Listen to Your Angels

Last night I attended a talk given by Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in My Hair.  She is an Irish mystic who physically sees and speaks to angels directly.  Several times throughout her talk I felt a welling of tears and an expansion in my chest, both signs for me I was responding to something that felt like “truth” to me.

It wasn’t so much what she said, but the feelings associated with hearing her words.  I could feel the possibility of numerous angels sitting amongst us. She spoke of each one of us having a guardian angel who is with us all the time, both honoring and protecting our souls, and I felt my angel’s presence at my back.  My heart expanded when Lorna said our souls are a piece of light that is also God.  She described angels as majestic and beautiful bright lights, and loving beings who whisper in our ears, and whimsical humorists who delight in all things human and it felt so believable.

The primary lessons I took from Lorna:

  • If you want something, need support, or guidance, just ask.  “Pester God, it’s okay with him,” nothing is too small or large, and no request is judged good/bad, right or wrong.
  • There are many angels surrounding each one of us all the time, offering love, support and guidance.  All we need do is be still enough to listen (with all of our senses) and we will know their presence.
  • Listen for the answer, take action, listen, take action; this is how we fulfill our purpose.

At one point as Lorna spoke about taking action, she became quite passionate about taking a “stand” for what is right for the earth.  An organization she spoke about, Hands Across the Sand, is “drawing a metaphorical and actual line in the sand; human lines in the sand against the threat oil drilling poses to America’s coastal economies and marine environment.”  Their event takes place internationally on Saturday, June 26.  See for details.

Interestingly, this event corresponds well with the summer solstice (6/21), which is a time of marking our relationship to Mother Earth.  From an astrological point of view, the particular arrangement of the planets at this time focuses on our ability to channel creative solutions.  Taken from Colette Baron Reid’s newsletter, Natasha Zaslove writes this:

This moment heralds the beginning of the middle of a massive change. With the ongoing volcanoes, earthquakes and oil spill, the earth is quite literally spewing her discontent with the status quo.

This is an important time. We must do our part. No one is exempt. We cannot ….. complain about BP without pointing the finger back at our own consumption and then devising ways to change the scenario.

Gemini asks us to see with fresh eyes and think into existence creative solutions. Gemini enables us to remain optimistic and ingenious even while images that crush the collective spirit flood the airwaves.

Maybe you feel far removed from the oil spill, or feel a sense of hopelessness about your ability to make a difference.  As powerful creators, it’s not so much about what we do, as it is about taking action within ourselves to continue to bring our own light out into the world.  Your “creative solutions” may be totally focused on using your fresh eyes to create new solutions to something amiss in your own world, and as you do this, because we are a holographic world, you also affect the whole world.

Listen within, take action from inspired guidance, listen, take action.

Integrative Action Steps:

  1. Be still and quiet.  Feel for the presence of your guardian angel and other angels around you (maybe you call this presence your Higher Self).
  2. Ask for whatever help, guidance, support, or love that you need.
  3. Listen with all of your senses for an answer.  It is always there, but you must raise your “antennas” to recognize it.  (See Exp F – Feel Your Antennas Go Up!)
  4. Take the inspired action you feel drawn to do.
  5. Notice what changes, letting go of any need to look at what stays the same (which represents old energy still manifesting from the past).
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