Inspired to Passion

Who inspires you? Last night my ears perked up when I heard Diana Nyad’s name mentioned on the news about her upcoming swim from Cuba to Florida.  Diana was one of my first mentors for physical fitness as a lifestyle.  Her book, Basic Training for Women, was written in such an inspirational, motivational and personal way that I found myself thinking of Diana almost as a personal friend.  This was 30 years ago!  I think my desire to be in partnership with my body – to honor it, respect it, to find joy in moving it, to feed it well, to learn from it – can be traced back to Diana’s motivational reverence for the mind/body/life connection.

So here I am 30 years later inspired once again by Diana’s persistence to live out a dream. She attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida in 1978, and also intended to complete this swim last summer in celebration of turning 60.  In both cases, weather, something beyond her control, stopped her.  Diana is once again on the brink of realizing this dream.

One of my primary intentions while participating in the Youthening Program (energy downloads channeled through Wendy Down) is to feel the passion of my younger self, the me who believes she is here to make a difference in this world. Listen to Diana as she also steps into the passion of daring to follow through on an earlier dream, to feel herself as the collective energy of her aging cohort who are unwilling to be defined by conditioned beliefs about aging.

THIS is the time in our world to step fully into your passion, giving your gifts to the worldMy passion is being stimulated around consciousness transformation.  I just found out this week I have a place to begin leading Consciousness Evolution circles!  More about that in August, but for now, if the idea of playing a role and giving your gifts to our planet’s evolution is tapping you on the shoulder, I encourage you to attend or listen to the recording of the Activation Call led by Barbara Marx Hubbard this Saturday, July 23.  Or, become an Agent of Consciousness Evolution (read more) and join me in creating your own local evolutionary circle.

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