Focus on Appreciation

Now, this is what I’m talking about!  Last week I wrote about becoming aware of the thoughts you were thinking first thing in the morning.  I love both the excitement and focus on appreciation that Jessica exhibits in this video. When you learn to focus your thoughts, and even more importantly, shift your emotional state to a high vibration, then you set yourself up to create more of the things you want, less of the stuff you don’t want.

One of the exercises in my book, How To Channel Your Higher Self, revolves around using appreciation as a portal to communing with your Higher Self.  Most of the exercises in the book include an audio version that is available in the experiential online environment that comes free with the book.  Here’s my version of opening your day by accessing a state of appreciation.  It’s more in the meditative mode than Jessica’s version, but either way, you shift your inner state of being and set the tone for new possibilities to emerge for you in your day.

Opening to Appreciation

Integrative Action Steps for Shifting Your Energetic State:

  1. Notice the flow of your thoughts and/or feelings.  Are they moving you toward more of what you want or away?
  2. If needed, shift your inner energetic state by focusing on appreciation or your highest excitement.  Words (affirmations) alone don’t make the difference.  You must create an energetic match between your thoughts and your inner state of being.  Jessica definitely lines up her words and feelings!
  3. Notice the resulting flow of your thoughts and/or feelings.
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