The Business of Spiritual Guidance

I mentioned in a previous blog that I am working with two different business-building programs. The Business Growth System is mostly left brain focused. What are your strengths? What’s unique about your business? Who is your target market? How does a business grow? Why do most businesses fail? How do you research your market? Etc. There are gobs of resources, audio recordings, weekly calls, and worksheets associated with figuring this stuff out.

The second program is more right brained and focuses on developing Feminine Power, the ability to co-create through generative relationships (with others and with myself). What hidden beliefs are stopping me? What are the deeper truths I know when I’m connected to my Higher Self? How might I evolve the “younger me” into the “adult me” allowing self-limiting beliefs to resolve? In this program there are also many resources, a lot of connection with others, as well as processes, worksheets, and weekly calls to get in touch with this stuff.

Yes, I’m growing and evolving myself through these programs, and I know this is part of my path. What I am getting really clear about is that growing and evolving myself is how I have continuously developed so many resources over my life time, so much GOOD STUFF to share with others. I’m at my best when I’m connecting people to stuff – a person, a process, or a potential – that makes a big difference in his/her life.

That’s where I’m frustrated right now in my business. I have all of these wonderful resources for supporting people in their inner calling to know themselves more deeply and fully, yet, I’m not generating customers for my programs. I know, without a doubt, that the kinds of experiences I share in “What’s on YOUR Channel?” can have profound and life-changing effects. Rewards such as:

  • Releasing painful baggage that undermines your natural peaceful state
  • Re-energizing eagerness for living more fully
  • Opening to the abundance of loving feelings you are capable of
  • Awakening to the purity of ever present guidance
  • Amplified capacity to sense, feel, and interpret intuition

Next Tuesday, September 21, at 4:00 CTWhat’s on YOUR Channel?” telecourse begins. In 6 short weeks, participants experience a wide range of tools and processes that create conscious openings to their Higher Selves. Only problem is, right now I don’t have anybody registered for the class. Not one. Nada.

Will you be the first one to step forward to shift the energetics for creating registration? I’ll let you in on a secret way to save 50% of the registration. Sign up as a Trusted Affiliate of mine, register yourself for the class using your affiliate code and get $74 back. Forward your affiliate code to a friend so you’ll have someone to participate with. When your friend registers, you’ll get another $74 back, which means you take the class for free!

Why am I telling you this? The biggest reason is that I really want to lead this class. I know that’s where I shine, when I’m being a resource for other’s growth and evolution. I also need your help in spreading the word and will happily share in my abundance for your support and co-creative collaboration. Join me?

Want to tell others about the resources of Channel Your Higher Self?

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  2. Log in to the Affiliate Resource Center to get your unique affiliate code and also sample emails and tweets you can use to promote programs.
  3. Participate in the co-creative abundance when your friends, family and colleagues join you in using resources to expand their skills for channeling inner guidance.
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  1. Kimbra Rusten says:

    Hello, the blog took quite a long time to read but it was certainly worth it

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