If I were to believe in ………

“If I were to believe in” has turned out to be a highly useful phrase that I connected with recently in a Matrix Energetics seminar.  It goes something like this, “If I were to believe in this . . . . .  construct, system, way of looking at things, belief ….. it could be helpful in this situation.”

For example:

If I were to believe in muscle checking, then this is a situation that might benefit from my using it.

If I were to believe in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), it can now shift this pain.

If I were to believe in using my imagination to create what I want then I can manifest something new in my life.

Get the drift?  It opens the door to utilize all sorts of tools and techniques, allowing the ego-mind to let go of its need to understand how they work.  It’s a “work-around” for the doubting mind, keeping you from getting trapped by thinking there is only one reality/one way/”right way,” to interact with an issue.

Here’s how I used this recently in my own life.  For several months I have been experiencing periods of feeling depressed.  (I wrote about one such time in an earlier blog post.)  I tried a number of things that I know to do to shift feelings and emotions and they would work, but only temporarily.  So, I reached out to my Consciousness Playground community and asked for help.

Paul and Alice stepped forward.  They work as a team.  Paul muscle checks for direction and Alice “sees” into the body then asks for angelic and spirit guides to come forward to assist with the removal of the “gunk” she finds.

My oh my, they found some interesting things:  a long metal spur in my left heel, a cubed block in my solar plexus (this pun apparently intended by the guides), a hot burning poker from an accident in a prior life, among other things.  The Arch Angel Michael even showed up one time to assist.

If I were to believe that Alice sees these energy blocks in me, it could be useful to have her remove them.

If I were to believe that angels and spirit guides are here to help me, I may feel comforted by their energies.

If I were to believe in past lives, then the old wounds from them that are affecting this current life might heal.

Using this phrase allows my mind to let go of questioning whether any of this is “real,” or the “right” process, or the “truth.”  The duality of having to prove something to myself drops away because the phrase is just about opening to the possibility of the construct, not choosing one side or other of the belief, and then new potential states of being can surface.

So, what I notice is that I do feel lighter.  There were some “whispers” of that depressive energy, but those seem to have also disappeared.  If I were to believe in what they did, I would say it worked!

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