Fear and Resistance can be a Good Thing?

Fear, resistance, shadow side, these energies seem to often show up together.  Try as I might to be an enlightened and evolved soul, they still pop up. Why would my Higher Self attract situations that pull up these unpleasant feelings?

Perhaps my Higher Self doesn’t view these feelings as “negative” or unwanted.  What if from the broader perspective of my HS, these feelings were actually the juice, the fuel, for my moving forward towards something I am wanting?  Hmmm, interesting perspective and one that we recently played with in the Consciousness Playground.

While I was reading a post from another class member I felt a knot rise in my stomach as she described her success at using the exercise we had done in class.  Then others chirped in with their success stories as well and this energy increased.  Since the exercise we did in class was about observing the energy of resistance from a place of pure awareness (based on Quantum Entrainment), I recognized that this knot was the very thing that was being called forth from me to work with in a new way (duh!).

Sensing myself as pure awareness I began to observe this energy, without trying to change it or shift it, just notice it, and what I saw was a very old and familiar energy.  I have worked to remove this energy a number of times, calling it jealousy, envy, competitiveness, judgment, fear of success, fear of failure and those kinds of things.

As I sat noticing this energy, a word became present in my awareness, “begrudge.”  The dictionary defines begrudge as “to envy the pleasure or good fortune of.”  I knew this word captured at some very deep, old, non-verbal, feeling level, a belief that if it had words would be something like, “it’s not fair, why do they have the good stuff and I don’t!”

Yuck!  This revelation surfaced much shame and guilt at seeing my shadow side to feeling oneness.  I was filled with the darkness of recognizing how I unconsciously create my unique illusion of being separate.

The second definition also caught my eye, “to be reluctant to give or allow.”  In begrudging others their good fortune, I was also begrudging my own, that is, this very energy created inner reluctance to allow my own good fortune to manifest.  Certainly, this was not the energetic place from which I want to begin the marketing efforts for officially launching my book!*

It was very uncomfortable to just sit with this nasty pressure in my solar plexus.  “The guys,” a channeled group, say that uncomfortable feelings represent your known world bumping up against the unknown of where you are headed.  Abraham says this discomfort is your indicator that the bigger part of you has already become what you want, and your resistance is the energy you can use to move yourself into alignment with the desired manifestation.  In the CP class, Wendy used the metaphor of standing in a doorway and the resistance is the energy just before stepping through the door.

Recently I listened to Anisa Aven lead a class through her “Vibration Elevation” technique and this seemed like a highly appropriate time to practice this.  It is a combination of the work of Abraham, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and David Hawkins’ consciousness scale.  Shame, guilt, blame, regret and disappointment, all present for me in that moment, are at the very bottom of consciousness vibration.  And, as you may know, how you vibrate is what you attract!  I certainly don’t want more of this.  Using EFT, this technique walks you up the vibration scale, bringing you to a higher vibration, as you also flip the switches on your conditioning.

Additionally, even as I was using the vibration elevation technique, I was also holding the state of observing myself through the filter of pure awareness.  This background of pure awareness became my “first point” while I moved up the consciousness scale as my “second point” (Matrix Energetics) and these points merged as I felt the conditioning that is NOT me slip away and pure awareness that IS me integrate through my “shadow side.”

So, thank you to my HS who assembled all of these “cooperative components” (Abraham’s words), the right people, experiences and environments, to create this experience. I set down old baggage and moved forward into a “new” me who now senses at an even deeper level how we are all one energy and the abundance of one is the abundance of all.  Today, hearing the success of others generates real excitement for them in me as if it is my own success as well. At the same time, the excitement feels very personal as I experience success through them of the future that I am lining up for myself.

*On Monday, May 10 at 2 and 7pm CDT, I am leading a free teleclass, 2 Simple Practices to Feel Peaceful and Clear when Fear and Uncertainty Surround You. This FREE event is the kick-off to the official launch of  my book, How to Channel Your Higher Self.  Click here for details about the class.

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If I were to believe in ………

“If I were to believe in” has turned out to be a highly useful phrase that I connected with recently in a Matrix Energetics seminar.  It goes something like this, “If I were to believe in this . . . . .  construct, system, way of looking at things, belief ….. it could be helpful in this situation.”

For example:

If I were to believe in muscle checking, then this is a situation that might benefit from my using it.

If I were to believe in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), it can now shift this pain.

If I were to believe in using my imagination to create what I want then I can manifest something new in my life.

Get the drift?  It opens the door to utilize all sorts of tools and techniques, allowing the ego-mind to let go of its need to understand how they work.  It’s a “work-around” for the doubting mind, keeping you from getting trapped by thinking there is only one reality/one way/”right way,” to interact with an issue.

Here’s how I used this recently in my own life.  For several months I have been experiencing periods of feeling depressed.  (I wrote about one such time in an earlier blog post.)  I tried a number of things that I know to do to shift feelings and emotions and they would work, but only temporarily.  So, I reached out to my Consciousness Playground community and asked for help.

Paul and Alice stepped forward.  They work as a team.  Paul muscle checks for direction and Alice “sees” into the body then asks for angelic and spirit guides to come forward to assist with the removal of the “gunk” she finds.

My oh my, they found some interesting things:  a long metal spur in my left heel, a cubed block in my solar plexus (this pun apparently intended by the guides), a hot burning poker from an accident in a prior life, among other things.  The Arch Angel Michael even showed up one time to assist.

If I were to believe that Alice sees these energy blocks in me, it could be useful to have her remove them.

If I were to believe that angels and spirit guides are here to help me, I may feel comforted by their energies.

If I were to believe in past lives, then the old wounds from them that are affecting this current life might heal.

Using this phrase allows my mind to let go of questioning whether any of this is “real,” or the “right” process, or the “truth.”  The duality of having to prove something to myself drops away because the phrase is just about opening to the possibility of the construct, not choosing one side or other of the belief, and then new potential states of being can surface.

So, what I notice is that I do feel lighter.  There were some “whispers” of that depressive energy, but those seem to have also disappeared.  If I were to believe in what they did, I would say it worked!

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How Many Ways to Connect to Your Higher Self?

Two people whose work I admire both launched a new product this week.  Both products are geared toward inspiring you to utilize your inner guidance to create the life that you want. Sound familiar?  You can see why I would be interested since this fits my life’s purpose as well.

Christian Pankhurst was voted Britain’s Top Coach last year.  I followed his progress because I appreciated how well he incorporated using/feeling your emotions as an inner guide to gain clarity about what really counts in your life.  With the funds he received from this honor, he has produced some outstanding, value-driven videos to teach and talk about how your emotions add the “juice” you need to manifest more of what you want in life.  He calls the juice the “real secret behind the Law of Attraction.”

You can sign up to receive this video series for free here.  If you’ve already seen the first video and want to now watch the second one, use this link.

DavidPaul Doyle, along with his wife Candace, wrote a book several years ago, The Voice for Love, that inspired me to listen more deeply, and trust more fully, the inner communication with my Higher Self that I had begun to experience.

His latest book, When God Spoke to Me, is a collection of true-life stories of ordinary men and women who experienced hearing God’s voice.  These accounts will move you to see life from a new perspective.  They are filled with captivating authenticity and emotions that cross the gamut of religious and spiritual boundaries.

I just got a note from DavidPaul that if you buy the book on it’s first day of release, which is today (Wednesday, 3/17/10), you will receive a 33% discount from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  And, you also receive a bunch of bonuses with your purchase, including my booklet, The 4 Cornerstones for Channeling Your Higher Self.

I hope you choose to take advantage of both of these products.  I have!

Learning to “hear,” interpret and integrate the communication of your deep inner guidance is the basis for my teleclass Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self.  The “2for1” discount expires Friday, March 19.  There is only a limited number available.  Class begins Tuesday, March 23.

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How the Trapeze led me to my Zone of Genius

I flew through the air last week.  Not particularly with the greatest of ease, but I actually succeeded at transferring to a hand grab and have the video to prove it!  This week I’ve been processing what really happened for me on that trapeze.  What I conclude is probably different than what you might expect.

My belief is that we create our realities in order to have an experience.  I’ve been mulling over this week just what was the experience?  What did it mean to me? What was being communicated to me from my Higher Self ?

(My friend, Tricia, and I also jumped out of a plane last fall.)

On the physical front I got really sore, not the day afterward as everyone told me would happen, but two, three, and even four days later my chest, biceps, triceps and abs were screaming!  It was physically challenging to hold the bar high just before take off, to hook my legs over the bar, and to curl back up to grab the bar during the practice runs.  But, I’ve challenged my body a number of times and this didn’t feel like it was “the experience” I was there to have.

Emotionally, I have a fear of heights, especially when I am standing on the edge of a drop off.  Climbing up the ladder, climbing onto the platform and then standing on the edge holding a heavy bar all stimulated wild amounts of adrenaline coursing through my body.  Again, I’ve faced down this fear a number of times on ropes courses and so this also didn’t feel like “it.”

Spiritually I didn’t find a connection.  I thought I would really enjoy the feeling of flight and feel free like a bird.  However, the actuality is that I was so focused on trying to execute the movements as they were being called up to me that I was hardly aware that I was in flight!  And, I think this is the insight that I’m looking for.

Every part of my mental energy was focused on getting the movement patterns in place to create the perfect timing in order to perform the final trick.  With each practice run I would feel the adrenaline of the physical and emotional challenge, and also that of moving myself forward towards the final goal.   I was on assignment!

It’s not that I didn’t have fun, because I did.  And the staff at Trapeze Austin was excellent in maintaining a focus on the end goal and moving me toward it with wonderfully positive reinforcement.

What I realize, however, is that I am in my zone of excellence (ala Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap) when I am goal oriented.  I stay mentally focused on the goal, using a mentally oriented structure to consistently move forward and I usually achieve success.  Nothing wrong with that, except, that I am now more interested in being / living in my zone of genius.   I perceive my zone of genius shows up when I am taking action from a place of excitement and passion. I want to be passionately engaged in each moment; not doing things because of where they will take me (or my biz), but because they are exciting, fun and inspire my genius.   I want to be/live/work from this feeling place rather than being mentally driven.

The question becomes, how to be/live/work from excitement and passion without creating mental structure and goals about doing so?  A funny conundrum!

If you like to play with improving your understanding and interpretation of the guidance you constantly receive (whether you know it or not) from your Higher Self, please join me in Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self teleclass beginning on Tuesday, March 23 at 4:00 CT.

Comment on these questions and receive a 50% discount for the class:

  1. What is your zone of genius?
  2. How is it different than your zone of excellence?
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Synchronicity Happens

After I wrote about my 2010 focus on the intersection of synchronicity, excitement and multidimensionality I had three synchronous events happen over the weekend that helped to solidify, validate and integrate this desire.

The first was Saturday while I was doing housework and listening to a variety of things on youtube.  This video of Bashar popped up (even though it did not meet my search criteria) about what it means to live from a place of excitement and synchronicity.  It got me excited!

On Sunday as I was walking in the beautiful crisp sunny morning I listened to my friend Wendy Down lead the Consciousness Playground through an exercise of creating our past.  Yes, you read correctly, we created our past.  From a quantum physics point of view there is only the present moment and there are just as many probable “pasts” as there are probable “futures.”  Lynne McTaggart has done some incredible research around our ability to change the past based on intention (vibration, observation) from the present moment.  I worked with shifting this past fall to a place that felt more in alignment with ease and balance.  The two strongest vibrations that came forward from this particular past that I was lining up with, centered around designing my website, and moving through the birth of it, with elegance and grace.  I’ve often heard these words spoken by Kendall SummerHawk, the “Money and Soul Coach,” but now I have a deep and personal experience of what this actually feels like.

Following directly on the heels of shifting my past, I participated in a holographic delivery of 2010 energy brought through by Reggi Shelley, the Alchemist Energy Practitioner.  With over 1100 people on the webinar, she channeled through an amazing energy.  The hologram seemed to be wrapped in the violet energy of compassion, transporting in an energy best described as “allowing creation to happen without attachment to what the final creation is to look like.”  The focus of 2010, at least through this channel, is to feel for the essence of your desire, letting go of how it might show up.  Reggie’s guides specifically mentioned that this energy is distinctly different than 2009, which was focused around bringing up old energies that were ready to be released.  Boy did that speak to me on both counts.  And, given I had just felt the fullness of a business model founded on “elegance and grace,” I was excited off the charts!

I began my week incredibly jazzed by the synchronous support I received from all of these energy shifts. Now I’m looking forward to this weekend when I get to play in the morphic field of Matrix Energetics.  More about that when I write next.

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Solstice Sadness Turns Into Wonder and Delight

Today (12/20/09) is the winter solstice and it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Austin, Tx.  It is cool, crisp and sunny, a perfect day.  Yet, my heart is feeling heavy, with pressure in my chest and waves of sadness surfacing.

A walk in this beautiful day is the best way for me to allow this energy to talk with me, share with me what is going on.  Mostly I just feel sad even as I also feel the gratitude and appreciation for such a stunning day.  I reflect on the meaning of the winter solstice, a time for going inward, allowing the deep core self to rest and reflect on the lessons of the past year and the dreams of the coming one.

As I walk through parkland, I allow thoughts of my various spiritual teachers to surface, understanding that each thought is bringing me opportunities to explore new possibilities around this heavy energy.  The first teacher to come forward is Soleria Green who opened me to the energetic experience of the collective consciousness in a massive way.  To recognize the sadness as part of a collective energy that is shifting allows me the spaciousness to be with it, feel it, acknowledge it, and allow it to flow through me as a wave of energy.

Next came Bashar who teaches there are infinite possibilities of infinite parallel universes open to you in every NOW moment extending both backward into the past and forward into the future.  It may be hard to wrap our 3D minds around this concept, but when I let go of having to understand it on a mental level and allow the energetic level of understanding to surface I can experience myself moving into a whole new “universe” where the feelings of the previous moment don’t even exist.  I play with this often when I’m walking or cycling, opening to the possibility that each step or stroke can propel me into a new NOW moment.

Then there was Ava Brenner (abinsf@comcast.net) who channels a group she calls, “the guys.”  One of the things I learned from the guys was that feelings of inner discomfort were often a flag that my known world is bumping up against my unknown world.  As this thought crystallized and came together with Soleira and Bashar, I felt myself step fully into a different state of being, where the heaviness no longer felt so much like sadness, as it now felt like the unknown, the collective unknown of the future.  And in my world, the “unknown” is not scary.  The unknown is actually exciting and full of infinite possibility.  With only one or two more steps I shifted fully into this NOW universe that is full of the wonder and delight of uncertainty, which thanks to the teachings of Tom Stone, feels absolutely tied to the expansiveness of pure awareness.

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