Are You Responding to Your Evolutionary Impulse?

My deepest desire is to live the continuous experience of BEING pure awareness, living from my essence, fully engaged in the is-ness (read more) of each moment as it unfolds gracefully, guided by the joy, excitement and evolutionary impulse of the proceeding moment.

This past weekend I treated myself to the luxury of a five-hour retreat devoted to being fully present to what is bubbling inside of me and allowing that to flow out through my writing. (Check out Carolyn Scarborough, Backyard Pearls for info on her fall retreat!).  What flowed from me was an amazing validation of the work I’ve been doing with the ACE training.  In the desire statement above you can see these foundations of being an Agent for Consciousness Evolution unfolding through me:

  1. Feel the impulse of billions of years of consciousness evolution rising up through my very core creating a powerful pull to step fully into my evolutionary purpose.
  2. Follow my “compass of joy” to recognize my path.
  3. Through this joy-path, allow my unique strengths and gifts to surface.
  4. Giving rise to my gifts brings me into alignment with my essence, pure awareness, my deep authentic power (read more).
  5. From authentic power I access “vocational arousal” (love that term!) to share my gifts for the evolution and transformation of our planet.
  6. Utilize my arousal to be a resource provider (read more) who facilitates the awakening and inspiration for others to step fully into their evolutionary impulse.

Do you also feel your evolutionary impulse when you read these steps? I urge you to join the Activation Call TODAY to become a player in the Birth 2012 experience.  Listen to Barbara Marx Hubbard (evolutionary), Lynne Twist (soul of money), Neale Donald Walsh (spiritual), Jack Canfield (collective consciousness) and Dorothy Maver (peace movement) as they share their visions for bringing together the energy of over 2 BILLION people in December 2012 to collectively align with the highest expression of consciousness transformation for our planet. WOW!  This (FREE) call is an incredible blending of the science behind the spiritual transformation taking place on our planet. Prepare to be inspired to be more of what you came here to be! You can receive a recording of this call if you are reading this after June 22.

My intent is to form Consciousness Evolutionary Circles beginning in July.  Watch this space, or add your name to my mailing list, to receive more information about these.  Here is a video of Christine, one of my ACE partners, sharing an evolutionary conversation with friends.

Ideas for You to Step More Fully into Your Evolutionary Impulse:

  • Activate your inspiration by listening to the Birth 2012 Activation Call.  Even if you are not called forth to be a part of this particular program, you will stimulate the synchronicities (read more) of the Universe to attract to you the path that is resonant for you.
  • Every day experiment with sitting quietly before beginning a task and placing the question, “What is most wanting to joyfully emerge from me in this moment?”  From a poised mind, allow the answer to bubble forth and observe what shows up.  Take action from this deeper knowing.
  • Sign up for the newly upgraded 8 Awesome Ways to Know You’ve Opened Your Channel (upper right side panel on this page) to learn and practice new tools for recognizing the inner guidance that is flowing to you in each moment from your Higher Self.
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