First WayShower in the Playground!

Look, there’s nobody at the playground!” I heard a child shrill with excitement as he ran to be the first one on the slide this morning.  I was sitting deep in meditation with a friend and heard this just as I was lost in the sensation of something new wanting to emerge within me.  What a great metaphor for the WayShower, to feel the excitement and joy of being the “first” (or at least at the leading edge) to play with a new level of consciousness!

I don’t have words yet for what is brewing within me around a new level of consciousness that is coming into our physical bodies.  My sense is that it has to do with a level of body consciousness that is outside (at least initially) of the mental realm, and that is somehow different than the body consciousness I’ve explored before.  I am very familiar with observing changes in the body in order to learn more about my emotions and my conditioned responses.  I play often with using intention to shift physical reality.  I’ve also experienced feeling “myself” merge completely with physicality and become pure consciousness, which then shifts physical reality, including my body.  Still, something different is brewing.

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It began several weeks ago when in meditation at the same outdoor space as above I had the most phenomenal experience.  The day was extremely windy and blustering gusts were buffeting my body.  There were also two men with leaf blowers working around us, why on a windy day I can’t imagine, except that they were there to co-create with me :-).  My body became a loosely knit gathering of molecules that rode out on the sound waves of the blowers, and blew in swirls with the winds.  Then, every few minutes reconstituted itself into the collection that was my body before it took off again.  I had the very distinct feeling of what it must be like to be a sand dune, blowing, moving and reforming again and again.  It was a breathtaking experience on a number of levels, and clearly set the foundation for something new to emerge.

Additionally, I am in the midst of playing with a health condition (which is a nuisance, but not serious).  During a “remote healing session” with Wendy Down and Ken Graydon, I received clarity around how the body can play its own illusory games, a place where the ego can still play outside of the mental/spiritual bodies.  Several years ago I came face to face with the “preferred” illusory game of my soul ray (read more), and felt great sadness flow through me as my ego recognized “the game is up.”  I experienced this same level of sadness and grief as my body consciousness let go of its game of separation.

I know these two experiences are related to an evolution of the body to a higher consciousness and I am excited to learn more about what it feels like and how this evolutionary step is something different than what has come before.  I feel quite sure it’s related to our movement into the 5th Dimension.  Stay tuned, I’ll fill you in when the words appear for this state of being that wants right now to stay physical, not mental or intellectualized just yet.


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5 Responses to “First WayShower in the Playground!”
  1. Kenya Lynem says:

    I am – wondering. Where are you in spirit play? What higher self does this? Finds its way and then back again – and then works only a presence beingness? What flow is this that takes us into a way that is more liberated but functions around what the dimensions show us in the 3rd episodes of different dark ways? Allowing me to flow with you better. Namaste

  2. Norman L. Morgan says:

    Unfortunately, human neuroticism tends to interfer by imprinting negative emotions in the body, at the level of the Emotional Physical, thus producing muscle tension, bad posture, and disease. Although permamnet cure requires going deep into the Spiritual Physical Psyche, techniques like rebirthing, body work, and primal screaming, can temporarily clear out emotional-physical blockages. Hence their popularity in the New Age movement, which is very much orientated to a gentle sensation-feeling state of consciousness.

  3. silver price says:

    The Physical faculty or part of the being, in Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, refers not just to the physical body, but the body’s consciousness as well. The body is just as conscious as the vital and mental parts of the being, only it is a different type of consciousness. One does not find the distinction of non-conscious body and conscious mind that characterises Western thought. A partial analogy might be made with the “Moving Center” of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s “Fourth Way” philosophy and cosmology.

  4. Paula Tague says:

    I, too, am at a loss for words just yet to express what I think is going on with me. I am beginning to accept that, while I have a complete and constant connection to All That Is as a natural state, I have built a total façade for myself that includes a physical existence in this place and time. It’s a very strong and convincing façade, but I’m learning to see through it. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything written that expresses what I think is our true reality. Most of the things I read are just like organized religions–too many words and not enough substance. I long for a simple discussion of what’s happening here/now to me (and I suspect, many others). Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • celeste says:

      Hi Paula, What I believe is that we, who are feeling this stuff, are on the leading edge of the shift that is coming into our collective existence and that it is up to US, as WayShowers, to explore what is happening, and to do our best to express it in our own words, newly and creatively. I encourage you to look within to find your answers and then share them with a community that can hear you so that we build our new knowledge together. Thank you for speaking up here! Blessings, Celeste

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