many emotions flowing through you as you can notice while considering a specific situation.
  • What emotions support you in feeling your authentic power?  What emotions are indicative of your illusory game?  Can you recognize when each is present?
  • You have a choice as to which emotions you pay attention to.  Make your choices moment to moment.
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