By no means an exhaustive list, but these are some of the resources I’ve used in my own awakening journey or in establishing spiritually-based business practices.

My Awakening Journey:

Abraham-Hicks – Thank you to Esther Hicks as channel for Abraham

Crimson Circle – Thank you to Geoffrey Hoppe as channel for Tobias

Lightworker – Thank you to Steve Rother as channel for “The Group”

Kim Brennan – Thank you to my Shaman and Reiki Attunement guide

Soleira Green – Thank you for showing me how to connect more fully to the collective

Tom Stone – Thank you for the WaveMaker and 12 Core Dynamics

Wendy Down – Thank you for the expansiveness of the Consciousness Playground

Spiritually-Based Businesses:

Amy Hufford with Stellar Communications – website design

Jeanna Gabellini & Eva Gregory – Abundance Abounds

Jeff Smith – Higher Trust Marketing

Kendall SummerHawk – Money Marketing and Soul Coach

Other Referrals:

Aweber – email list building services with excellent customer service

1Shopping Cart – merchant cart with affiliate tracking services

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