What I Learned During a Sabbatical

I’m baaaccckkkkk!

You might not have noticed, but I took a year off for a sabbatical. How very grateful I am for the circumstances in my life that allowed me this incredible opportunity. I feel both a pull to return to writing and coaching, and also the tug to continue to play in the freedom of less structure. I am at a crossroads, standing with infinite possible choices in front of me. I am still sorting it out.

At this time last year I was reveling in the freedom of not being tied to a clock, having spent many years making sure the client I was with was well served and the session felt complete, all by the end of the hour, so that I could then be on time for the next person. Ahhhh, no watch! I was also highly engaged with packing up belongings for my move to a new town and setting up a new home.

What I most wanted was to luxuriate in the time and space of this opportunity and not to fill it up with “creating stuff I ‘had’ to get done,” which was a very old habit. And, I’m happy to say I took full advantage.  I spent many quiet hours meditating, journaling, taking spiritual/conscious evolutionary classes, sitting with my cat, working with a personal development book, and also, watching movies, walking, riding my bike, swimming in the river, and cooking.

Some areas of my life that I played with over the year included:

  • The call to “prove my worth” is very strong and it took awareness and willpower to stop developing an internal list of what I had done each day that could be considered “productive,” and, therefore, justify taking this “time off.” I had to break through the equation that doing = worthiness = self-acceptance. I found that noticing what is wanting to happen and then letting it unfold took both stillness and practice. Self-acceptance became something I took a stand for and not the byproduct of my “doingness.”

In what ways do you find yourself trying to prove your own worth? Does self-acceptance happen after you’ve done something to earn it, or can you accept yourself first, regardless of what you do or don’t do? Do others have to “do the right thing” before you can accept them?

  • big leapI played with concepts from the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, especially around the commitment, “I feel good, always.”  We have ways of “upper limiting” ourselves and create problems to hold ourselves in check at a status quo. The equation might look something like, feeling good = don’t deserve this = better dampen it or something even worse will happen. Having few responsibilities was a great way to illuminate my mental habit of worrying, often daydreaming of problems that didn’t even exist! The task at hand was to raise my level of awareness to “catch myself” going down a rabbit hole and then shine a light on how I was “upper limiting” myself. Having done tons of personal development work on myself, it was actually a bit mind blowing to see how much of a habit this was for me.

Ways you might “upper limit” yourself other than using worry include criticism/blame, deflection of positive energy, squabble, or get sick/injured. Notice how often these things happen when moments before you were feeling good. Raising your level of awareness is the first step to shifting your upper limit upward!

  • One last big sandbox I played in was that of letting go of identities, particularly ones having to do with work and career. I referred to myself as “being on sabbatical” and yet I was asked all the time, “what does it feel like to be retired?” Retired? That’s for someone that’s a lot older than me, who is through with working. I felt (and sometimes still feel) so much resistance to that word, maybe because there is a part of me that fears I am through, washed up, no longer of service. What I realized from this experience was how attached I was to what I did, what I accomplished, what I was paid for and whether I was being of service. I now play a game to see if I can have a conversation with someone without saying, “I am ….., marriedcoco on hike, a coach, a this or that.” It’s NOT easy!!! Even deeper, however, I have begun to feel the identities I hold as cords, and play with the feeling of unraveling and loosening the hold they have on me. My aging cat helped me with this when I became way too attached to caring for him. Energetically I felt the cord I had attached to him as his “caretaker” and together, at least it felt that way, we severed the cord. It was actually quite painful, both physically and emotionally for me, but it was such a clear understanding of just how bound to our identities we can be. I will always honor him for this precious lesson. I am still very much engaged with the prospect of what it looks and feels like to let go of attachments to what and who I think I am.

Notice your inner energy state whenever you hear the words, “I am [a]” come out of your mouth. Do you puff up with pride; do you feel shame? Is there a “need” to claim this identity? It’s the noticing of how tightly you feel attached to this identity that is interesting and how it might feel to let it begin to slide away, or even loosen its hold just a little bit.

Maybe what I most want you to know is that none of these things I talked about are “problems,” and I don’t think they need to be “fixed” or “healed,” for me or for you. They were the places I “played” while I was experiencing life without a lot of borders. I share them with you here so that if you notice these in yourself, you’ll recognize them for the “games that people play,” learn what you want to from the game, then let go of any attachment or identification with them. Where I always return after any “playful examination,” is that life is the most fun when you know yourself to be the Divine Spirit that you are, and allow yourself to fully incarnate on this Earth as Spirit having fun playing a human.

I look forward to sharing resources and writing about multi-dimensional living again. Please join me on my Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/ChannelYourHigherSelf, for fresh insights and upcoming programs that hold cutting edge opportunities for evolving your self and our world.

Heads Up!  My newest e-learning product and telecourse revolves around incarnating as Spirit!  Check out The Spiritual Explorer’s Path.  New class begins Tuesday, March 1.

Tell me, in what areas of your psyche are you playing with these days?

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I am so Grateful for Guidance from my Higher Self

I am so grateful.

I am so grateful that I have practiced communicating with, and opening to the guidance of my Higher Self on a regular, consistent basis.

I am so grateful that I can hear, see, smell, receive, feel, touch, surrender to, and interpret this ongoing communication that flows to me unceasingly from my Higher Self.


If January was about sitting back (read more), then February was about bounding forward!  Things came together all of a sudden in February for my husband and I to take action on a home renovation project that has been on the vision board for years and years.

And, my Higher Self is here with me every step of the way.

 “Throw this away?  Get this shredded?”  A very certain “yes” or “no” is present.

 “Whom should I give this to?” A feeling about a specific person or organization shows up, and I’ve noticed it is appreciatively accepted.

 “Where is such and such?”  I can see clearly the box where it’s been packed, or the location in my house or car where the lost object is hiding.

These seem sort of trivial things when I write them here, but what I know is that my life flows easier, decisions seem clearer, and stress and worry are almost non-existent as I lean into this treasured skill that perhaps I had come to take for granted.

What it means is that I am actually living in each present moment these days.

I stay in the present moment even as I purge and release my hold on the past, and even as we create plans for this project’s future.  My foundation of trust in my Higher Self is being beautifully illuminated for me to see and appreciate.  What I am recognizing here is an outward manifestation of the inward embodiment of my Essence, fully allowing myself as a Spiritual Being to be doing

HA! This is what it looks like to “incarnate” as your Spirit.  It looks like every day life on the outside.  Yet there is this beautiful harmonic chord of peace, vibrancy, excitement, joy, happiness, curiosity, freedom, and more, on the inside.  How sweet is that?

I am so grateful. 

Ideas for Opening to the Guidance of Your Higher Self:

  • Sink your awareness into your heart space, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Ask any question you want to of your Higher Self and wait expectantly for an answer to “bubble up” from deep inside.  Build your foundation of trust by beginning with little, non-consequential questions such as “What is the optimal dish for me to order?” or “Which email is best for me to read first?”  Play with the results by looking for the fun synchronicities that show up when you follow this guidance, even on little things.
  • Are you interested in exploring the path of embodying your Essence?  I am looking for beta testers for my e-course, The Spiritual Explorer’s Path, that will be ready for feedback in about 4 – 6 weeks.  At the completion of this e-course you will feel your Spiritual (Higher) Self fully integrated into your physical, moment-to-moment existence.  In exchange for your thoughtful insights about this product, you can receive it for FREE by completing the form below.

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Don’t just Transform, Transubstantiate!

In a recent Conscious Evolutionary Circle the idea was brought into the field that in our worldview we want to experience the “Shift” as transubstantiation, NOT just transformation.  To transform is to alter what we already have.  To transubstantiate is CHANGE our substance altogether.

The butterfly analogy is a perfect reference for this distinction.  The caterpillar spins its chrysalis and disintegrates within.    It is the “imaginal cells” (yes, they are really called that) that begin the process of building the butterfly.  We, as lightworkers, are the imaginal cells of our planetary body and it is up to us to begin to truly imagine, and then EMBODY, what an entirely NEW species we can become.

We have a 13+ billion year history of nature taking quantum leaps transubstantiating into completely new forms of life.  This time, however, we are the first species in that 13 billion years to be self aware of the evolutionary step in front of us.  We are being asked by nature to step into our roles as imaginal cells to midwife this transubstantiation.

One of the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard states,

Code 29 – You are Now Ready to Undergo the Process of Transubstantiation

Mind affects matter.  “Matter” is not dense and solid but rather is energy and information in motion, in largely empty space, guided by an invisible, non-physical Self or consciousness.

The Universal Self is that consciousness personalized.  Through the integration of the full spectrum of selves, combined with your unconflicted behavior and passionate intent to evolve, the substance of your body/mind is changing to the higher vibration of the Universal Self.

This is saying YOU must transubstantiate yourself.  You must move beyond the limitations of your egoic separation, and incarnate right NOW as the Universal Human we are to emerge as when we “eclose” from this chrysalis we are creating now on our planet.  Who is the Universal Human?

See yourself as omni-present. … Post-transition experience is universal personhood, whose Self is unique and universal, formless and in a form which is not bound by ego – but is a consciously manifested expression of Source or Spirit as you.  The dichotomy between formless and form disappears.  It is all Consciousness creating.  Barbara Marx Hubbard, 52 Codes

Some Things You Can do to Begin Transubstantiation:

  • Seek out communion with other pioneering souls who believe that such a Shift is possible and want to support one another.  One such place is the community of Agents of Conscious Evolution.  You can enroll any time in the class and join a dynamic community with a common purpose.  theacetraining.com/ACE
  • Join a Conscious Evolutionary Circle to find others interested in evolving our planet.  Find a Circle near you (or start and post one of your own) at:  Birth2012.com.  In Austin, join our Meetup Group at http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Conscious-Evolutionaries/.  We’re also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary


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Resources to Expand Your Consciousness

I’m a “resource connector,” (read more), that’s what I do, what I’ve always done.  I believe in sharing with others tools, people, places, things, songs, video’s, books, companies, and any other thing that has grabbed my attention by its authenticity, integrity, quality and value. Whatever inspires me personally I feel compelled to share with others so that they, too, can feel inspired.

I’ve had a lot of inspiration in the area of consciousness cross my path and though I do my best to share on Facebook I’m feeling guided to put it all in one place today.  So, here’s my latest resource favorites, the things I turn to frequently to spark my own enthusiasm for expanding and growing in higher vibration/consciousness.

The Shift Network (http://bit.ly/tsnch):

Talk about leading edge consciousness for outstanding value!  Many of the programs are free and include the top names in the field of spirituality.  From personal growth to relationships to business to conscious evolution, there is so much to choose from.  Currently you can find:

Agents of Conscious Evolution  – 12 week training programs (I attended the ACE 1 & ACE 2 classes, both outstanding, transformational inspiration to give your gifts to the metamorphosis of our world.)  These particular classes no longer exist, but The Shift Network always hosts Barbara Marx Hubbard in some form of conscious evolution class.

The Enlightened Business Summit – a free 5 day telesummit with top names such as T Harv Eker & Marci Shimoff and more.  Begins 11/7/11.

The Shift Men’s Initiation, Soulful Women’s Certification, Peace Ambassadors Training, Wisdom of the Grandmothers, Manifesting through Chakras, even a course in Healing Through Laughter.  See the main website for more information.

I’ve found this organization delivers access to top names, high quality programming, and supports your learning through a variety of tools such as community building, meditation, additional handouts, and resource libraries.

The Consciousness Playground with Wendy Down (http://bit.ly/chcpg):

I first met Wendy when I purchased my WaveMaker in 2003 and began this journey of consciousness expansion.  She’s been my mentor ever since. Wendy always pushes the boundaries for the next potential to explore of knowing ourselves as Pure Consciousness playing with physical form.  Though she dances on the edge of what’s “believable,” the tools and practices she shares are easily applied in your everyday life, even as the results can feel quite magical!  How does she do that?

Additionally, her playground includes a robust, communicative, international membership group that generously shares resources and experiences.  Continuous expansion happens here!

Up next – Beyond Needing Healing: Let the Era of Quantum Health Care be born in YOU!


TUT’s Adventure Club with Mike Dooley (http://bit.ly/chtut)

My all time favorite free resource, “Notes from the Universe,” are humorous bits of new thought wisdom that invariably carry the absolute PERFECT reminder for my day.  Here’s one I recently received:

Every fortune, gold medal, and trophy…

Every comeback, triumph, and celebration…

And every kiss, hug, and hand held, Celeste…

Were first a thought, a whisper, or a dream.

Go, Celeste, go!

    The Universe

Powerful, humorous & transformative workshops; books, video’s, CD’s; African adventures, you can not go wrong with anything you choose to do with Mike.


Voice for Love with DavidPaul and Candace Doyle (http://bit.ly/vfl1ch):

Clicking on the link above takes you to a series of 4 free videos that teach you the process of receiving God’s guidance in your life.  From watching these videos you can shift out of fear and anxiety into a state of peace and joy, not only from what DavidPaul teaches, but also in the way he models this state for you.

I read DavidPaul & Candace’s book, The Voice for Love, many years ago when the word “God” carried uncomfortable baggage for me. This book was one of the ways I moved beyond my childhood version of “God” to the more expansive version of One energy, Source, Love, Higher Consciousness, that I hold now and feel grateful for this intervention in my life.


And for those who want “Edgy:”

Alchemy Wisdom (http://bit.ly/chalwis):  I met Jaden Rose at a Matrix Energetics workshop.  She was a facilitator, but still relatively shy about her metaphysical skills.  Since that time she has “come out of the closet” and shares her “downloads” of “Holographic Healing” with 1000’s at a time in teleconferences.  Be prepared to have a definite experience of energy and expansion when you participate!

Crimson Circle (http://bit.ly/chcrmcl):  These are the channeled works of Geoffrey Hopper speaking as Tobias and Adamus St. Germain. The “channels” are frequently delivered with humor and in a way that makes the metaphysical understandable.  The energy of these works is characterized in this statement pulled from their website.

“[People who listen to these channels] are humans who have realized their own divinity and strive to embody it in their lives by being conscious creators and integrating all aspects of themselves.”


In full transparency, I am an affiliate for each of these resources.  Being an affiliate is one way that supports my ability to be a resource-connector, have the time to write these articles and follow the inspiration of my heart’s vocational arousal.  I also am an avid and frequent consumer of each of these resources and they have each had a significant impact on my life.  May you gain from them as well.

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From Revelations to Crystallization

Crystallization.  Of all places it happened this past weekend as I listened to a funeral sermon and heard: “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.”  My ears perked up and I felt a deep cord of resonance flow through me.  “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.” (Excerpts from Revelation 21:1-27 ESV)  And I heard within me this interpretation, “Behold, God is everything.  He dwells within all that is and all that is, is One.

Crystallization.  Many facets of my spiritual life are coming together, crystallizing to show me how I have been preparing for this transition into our New Earth that is happening NOW.

Did you participate as I did with the 100’s of thousands that joined Oprah and Eckhart Tolle in the ground-breaking webcast of A New Earth?  Could that really be three years ago?  In Chapter 1, Tolle refers to this same scripture and writes, “A ‘new heaven’ is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and ‘a new earth’ is its reflection in the physical realm.”  A seed was planted on my path.

Last fall I joined in the Feminine Power Teleclass for Awakening Women with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit and accessed for the first time some deep conditioning around powerlessness that I was clueless to its limiting affect on my life.  Using many of the tools from the Consciousness Playground, I began to disassemble this conditioning. Another seed nurtured.

Six weeks ago I planted these “Dream Seeds” in my Blooming Humans project:  1)  To consistently, with grace and ease, stay in tune to my inner guidance and live continuously in the field of excitement, curiosity and joy, and 2) Allow a new manifestation to flow easily into my field of awareness that is fun and calls to me.  And then, Birth 2012 showed up!

Crystallization. I am an Agent of Consciousness Evolution (ACE).

Training to be certified as an ACE began last night (it’s not too late if you also feel called!). I was moved and inspired by this highly conscious integration of science and spirituality. But, more importantly, I felt the deep resonance that this work is on my path.  I don’t know yet how it will manifest through me, but it is clear that I will share the story of our conscious evolution and play a part in this transition to our New Earth. Be-ing an Agent of Conscious Evolution is the crystallization of many of the seed facets of my path.

This came from Blooming Hearts today!:

Your part is clear. As you rise up in yourself to find a higher form of grace and astute awareness, you become a part of the great Web of Peace encircling the planet. Every person who is awakening is essential to this movement. http://www.thegabrielmessages.com/

What is crystallizing in you?

  • From a quiet, sacred space, place this question in your heart, “What is emerging on my path?” (from the ACE training)
  • Raise your inner antennae as you listen to music, news, conversations, trainings, see images, readings, etc, and feel for an inner “zing.” This is your indicator your Higher Self is calling to you to pay attention.  What is the pattern of the messages you are receiving?
  • Use one or more of the resources listed above to stimulate deeper awakening to your inner knowing.  Additionally, listen to the channeled works of Crimson Circle, the Virtual Light Broadcasts and Kryon to hear how the New Earth is becoming manifest.
  • Share with others HERE leaving comments about what is crystallizing on your spiritual path.
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Real Journeys Outside and Inside

Real Journeys. That was the name of the company that took us through Milford Sound, but whose name epitomized the incredible three-week vacation to New Zealand I took with my husband, Larry, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our real journey was filled with seeing beauty that was beyond words, experiencing adrenaline-packed adventures, and relishing the joy and love of being together for this “bucket list” experience. I also underwent a “real journey” inside as well, as I came face-to-face with another layer to this illusion of “powerlessness” that is making itself known to me this year.

When we are lost to the illusions of our deep conditioning we are clueless that we could feel differently and are drawn to certain feelings and behaviors, even when they don’t feel good.  These feelings do, however, feel familiar and there is consistency/safety in that familiarity. When we awaken to our illusions we are still enticed by the familiarity of old feelings and behaviors, but now can recognize just how disconnected and uncomfortable those feelings are.  Thus becomes the spiritual practice of rewiring neural pathways to integrate new behaviors that are more in alignment with our connection to our authentic self, our Higher Self.

What conditioning surfaced for me with this journey was the overwhelming preponderance to anticipate a negative outcome (which boils down to the illusion of powerlessness to create).  Yuck!!! I found I kept feeling huge amounts of free-floating anxiety as I prepared for our trip.  This was a familiar feeling alright.  But now it felt intolerable, not consistent at all with whom I know myself to be, but present none-the-less.  On the morning we were to fly out I worked with my buddy coach, Amy, to find that dimension of myself that exists way beyond this anxiety.  Aaaaahhh, that felt oh so much better.  In this dimension I could feel the pleasure of experience, for experience’ sake, the “is-ness” of life, and the creativeness of being divine spirit playing with the physical. It felt like I was playfully “swimming” in the ocean of all possibility. So “swim” became my touchstone, my anchor for pulling me out of anxiousness and into expansion.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the cycling on unfamiliar roadways, or paragliding high above the city, or crawling through squeeze holes in a cave that provoked anxiety for me.  It was during transitional times (hmmm, interesting in the bigger metaphor, eh?) such as getting to airports on time, finding places to stay, or choosing from among the myriad of advertisements about where we wanted to spend our time and money that provoked my conditioned anxiety about future consequences.  Being aware of this anxiety was the easy part because it was soooooo uncomfortable.  My “practice” became how to shift/rewire this behavior.  I called upon many of the tools that I teach to others, “swimming” until I found the one that worked for each particular situation.  I like having a number of simple resources to call upon to feel the sweet spot of connection, which would bring me to the present moment to then feel ease, peace, and pleasure.

I do love the way my personal, professional and spiritual lives are now so intertwined. This is my “real journey.”  I know I am here to discover many simple resources around living day to day from a connection with my authentic/Higher Self and to share these resources with others.

Simple Tools to Shift from Anxiousness to Connection:

Create an “anchor” that holds the morphic field of connection for you.

o      During a time when you feel completely connected to your Higher Self, notice what word, image, or bodily sensation you most identify with this state of connection.  “Anchor” the word, image, or sensation by telling your Higher Self to return you to this state of connection anytime you invoke this word, image or sensation.  This is how I used the word “swim.”

  • A new (free) video series by Dr. Christian Pankhurst teaches a “heart intelligence” approach to awakening to your sabotaging conditioning and tools for living more in alignment with your authentic self.  He gives great value in this video series and it is worth the optin to get it.
  • Join the Consciousness Playground to learn, practice and integrate new skills every month that deepen and expand your ability to connect with your Higher Self.
  • Do you have a resource to share?  Please do so here!!!
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Medicine Wheel Provides Another Tool for Guidance

I love that there are many ways to connect with your Higher Self.  I had the pleasure Thursday afternoon to explore the use of the Native American medicine wheel as such a portal. Marilyn Naylor, a metaphysical counselor who uses this ancient wisdom in her work, shared this powerful approach for accessing guidance that is also totally congruent with our modern life.

The medicine wheel is structured around a North, East, South, and West orientation.  Each direction is associated with a particular process of guidance, and once begun, you must always move clockwise in the circle accessing higher/inner guidance in that order. Moving counterclockwise is problematic. That results in feeling stuck, disconnected, and out of synch, causing you to create discontent through bad decisions and poor choices.

The North (Winter) centers on thinking; the East (Spring) is about believing; the South (Summer) opens to your emotions and how you feel and the West (Fall) is what you physically know through your 5 senses and revolves around taking action.  Your season of birth indicates where you begin on the wheel.

My birthday is in the Spring and so my process is to consider life’s challenges based first on what I believe, then on how I feel about the challenge.  Next I consider how that challenge is impacting me in the “real” world, i.e., what is the impact on my physical body, the people around me, my environment, etc.  And the LAST thing is for me to use my intellect, to notice what I’m thinking about the challenge.  To move forward I must use the process of believe, feel, know, think.

Guess what the hardest part of this is?  We have so much conditioning in our world to THINK it’s easy to get sucked into trying to figure things out using my intellect and that, for me, (and any Spring baby), is going counterclockwise/backwards on the wheel!  Uh-oh.

Turns out, however, that no matter where you are supposed to start on the wheel, moving backwards is seductive.

It’s tempting to say it must be easiest to be born in the Winter and start in the North with thinking.  But, one look at our culture and you can see we are conditioned to take action (West orientation).  So Winter people start with “thinking” then get sucked into “doing” which is backwards!  The process that would put them into a flow state is to think, believe, feel, THEN do.

Not any easier for the Fall folks (West) who start taking action, but become afraid of the consequences of their actions ((feelings are South and moving backwards!).  Or the Summer people (South) who come from their heart, but feel compelled to justify their feelings based on their beliefs (which is East, backwards!).

Interestingly, even though there is the seduction to move backwards, it doesn’t take a whole lot of experimentation to feel the soothing effects of moving in flow with the correct, clockwise direction.  I had an opportunity several years ago to learn about this system of connection and have made it one of my “tools.”  When I remember to begin a project founded on my beliefs, feel for direction from my heart, create a prototype of the end result, and then create a plan, this tool invariably smoothes the way for a project to flow with ease and grace.

Want to experiment with this tool?  Use the ideas below and then let me hear from you.

How You Might Work with The Season of Birth Medicine Wheel:

1.     There is much more to this tool than I have space to write about, so if it interests you, please read more about it in The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality, or Going Where:  Ancient Wisdom for People Today or visit with Marilyn Naylor at 406-563-3341.

2.     Do a little experimenting of your own. Use a small challenge in your life.  Begin the process according to your season of birth (birth months in parenthesis) and fill in the blank after each statement with the first thing that pops into your mind, ie. don’t “try” to come up with an answer, just put your pencil to the paper and write down whatever is present.  Notice what new insights show up for you.

Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

  • I think _________; I believe ___________; I feel __________; I know ___________

Spring (Mar, Apr, May)

  • I believe ___________; I feel __________; I know ___________; I think _________

Summer (June, July, Aug)

  • I feel __________; I know ___________; I think _________; I believe ___________

Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov)

  • I know ___________; I think _________; I believe ___________; I feel ___________
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Speaking truths about marketing authentically

Speak your truth.

I’ve heard this often while in communication with my Higher Self. I’m not always sure why I’m getting that message and feeling frustrated I ask, “What truth am I not speaking?  What is it you think I should be saying that I’m not?”  Unfortunately, frustration is a fast train out of connection and I don’t get an answer.

This time, however, I know.

The past 3 – 4 months I’ve been working with a business-building course for How To Channel Your Higher Self.  It’s not the first such course I’ve taken.  I enjoy the pieces about getting clear about my purpose, the ways I’m here to be of service, letting go of time wasters, building a good support team, etc.  What trips me up is the marketing stuff.

I spent yesterday researching keywords, reading websites offering similar services to mine, looking for the “problems, frustrations, and fears” of my customers so that I can speak directly to these in my marketing efforts.  At the end of the day I felt drained and depressed.

Speak your truth.

I don’t want to talk about fears, frustrations and problems.  I don’t want to offer the next “fix-me” cure to people.  I don’t want to say that if you just work with me, read my books, listen to my audios that you’ll live happily ever after.  I don’t want to offer the “diamond encrusted upsell.”

Last night I went to bed reading Gary Zukav’s newest book, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, and these excerpts leaped off of the pages, synchronously revitalizing my vision of what I want for my business:

Old-type relationships are the means by which our species has survived…. However, they prevent spiritual growth.

…..we now evolve by growing spiritually. Spiritual growth is as necessary for us as sunshine is for a plant. [This concept was a major point from my focus groups!] We seek partners with whom we can grow spiritually rather than with whom we can accomplish common goals. . . .. We long for more, and as we strive for fulfillment we are redefining spirituality, relationship and evolution.

Spirituality has to do with the soul and requires alignment with the most noble impulses of the human experience – harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life . . . . . Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility.  …. The new type of relationship enables us to grow spiritually by focusing our attention inward …. We are beginning to recognize the importance of our emotions and intentions. …. We are looking for connections between our choices and our experiences.

As the values and perceptions of the new species emerge…, relationships of the old type are becoming increasingly unsatisfactory.  We are becoming increasingly interested in self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-mastery.  Fulfillment, contentment, meaning, purpose, love, and the joy of contributing to Life are taking precedence over issues such as career, lifestyle, and money. [emphasis added]

The terrain of human interaction is changing dramatically.  Old-type relationships have no future, while relationships of the new type are appearing everywhere and in surprising ways.

This is where I am in my business.  I want to play with creating new spiritual partnerships with others who are wanting to play with what it means to look inward in order to change outer experiences; who see life’s challenges as interesting ways to grow and evolve; who enjoy learning, sharing and practicing tools that expand her/his awareness of the freedom to choose and create a different experience.

So, here’s my truth. All of my life I have been a teacher to others through my ability to pass along what I have learned from other people in ways that create learning experiences that hopefully also get passed along by those I share with.  I am a conduit so that others can also become conduits.  I am a ripple intersecting with other ripples such that we create even bigger ripples.

Here I am back to where this year began, committing to following my excitement. I am committing to marketing authentically such that those who also feel the call of forming spiritual partnerships can come together and cultivate more love and more consciousness in our lives.

Are you speaking your truth?

Do you know your authentic voice?

Do you feel called to explore spirituality through generative relationships?

Integrative Action Steps for Speaking Your Truth:

  • Find time on a regular basis to sit quietly, breath deeply into your low back and low abdominals; then, listen for the truths bubbling up from your Higher Self.
  • Read inspirational material that you feel resonate with and journal the truths this material surfaces in you.
  • Form a spiritual partnership and commit to authentically explore together the internal connections between emotions, intentions, choices and experiences.
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Listen to Your Angels

Last night I attended a talk given by Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in My Hair.  She is an Irish mystic who physically sees and speaks to angels directly.  Several times throughout her talk I felt a welling of tears and an expansion in my chest, both signs for me I was responding to something that felt like “truth” to me.

It wasn’t so much what she said, but the feelings associated with hearing her words.  I could feel the possibility of numerous angels sitting amongst us. She spoke of each one of us having a guardian angel who is with us all the time, both honoring and protecting our souls, and I felt my angel’s presence at my back.  My heart expanded when Lorna said our souls are a piece of light that is also God.  She described angels as majestic and beautiful bright lights, and loving beings who whisper in our ears, and whimsical humorists who delight in all things human and it felt so believable.

The primary lessons I took from Lorna:

  • If you want something, need support, or guidance, just ask.  “Pester God, it’s okay with him,” nothing is too small or large, and no request is judged good/bad, right or wrong.
  • There are many angels surrounding each one of us all the time, offering love, support and guidance.  All we need do is be still enough to listen (with all of our senses) and we will know their presence.
  • Listen for the answer, take action, listen, take action; this is how we fulfill our purpose.

At one point as Lorna spoke about taking action, she became quite passionate about taking a “stand” for what is right for the earth.  An organization she spoke about, Hands Across the Sand, is “drawing a metaphorical and actual line in the sand; human lines in the sand against the threat oil drilling poses to America’s coastal economies and marine environment.”  Their event takes place internationally on Saturday, June 26.  See http://www.handsacrossthesand.com/ for details.

Interestingly, this event corresponds well with the summer solstice (6/21), which is a time of marking our relationship to Mother Earth.  From an astrological point of view, the particular arrangement of the planets at this time focuses on our ability to channel creative solutions.  Taken from Colette Baron Reid’s newsletter, Natasha Zaslove writes this:

This moment heralds the beginning of the middle of a massive change. With the ongoing volcanoes, earthquakes and oil spill, the earth is quite literally spewing her discontent with the status quo.

This is an important time. We must do our part. No one is exempt. We cannot ….. complain about BP without pointing the finger back at our own consumption and then devising ways to change the scenario.

Gemini asks us to see with fresh eyes and think into existence creative solutions. Gemini enables us to remain optimistic and ingenious even while images that crush the collective spirit flood the airwaves.

Maybe you feel far removed from the oil spill, or feel a sense of hopelessness about your ability to make a difference.  As powerful creators, it’s not so much about what we do, as it is about taking action within ourselves to continue to bring our own light out into the world.  Your “creative solutions” may be totally focused on using your fresh eyes to create new solutions to something amiss in your own world, and as you do this, because we are a holographic world, you also affect the whole world.

Listen within, take action from inspired guidance, listen, take action.

Integrative Action Steps:

  1. Be still and quiet.  Feel for the presence of your guardian angel and other angels around you (maybe you call this presence your Higher Self).
  2. Ask for whatever help, guidance, support, or love that you need.
  3. Listen with all of your senses for an answer.  It is always there, but you must raise your “antennas” to recognize it.  (See Exp F – Feel Your Antennas Go Up!)
  4. Take the inspired action you feel drawn to do.
  5. Notice what changes, letting go of any need to look at what stays the same (which represents old energy still manifesting from the past).
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Living Authentically Amid Cultural Memes

(n) meme – a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation)) “memes are the cultural counterpart of genes”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to live authentically.  What is truly authentic for the deepest part of me? What are conditioned beliefs through our culture (memes) that are so much a part of my life that I don’t even recognize an issue?

So nice to know that wherever my thoughts go, life then supplies learning opportunities, answers and even more questions to produce clarity.  That’s known as synchronicity and one of my favorite aspects of connecting consciously with life.

Our conditioned beliefs are not easy to spot because they are so engrained, so automatic.  And a meme is so much a part of the cultural pattern that we often don’t even see them as “beliefs.” (Abraham defines beliefs as thoughts we keep thinking over and over again.)  And, as is true for any thought we keep thinking, there is an attraction pattern built around that thought which pulls to us all sorts of evidence to substantiate that belief.   Once, however, that belief/thought becomes conscious, then it is possible to make a decision about it.  We can consciously choose whether we want to continue to hold that belief (and therefore, the attraction of things to support it), or change the thought/belief to something else and create a new attraction pattern.

As I listened to a Consciousness Playground recording recently, I became aware of a thought pattern that no longer serves me.  It was brought to my attention just by noticing the first thoughts I typically had as I awoke.  What I discovered was, “What do I ‘have’ to do today?”  As I felt for the underlying, more subtle energy, I discovered, “What do I ‘have’ to do (accomplish, produce) that will make me feel like a worthwhile human being?” And even under that was a circular pattern that whatever I did accomplish never quite measured up to fully being “worthwhile.” Wow, never knew that was there, and no wonder I fall into a recurring pattern of setting up “too much to do!”

In speaking to others, it seems that “What do I have to accomplish today?” is a common thought upon waking, though the underlying energies might be slightly different.  I heard fear, or protection, themes, as in “what must I accomplish so that something bad doesn’t happen to me or my loved ones?”  “Shame” and “guilt” also showed up.

So, what does understanding of this meme mean for me in choosing to live authentically? My biggest learning opportunity revolves around how to promote my products and services in ways that feel authentic.  At this point in my life “authentic” means maintaining a deep sense of connection to inner peace, freedom and joy. There is no doubt of worthiness in inner peace. There are no have-to’s in freedom. There is no overwhelm in joy.

My now practice is to think new thoughts upon waking.  To bask in peacefulness as I go to sleep so that this energy can be present when I awake.  To feel for the freedom of potentiality in each new morning, not for what can be accomplished in that day, but for the experiences I’m drawn to, I attract.  To commit (once again!) to taking action from a place of excitement that is founded in joy.

Check out this free ebook on living authentically that Anisa Avens supplied as resource just yesterday.  Synchronicity always!

Integrative Action Steps for You to Live More Authentically:

  1. Name 3 primary feelings you associate with connecting to your deep, authentic self
  2. What % of your day are you experiencing these feelings?
  3. What 1 belief could you change that would affect this %?  (Try looking at the thought that is most prevalent when you awake!)
  4. What new thought(s) do you want to choose?
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