Amazing Progress

I am so pleased with How To Channel Your Higher Self – it has been the perfect tool for me to connect deeply with more of my whole self! I have especially enjoyed the Emotional Pattern Release exercise, it is easy and effective, with permanent results!

Specifically, I have been using this exercise whenever emotionally uncomfortable sensations arise in me (even during emotionally uncomfortable situations!), and gave myself permission to focus, dissolve, and release them, whether I could name them or not!

I feel so much more confident and fearless!

Thank you Celeste!

Linda Dodrill

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Readers’ Stories

What’s On YOUR Channel?

Have you experienced something different, new, inspiring, synchronous, or totally out there after reading or listening to one of my products that helped you to open more fully to the communication from your Higher Self? I, and my website visitors, would LOVE to know about what happened. Please share your real life channels with us (click here for instructions)!

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