Essence Takes Dominion Over Ego

In meditation one morning recently I was led down a ladder into a cave and met by a toucan type bird flying with his mouth wide open. Garbage was rushing into his mouth. “Is that what I do? Take in a lot of crap?” I asked. My Higher Self answered with a vision.

Then I was eye level with 1000’s of ants scurrying all around. “This is like the world, lots of minutia, lots of activity. Learn how to observe it, but not be of it. There is going to be more of this than ever before. Stand up and look from this vantage point and observe the hectic movement. Feel the difference of standing peacefully amongst all of that activity. When you observe from here you can see where to step outside the path of the ants. Learn to step around the ant beds [just as you do in your world now].”

This meditation dovetails with a primary practice we are playing with in the summer session of the ACE Training. Through the teachings of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the meditations of her sister, Patricia Ellsberg, we are completely focused on moving from Ego to Essence in our daily lives.

One of the deepening practices is to ask Essence, while in meditative communion with her, to take dominion over all “local selves,” the term used to describe the many faces of Ego. This step is about incarnating Essence, creating a union of my body/mind with my Higher Self to live as one, a non-dual being, a Universal being. Essence feels expansive and has a broad observation vantage point, much like standing up among the ants. When Essence has dominion, local selves/ego actually relax, letting go of the need to have to be in control, in a hurry to get things done. This state allows Essence/Higher Self and Ego to work together as one, to take action from a higher vibratory state leading to syntony, or attunement, with your deeper life purpose.

Conscious Evolutionary Circles to begin in Austin on Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 pm at World Spirit Books, 1006 South Lamar Blvd.  Watch Channel Your Higher Self facebook page for more details or visit the event page.

Practices to Allow Your Essence to Take Dominion:

  • Learn first how to be in communion with your Essence/Higher Self. Use the coupon code PRINT for 50% discount for the print version of How To Channel Your Higher Self.
  • While fully aligned with your Higher Self, ask that your local selves allow your Essence to have complete dominion of your body/mind. Allow any local selves to “discuss” their fears with Essence about what it means to give up control. Your Essence lovingly assuages any fears.
  • Once in dominion, allow Essence/Higher Self to guide, nurture and collaborate with local selves, taking inspired actions that flow from the connection to the Higher Mind/Noosphere.
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