Do You Make a Difference in Our World?

Ever feel too small and insignificant to make a difference?

woman_face_portraitIt’s such an easy out from taking action on something important. “Who am I to do this? What difference can I make?” you ask yourself.

As a conscious evolutionary, I believe that our souls make a conscious choice to be in physical form at particular times in history in order to serve our humanity in some particular way. Actually, you’re the only one that can do what you do in the particular way that you do it.

Maybe it’s fear that stops us.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  – Marianne Williams

I think it’s the fear of being overworked, overwhelmed, and over committed that holds us back. Being “powerful beyond measure” sounds like we might be asked to take on a lot of work, shoulder a load of responsibility, and tackle insurmountable obstacles. In a world where most of us already feel overworked and overwhelmed, it’s not surprising that we would prefer to shrink from our power, rather than to step into it. I asked a client this week what might she do with some unexpected free time. Her response surprised me at first, but I certainly could identify with it. She just wanted to veg out watching an old TV series she’s rented from Netflix that she really enjoys. I understand the enticement to get lost to entertainment, to appreciate someone else’s work, and to shirk off any sense of responsibility.

What if being “powerful beyond measure” actually meant stripping down your life to taking small, meaningful actions rather than the larger than life ones we imagine? I think the question is more about what you are willing to let go of in your life in order to be powerful, rather than what you are willing to take on.

There’s fear here too!

If I’m not “doing” a lot of stuff the same questions as before show up, “Who am I (if I’m not this identity)? What difference can I make (if I’m not doing all this work)?

Our culture looks favorably on the highly productive, driven person who is seen as a successful contributor to society. However, one of the first skills my coaching clients practice is how to say “no” to everything extraneous in their lives. We begin by stripping their lives down to only those things that reflect their top 3-5 values. The less distracted you are by the superfluous, the more aware of your unique powerful beingness you can become. It’s only then that you get clear, small actions in alignment with who you really are, create meaningful differences.

Powerful beyond measure” loses the connotation of excess work when you look through evolutionary eyes. It is who you are really here to be, stripped of masks and identities that no longer serve you, divested of “should’s and ought’s,” and immersed in the creative field of a spiritual being. You do the thing you are here to do because it calls you, in a step-by-step way, that you are now able to hear because your life is consciously designed to reflect you, as your Higher Self, no longer small nor insignificant.


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