Cosmosgenesis, I AM the Story of Conscious Evolution

Be Still.

I received this in a meditation last week when I asked, “What is most wanting to emerge from me?”

Be Still and you will Know.

And now I Know.

I just returned from sitting with a group (always so powerful to synchronize energies with others) whose intention is to sit in the middle of the city for 40 minutes of silence and then to share about that experience.  The first thing I experienced was a deep appreciation for the luxury of having 40 minutes of stillness ahead of me.  It felt very expansive, so much so that the loud noises of traffic, trains, horns, and people moving around us became part of that expansiveness, included and welcomed in that expansiveness.  That was cool.

But the coolest thing was as my inner stillness deepened even as it juxtaposed to the loud hum of the city, I felt the story of “cosmogenesisbecome me or, I guess, I became it, I AM it.

In the Conscious Evolution Circles we teach the “Three C’s of Conscious Evolution” based on the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard.  The first “C” is “cosmogenesis,” the story of evolution over the past 13+ billion years.  This is the story that out of nothingness consciousness (God, Source Energy, Nature, Universal Love) occurred.  From that moment forward, the natural process of consciousness was to evolve by quantum leaps, always to higher consciousness, more complexity, greater freedom.  From no-thing, to a the universe, to an earth, to life, to animal life and then human life, the inner impulse of consciousness is to continuously seek higher consciousness, more complexity, greater freedom.

In this moment of sitting, I felt the non-dual state of being formless and the timelessness of the beginning of consciousness TOGETHER WITH the impulse to evolve to higher consciousness that is encoded into our DNA.  I felt myself TO BE the successful evolution of these 13+ billion years of evolution still excited and motivated to seek higher consciousness, more complexity and greater freedom.  The vast awakening that is occurring throughout our world is the turning on of this DNA encoded switch that NOW is the time for our next evolutionary leap.

What are the possibilities for that leap?  Saturday, October 15, you have an extraordinary opportunity to hear 14 leading Conscious Evolutionaries talk about their vision of what’s possible in this unique time of planetary transformation.


BIRTH 2012 Convergence Day!

and others form the “Welcoming Committee” to our Birthing of Universal Humanity

Live Virtual Event, 12:00 – 2:00 Pacific Time

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Even if you can’t attend live, register anyway to receive the recording of this extraordinary gathering of visionaries creating intentionality around global change.  Most important of all is that YOU are invited to give your own unique gifts to this co-creative planetary shift.  Are you game?


How to Feel the Story of Cosmogenesis within Yourself:

  1. Begin by connecting deeply with your Essence, who you really are.  (Listen to a guided way to do this on my Higher Consciousness Coaching page.)
  2. Observe first the field of energy that is you that is timeless, formless, peaceful and infinite, yourself as pure awareness.  Soak in this state for as long as you wish, it is delicious.
  3. When you are ready, allow this request to sit in your heart space, “Show me what the evolutionary impulse feels, looks, sounds like in me.”
  4. Observe any thoughts, feelings, images, colors, sounds, “downloads,” or impressions that surface within you.  Notice the sensations in your body as you do this.  You are in touch with the DNA of cosmogenesis!
  5. Write about your experience in your journal to anchor this awareness.


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