After Fat Tuesday Will You Take Off Your Mask?

mask_carnival_decorationDid you know that originally the wearing of masks during Mardi Gras was a way that allowed people to escape the rigid class constraints of their day and mingle with people of all classes? They could be whomever they desired to be, an experiment of sorts, at changing their place in society.

I suspect that in some ways we think we still do that. That is, we think we wear our daily “masks” to control the way in which others view us, or perhaps, control the way we view ourselves.

What if, however, we are actually wearing our “masks” out of fear of how BIG we really are! Remember Marianne Williams’ famous speech that included?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.

I have two opportunities for helping you to take off your mask, and step far more boldly into the Light you are here to shine:

  • If you are part of the new generation of people who want to be forerunners in the evolution of our humanity, you know that you are here to actually incarnate as the Divine Spirit that you are, to make visible and tangible what was once invisible.
    If you are on the fence about registering for this advanced program, please email me at so that I can answer any questions and sweeten the deal for you.

    The Spiritual Explorer’s Path leads you in this very process. Explore how to surrender to, and then boldly step forth as, your Embodied Essence. You can create this skill set in collaboration with others who also thrive at evolving consciousness through themselves. The teleclass & intensive e-course begins Tuesday, March 1, 7:00 pm. If you are a pioneer of consciousness, this is the next step beyond self-healing and self-exploration. We will be a community together, co-creating.
    Register here:

  • This one is for the spiritual female entrepreneur who so desires to be of service, yet, isn’t making the BIG impact that she knows her gift can make in the world. Appropriate this FREE workshop takes place on Fat Tuesday (2/9, 5:00 pm CT), because you will discover specific, actionable ways to remove your mask and be the source of transformation and change you know is possible through your message. Rachael Jayne Groover can help you. This complimentary Master Class is titled, “The TRUTH about what it takes to be visible and well compensated as a FEMININE LEADER.” I’ve attended other webinars by Rachael Jayne and she really does give value for your investment of time.
    Here’s where you register (free):

In our natural state, we are glorious beings. In the world of illusion, we are lost and imprisoned. Marianne Williams

So, what will it be?

Fat Tuesday forever?

Be the Glorious Being You came here to be?

Let’s Talk About What It Feels Like When YOU Feel Yourself Living as Essence Embodied?
Please do share your comments!

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Self-Judgment as a Message from Your Higher Self?

Notes From the UniverseYour secret blessing, Celeste, is that no matter where you go in time and space, you only ever have to be yourself – as courageous, vulnerable, bold, or afraid as you may feel – to find yourself amongst friends.

So loved,
The Universe

You’re actually kind of like chocolate to other people when you’re just being yourself.

Another perfect note from the Universe this morning as it mirrors succinctly the very foundation of the philosophy from which I coach, total self-acceptance.  Just this morning I worked with a client around recognizing self-judgment as a message he was receiving from his Higher Self to fully accept himself, warts and all.

What if you stopped listening to the words of your own self-judgment and just recognized “the Judge” as one of your multi-dimensional selves indicating your Higher Self was seeking your attention? What might “the Judge” actually be saying to you?  Maybe something like, “Let’s get honest here, nobody here but us two.  What do you really think/believe/feel/sense deep in your core?”  (Read more here to know which of these words is the best for you.)

I love the way that Abraham explains that negative, or uncomfortable, feelings are nothing more than just indicators that you’re ready to get back into alignment with who you really are.  There’s nothing good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative, clean/dirty, or black/white about them. These indicators are just like the gas tank indicator on our car warns us when we’re nearing empty.  It’s not the goal to put a “happy face sticker” on your gas tank and hope for the best.  We use the indicator as information and guidance.

So an uncomfortable feeling, such as self-judgment, is an indicator your Higher Self wants to talk! And, your Higher Self NEVER uses degrading, demeaning or judgmental language, so learn to listen to what is beneath the words you hear in your head.  When you’ve tapped into what is honest and authentically true for you, you’ll feel the immediate relief of self-acceptance for the whole kit and caboodle that is you.   And the legacy? When you connect with your totality and accept yourself, others sense this and you become a beacon for their own self-acceptance.

Integrative Action Steps for Using Your Indicators:

  • As you pay attention to your inner thoughts and feelings, instead of trying to cover up or shift your attention from uncomfortable feelings, experiment with acknowledging their presence as an aspect of yourself, and then “ask” this aspect what’s really true.  Even if it feels like the “answers” are coming from your imagination, keep asking for the deeper truth until you feel the “ah-ha” of deep knowing.
  • Are you already a beacon of change for others? Check out this incredible training from The Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard called “Agents of Conscious Evolution” to receive training to increase your skills for supporting our global awakening.
  • Do you feel a calling for a more personal, inner-directed spiritual experience? I teach simple tools to my coaching clients that help them connect easily and gracefully with their Higher SelfPlease feel free to contact me at for more information.
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Are You Being Called to Birth Your Contribution?

Birth. Re-birth.  Renewal
Earthquakes. Tsunamis.
Opening hearts sending out tender roots.

Wake up. Awaken.  Awake.
WaySeers become WayShowers.
Birthing your beingness to birth the new.

Clarion call!
Resonance. Chaos. Expansion.
Many paths, all unique, sacred and true.
Listening to One energy.

Are you hearing the call this Spring? My email inbox is full of opportunities to get involved. It’s more important than ever to create the still, sacred space to be able to hear and receive your own inner guidance for how you are going to participate in your own unique way in the gigantic, global shift that is happening right now.  There is absolutely no question you will participate, yet, wouldn’t it feel better to do it consciously?

Resources for Adding Your Unique Voice to Birthing the New:

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, the “evolutionary voice for our times,” is “calling upon visionaries, evolutionaries, change leaders, and open-hearted humans to step forward to add your unique brilliance to consciously co-creating our new world.

“What if Dec. 21, 2012 marks the passing of one phase of evolution and Dec. 22, 2012 marks “Day One” of the next epoch of evolution – for the next 26,000 years? A time we can collectively set our intentions for a more evolved world?

The catch is that it likely won’t happen if we sit back and hope for something cosmic to occur. Instead, we can decide to come together now and co-create the greatest field of love, resonance and social synergy in the history of the world.”

  • Nature of Mind, Alex Grey

    Nature of Mind, Alex Grey

    The Blooming Humans project continues to inspire me daily on this 42 day opening to clarity about my own contributions to the birthing of the new for both the world and myself.  Beautiful images and creative prose facilitate a daily focus on allowing what is most wanting to be expressed through me to step forward.

  • What is your life theme? (read more) Consider the inner genius that is already present in you and how this natural aspect of your multidimensional self is ready to play in the birth of our new world.
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Stop Fixing, Start Emerging in 2011

Aacckk! I don’t care much for the “I’ve got to ‘fix’ myself energy” that surrounds the New Year.  Most of us know that New Year’s resolutions most often fail, usually by February!  My belief is  these resolutions come out of some “should’s & oughta’s” and not from  inner knowing.

Inner JoyInstead of “I need to fix myself,” consciously aware folks ask, “How might I know myself even better so that I can live a more continuous experience of feeling authentically me?”  This question recognizes there is nothing to be fixed, that our core (divine) self is always present, and that our evolvement is about allowing our core self to emerge more and more fully.

Especially at this time of year I tap into the various energy bodies to receive guidance.   These 4 portals – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies – provide insights for what aspects of my life are ready to be released and what core strengths are ready to emerge.  This type of inquiry is well supported by the energies of the winter solstice, a time for illuminating our inner world.

Do you know how to sense your energy bodies?  I’ll guide you through a wonderful metaphor a friend of mine, Michael Nunnally, shared on the Consciousness Playground.  Note: as you connect with each energy body in its highest vibrational state, notice the “communication” you receive.  This is your guidance about what is ready to be released and what is ready to emerge.

  • Imagine yourself as a large glass container.
  • To get in touch with your PHYSICAL energy body, imagine large rocks in your container.  The density of these rocks correspond with your physical body.  Have you ever felt your body as coordinated, graceful, and in flow?  This is the higher vibrating physical body and the one you want to communicate with for guidance.
  • To get in touch with your MENTAL energy body, imagine pouring small pebbles into your container.  Notice that even though the large rocks filled the container there is room for these small pebbles to move down among the larger rocks. You know you are accessing the higher vibrating mental body when you feel “clear headed,” creative and focused.
  • Next, in your imagination pour sand into your container.  Once again, even though the container appears full, there are still spaces between the pebbles and the rocks and the sand filters down to fill these.  This represents your EMOTIONAL energy body and the way emotions affect us both physically and mentally.  Shift into your higher vibrating emotional body with feelings of appreciation, peace, joy and love.
  • Lastly, pour water into your container and watch as it washes through the rocks, pebbles and sand, coating every piece, visibly changing every thing it touches.  This is your SPIRITUAL energy body and is experienced in its highest vibration as a sense of divinity, connection and oneness.

What amazing and profound insights did you experience with this exercise?  I would love for you to share them here!

Would you like additional assistance in moving through these energy bodies?  Maybe you want some added support in understanding the communication process of these portals?

Join me in Play 4 Guidance in January.  I’m offering teleclasses and in person workshops in Austin where I guide participants to use these portals effectively.  I also teach several tools to help you harness and better utilize the communication that you receive.  Our focus is on receiving individualized guidance directly about 2011. You’ll leave this course with specific “next-steps” to move you purposely forward.

Complimentary Overview Teleclass on Friday, January 7, 1:00 Central Time.

If you want to know the time in your area, check here:

Action Steps to Use this Process Now:

  1. Sit quietly and breath deeply to center yourself.  Read the “script” above, one energy body at a time.  Notice what you notice with each energy body, then write it down.  At the end, let yourself sit with all that you have written, and then distill your guidance down to one or two sentences that create your next steps forward in 2011.
  2. Register and join me on Friday, January 7 at 1:00 CT to experience a portion of this process with a guide.
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Mo’ to Learn from Your MO

One way to experience ourselves as multidimensional is to notice the energy body we most use to interact with the world in our daily lives.  We each have physical, mental, and emotional energy bodies, but usually one of these energy bodies acts as our modus operandi (MO), the energy state that feels the most natural to us.

You might guess that mine is the physical energy body.  I use physicality to engage with the people, places and happenings in my life.  If your MO is your mental energy body you might be drawn to think logically about whatever it is you are doing, be especially aware of your thoughts, patterns of information, and strive for understanding and knowledge.  An emotionally directed person often experiences emotions/feelings first, and then uses words, labels or meanings to define the emotion to understand life.  Emotion may be your MO if you have a keen sense of the way things “affect” you and others.

All of our energy bodies come into play with everything we do; however, one of them typically is your primary driver.  This is the video celebration of a mountain biking experience with friends.  Definitely the mental body kicked in to get me through this challenge of riding up a mountain, and the emotional body did a happy dance at the top, but it was the physical engagement that colored the totality of the experience.

This experience  got me to thinking about the different responses I have when I’m using my natural MO, and when I’m not.  Here are the questions I’ve been playing with for myself recently.

  • If doing something challenging on a physical level feels so enlivening, then why does challenge in my business feel like overwhelm?
  • What is the state of being, or perception filter, that makes physical challenges exciting and mental challenges draining?
  • How might my physical MO teach/train/condition my mental/emotional energy bodies to experience business challenges as enlivening and exciting?

Love the support I get from The Universe (; just look at my note today!

Visualize, show up, happy dance.  Celeste, you can do this.

Dip,  The Universe

If you would like to help me visualize who my tribe is for How To Channel Your Higher Self, I am holding teleconference focus groups on Tuesday, Oct 19 at 4:00 CT and Wednesday, Oct. 20 at noon CT.  Please email me at for further information.

Integrative Ideas for Discovering and Learning from your MO:

  1. What is your energy body MO?  Ask yourself what energy feels the most natural. When you are thinking about stuff?  Feeling emotionally connected?  Using physical form to engage?
  2. What skills or capacities does your MO hold that you value and appreciate?
  3. If these skills/capacities integrated into your other energy bodies, how might your life change?
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What’s Your Life Theme? I am a Resource Connector

What themes show up in the various roles that you play?  In 1984 I used the What Color is Your Parachute? approach to changing careers.  Though I can’t locate the maps I made then, I recall that “Teacher,” and “Counselor/Social Worker” were still present as they were when I took vocational tests in High School.  (Actually, I have those high school tests in a file and so funny to see that “YWCA Staff Member” and “Religious Activities” also scored high!  I strayed a bit, but not too far, eh?)

Certainly being a Life Coach falls well within these themes, but I’ve also come to recognize a sub-theme to this service side of my personality.  It’s to be a resource provider, a facilitator, a connector between a person’s search and her/his inner knowing.  It’s what I like most about being a Life Coach.  The very foundation of coaching is to inspire clients to connect deeply with their inner wisdom, not to tell them what to do.

It’s no wonder that one of my biggest intents for this website is to provide resources for new thought/new energy seekers.  What is clear to me, however, is that it is not enough for me to create the books, audios, blog posts and emails.  These don’t fully satisfy my desire to be with people as the connector I am.  I like to be hands-on, personal, and intimate, fully and in-the-moment, sensing the beingness of others.  I like playing with a community of folks experimenting with expanding themselves to new possibilities, new potentials.

Just as I coach my clients to create environments that support their needs, I am reaching out to invite people to come play with me in a more personal way in order to meet my inner need to be a connector.

Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self LIVE teleclass is aimed at people who are new to this whole idea of feeling and sensing energy.  In ways that feel comfortable and non-threatening, this six session teleseries introduces you to a variety of openings to your capacity to recognize and interpret the messages you are receiving all the time from the expansive part of yourself.  You get the unique opportunity to meet other people who are ready to play and practice new ways of experiencing the world differently.  To celebrate the internet launch of my book, this June class is on sale for 50% off through May 31.

The Coached Collectives are collaborative, co-creative calls totally focused on surfacing the communications coming through the groups’ awareness.  My vision for this community of seekers is to explore the absolute exhilaration of sharing “out loud” the fun, intriguing, synchronous, edgy, interesting, and even mundane messages that gain clarity through the energetics of group dynamics.  There’s a Preview Call coming up on Wednesday, June 2, 11:00 am CT.  Come play!

  • Are you intrigued by the idea of channeling?
  • Do you like to play with like-minded friends?
  • Do you want to know more about sensing energy?
  • Is being an adventurer, explorer, seeker, student, or joiner one of your themes?

Consider this your personal invitation to live your theme with me.

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“Something More” Flows from Avatar Creations!

Don’t you love it when you allow yourself to stay open to the flow of energy and the outcome is so much bigger, brighter than what you could have imagined?  Last weekend I took all sorts of “goodies” to my friend, Carolyn’s, creative inspiration party to decorate paper doll avatars.  Thanks to my sister, Jill, who mentioned that “Avatars can really be anything, whatever you feel represents you like an eagle or a butterfly or even a flower,” and all manner of creativity broke loose to surface the most beautiful “avatars.”

Here’s a short clip of some of the creative ways people expressed who they are through the visual arts.

In a world of “super-connectivity,” this avatar-making project was about connecting up with another friend, Soleira’s cosmicious birthday party happening in the UK.  Her theme was “I See You – A Brilliant World Revealed.”  Check out her site for the global super-connected way she celebrated.

Carolyn keeps hearing back from guests who are loving seeing their “avatars” hanging on the fridge, over their desk, or near their bed.  “People are so surprised by what cool things they came up with.”  And I am too!  Both with what I saw others create, and with the one that flowed out of me.

I had no idea what it meant when I put it together, but as I continue to look at it every day, my HS keeps feeding me more and more insight about it (wild streak, heart centered, financial abundance).

Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self teleclass begins Tuesday, March 23.  My avatar reminds me daily of how opening to communication with your Higher Self can fill you with a sense of the “something more” that is you.  Reconnect with your “something more” using the tools I’ll share, as you also build your skills for recognizing and interpreting communication from your HS.   It is limited to 10 people so that you get lots of personal attention.  Look for my offer on FaceBook for some 2-for-1 discounts.  Only 3 of these available!

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What Would Your Avatar Look Like?

Tomorrow night I’m creating my Avatar!  And I’m hoping about 35 other people will join me in creating theirs.

So, here’s the story.  I have this wonderfully cosmicious friend in the UK who is turning 60 on Saturday.   Soleira has created a world wide super-connected celebration with energetic hook-ups during the day, a cosmic ball in the evening, and all sorts of people around the globe gathering to honor her and her work of envisioning a vibrant world through collective connectivity.  Soleira’s event, themed from the movie Avatar, is “I See You – A Brilliant World Revealed.”  When I got the invitation, I knew I wanted to be a part of this global party whose purpose is “to source a super connected world, where everyone is seen, brilliance is ignited in all and our connection to Life sources and connects us all.

It just so happens I have another wonderfully connected friend here in Austin throwing her own celebratory party on Saturday evening focused on sharing our inner creative brilliance.  “Ah-ha,” say I, “This is no coincidence.”  It was an easy jump to see that my creative contribution to Carolyn’s party could also celebrate Soleira by setting up a station to decorate our own avatars!

Did you know that “avatar” is a Sanskrit word meaning “a form of self?”  It also carries the meaning, “an embodiment, as of a quality or concept, an archetype.”  The question then becomes for each person coming to my table, “What quality do I want to be known for and how would I relate that quality through the visual senses?”

I have 12” x 18” blue construction paper to cut into personal avatar paper dolls.  From there, it’s all about letting creativity flow!  People can choose from vibrant sequins of various shapes and sizes, glitter, multicolored yarn, “fur” ribbon, vivid ribbons of stars, butterflies, and flowers, lots of buttons of all shapes and sizes, colorful feathers, scraps of material, lace, golden cord, richly hued embroidery threads, jingle bells, and pieces of jewelry.

Once decorated, we’ll hang all of these lovely and beautiful self-expressed avatars on the wall, connected hand to hand.  Of course I’ll have my new flip-cam with me to record these dazzling dolls to inspire you to think about your avatar!

What do YOU embody?

Does the idea of knowing how to connect up energetically with people half way around the world intrigue you? You’ll learn this and more in my Resourcing the Riches of Your Higher Self Teleclass that begins on Tuesday, March 23.  This class is limited to only 10 people so that you receive a lot of personal attention.  The first two (2) people who contact me to register for the class get a 75% discount!

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Sort of like swimming with dolphins

A fundamental theory in the world of quantum physics, Michael Talbot’s “holographic universe” states in part, “at a deeper level of reality, all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”  This is the very basis of my Coached Collectives community, our infinite interconnectedness with one another that can be experienced, observed, embraced and even transformed.

In groups, I like to play with the possibility that the others in the group represent some aspect of me experiencing life through them.  Maybe a group member embodies a quality I admire and I get to feel myself reflecting that quality in his/her life.   Or there might be an opportunity to sense what it’s like to have accomplished a skill that in my own life I have no time to pursue.  In the “unified field” it is me possessing these qualities and skills.

It’s really a very unique sensation, this interconnectedness.  You learn to become aware of yourself as your unique essence combining with, and interconnected to, the essence of the collective group.  In my imagination, I think this must feel like how dolphins experience each other when they are swimming together in a pod.  A sense of oneness, community, and feeling completely understood and accepted.

And, it’s actually pretty easy to do, because, after all, we’re interconnected.  That’s the point.  The group learns together how to “swim” synchronously, supporting each other in learning easy ways to feel, sense, and work with this collective energy.

Come experience this “dolphin energy” for yourself!  Join me Wednesday, January 27, at 11:00 am CT (noon ET, 9:00 am PT) for a PREVIEW call and get your own experience of interconnectedness.  I promise the call will be fun, enlivening, and not at all scary!

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Synching Deeper with Synchronicity

Did you join me in asking your Higher Self (HS) what is ready to shift? I just knew my HS wanted me to let go of judgment. In fact, I had a lot of judgment showing up about how much I interacted with an ongoing background commentary of “compare and contrast” no matter what I was up to. But, every time I attempted to have a dialogue with HS around this, or create a meditative vision around letting judgment go, my HS wasn’t to be found, not interested, at least at this time, with “dropping something.”

No, this New Year is about allowing more of something, rather than letting go. This year I’m to play at a much deeper level with synchronicity. Here’s a short youtube that describes the physics of synchronicity.

Based on my conversations with HS, I’m being encouraged to play with the intersection of synchronicity, excitement, and multidimensionality. Not exactly sure what this means, but what I gathered from my “channel” it looks something like:

As I am one with everything, then there are aspects of me in the form of other people that get excited about marketing, organization, collaboration, and business development. As I play consciously at higher levels of synchronicity, then these aspects of myself will show up, excited to assist me in growing this new business of mine. In a moment-to-moment basis, as I follow my excitement, then it is the excitement that energizes the synchronistic pull of these aspects of myself, in the form of another, to me.

Hmmm, as I write this I can feel how this is going to stretch me in the “trusting in the universe” department. Where is your Higher Self stretching you this year?

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