Kids Learn to Create an Awesome Life

This summer my gym (Castle Hill Fitness) is assisting with Project Healthy America, an organization focused “to improve the health and wellness of the community and diminish economic disparities, starting with the youth.”  Trainers are volunteering to teach sessions for the kids, age 10 – 17.  I volunteered to provide a “life coaching” lesson instead of something physical.

If you are working with children this summer, either your own or with groups, you are welcome to use any or all of this lesson plan to help teach kids about their ability to co-create their lives. I’m sharing the outline of this as my way of saying “thank you” to those of you who are supporting our newest cosmic citizens to live their lives remembering who they really are, powerful co-creators of our universe.

Lesson Plan:  How to Create An Awesome Life

ObjectiveExperientially teach simple tools for understanding our personal capacity to impact our own life.

I Create Your Compass/GPS

A.    Use a paper plate to draw circle in the middle & 4 lines drawn to the outside edge

B.    Label one line for each letter “L” “I” “F” “E”

C.   Discussion points:

1.    GPS helps to keep us on course for where we want to go.

2.    If you get off track, the GPS can always help you get started again, no matter where you are.

II            L = LOVE what you want

A.    Focus on the things you love to do, have and BE to create your awesome life.

B.    Group activity:

1.    Person A with ball in their hand says, “In my Awesome Life I love to _________” and then runs to the other side of the room.

2.    Anyone who also loves that thing moves to the other side with him/her.

3.    Person A throws ball to someone else (either on the same side of the room or opposite, it doesn’t matter).

4.    Person B now says, “In my Awesome Life I Love to ________ “ and from wherever they are in the room, he/she runs to the other side.  Other kids who also love that thing move to the same side of the room, and if they don’t love the same thing, they move to whatever side is opposite.

5.    Person B throws the ball to another person and it continues.

6.    Look for responses that include doing (action), having (things) AND Being (states of being/emotions).  After a bit, prompt any area that is not showing up (probably “being”).  Continue until you have a good mix.

C.   Have each person write one thing they “love” that he/she wants more of in life on the compass in the “L” space.

D.   The “SECRET KEY” to this tool: You get more of what you focus on.

III            I = Imagine the end result

A.    Imagination is an awesome tool for creating focus on the “stuff” you want.

B.    Imagine:

1.    “What your life would look like if you had ‘more than enough’ of what you wrote under ‘L’”  (You could also “act” this out!)

2.    What’s different in your life?

3.    Draw or write what’s the best part of the change.

C.   The “SECRET KEY” to this tool:  Using your imagination makes you feel better.

IV            F = Feel as though it is already so

A.    Continue to imagine the end result, what feelings/emotions are present?

1.    Stand up and act out the feelings/emotions without using words and notice how they feel in your body.

2.    Which emotions feel good in your body?

3.    Which emotions feel contracted/tight?

B.    The “SECRET KEY” to this tool:  When your whole body feels in flow, then you know where to go.

C.   Write word or phrase or image on compass about feeling state that felt the best.

V            E = Engage with your life

A.    Engaging your Natural Gifts & Actions Generates Energy

B.    Focus on using your natural gifts as you take inspired (feeling state) action.

1.    What are natural gifts?

2.    Write on compass.

C.   Discuss how trying to “figure out” or “force something” stops momentum.

D.   The “SECRET KEY” to this tool:  Using your natural gifts to take action generates energy/momentum to attract more of what you want.

VI            Review/Share/Close

Updates and other resources:

  • Want to play an integral role in the transformation of consciousness on our planet?  The second ACE (Agent of Consciousness Evolution) program begins July 26.  I highly recommend this course!  It is loaded with passion for following your inner evolutionary impulse, calling you into creative and innovative involvement with a community of like minded global citizens.
  • Watch my Facebook page on July 12 for a new book about accessing your feminine power and some great bonus offers with it.
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