I am so Grateful for Guidance from my Higher Self

I am so grateful.

I am so grateful that I have practiced communicating with, and opening to the guidance of my Higher Self on a regular, consistent basis.

I am so grateful that I can hear, see, smell, receive, feel, touch, surrender to, and interpret this ongoing communication that flows to me unceasingly from my Higher Self.


If January was about sitting back (read more), then February was about bounding forward!  Things came together all of a sudden in February for my husband and I to take action on a home renovation project that has been on the vision board for years and years.

And, my Higher Self is here with me every step of the way.

 “Throw this away?  Get this shredded?”  A very certain “yes” or “no” is present.

 “Whom should I give this to?” A feeling about a specific person or organization shows up, and I’ve noticed it is appreciatively accepted.

 “Where is such and such?”  I can see clearly the box where it’s been packed, or the location in my house or car where the lost object is hiding.

These seem sort of trivial things when I write them here, but what I know is that my life flows easier, decisions seem clearer, and stress and worry are almost non-existent as I lean into this treasured skill that perhaps I had come to take for granted.

What it means is that I am actually living in each present moment these days.

I stay in the present moment even as I purge and release my hold on the past, and even as we create plans for this project’s future.  My foundation of trust in my Higher Self is being beautifully illuminated for me to see and appreciate.  What I am recognizing here is an outward manifestation of the inward embodiment of my Essence, fully allowing myself as a Spiritual Being to be doing

HA! This is what it looks like to “incarnate” as your Spirit.  It looks like every day life on the outside.  Yet there is this beautiful harmonic chord of peace, vibrancy, excitement, joy, happiness, curiosity, freedom, and more, on the inside.  How sweet is that?

I am so grateful. 

Ideas for Opening to the Guidance of Your Higher Self:

  • Sink your awareness into your heart space, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Ask any question you want to of your Higher Self and wait expectantly for an answer to “bubble up” from deep inside.  Build your foundation of trust by beginning with little, non-consequential questions such as “What is the optimal dish for me to order?” or “Which email is best for me to read first?”  Play with the results by looking for the fun synchronicities that show up when you follow this guidance, even on little things.
  • Are you interested in exploring the path of embodying your Essence?  I am looking for beta testers for my e-course, The Spiritual Explorer’s Path, that will be ready for feedback in about 4 – 6 weeks.  At the completion of this e-course you will feel your Spiritual (Higher) Self fully integrated into your physical, moment-to-moment existence.  In exchange for your thoughtful insights about this product, you can receive it for FREE by completing the form below.

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12.12.12 Your Gateway to Gentling Our Birth

A Birth is going to happen in December whether you are ready or not.  Why not be a conduit for gentling this birth, both for yourself and for our humanity?

TODAY, 12 – 12 – 12, is the day for you to begin the “labor” process so that you can fully release the “old ways of being” on Dec. 21 and birth in the “new ways of being” on Dec. 22.  Think of 12/12/12 as your gateway and 12/21, 22 as the time when your gate actually opens into your manifested new dimension.

What you do today significantly impacts whether you have a gentle birth, or an intense birth, but birthed you will be!  (Read more about the significance of today here. http://www.simion7d.com/December2012.html)

This whole month is aligned with your third chakra, the place of your personal power and is your element of fire.  See below for some suggestions about ways for you to connect TODAY with the potential of this gateway energy that is flowing up through your solar plexus.

You don’t have to be alone when the Birth happens.  The Shift Network is sponsoring a major global event that begins Dec 21 (noon Pacific) for an unprecedented 33-hour webcast through Dec 22 (9:00 pm Pacific).

Get all of the info here:  https://birth2012.com

I would love to hear about your gateway experience in the comments below or connect on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ChannelYourHigherSelf.

If you live in Austin we would love to hear how you plan to celebrate our birth of a new humanity.  Come to Birth 2012 Austin and share your ideas!

Connect to the 12.12.12 Gateway Energy in These Ways:

  • Solitary rhythmic movement that lights your fire such as transcendent dance, power yoga, or contemplative running or walking.  Use mantras and breathing techniques to move you out of your thinking mind and into your expansive self.  Allow insights about “old ways” you are ready to release to emerge and “new ways” you are welcoming in to gain clarity.
  • Through meditation, contemplation, or prayer, come face to face with long held fears and see the illusions present in them.  As your fears lose their hold on you, bring your focus into your heart to see what is most wanting to emerge as your full expression in the world.  Allow this desire to enter your solar plexus and ignite your imagination about what this might look like in a “new world” and let this dream play out in a variety of playful ways.
  • Collect the information you receive from your deep knowing about what is “old” and ready to drop away, what is “new” and awaiting your presence, and what you are the most grateful for as you move toward your new beginning.  Write each of these on separate pieces of paper.  Create your own ritual that culminates in using fire to transmute these desires into manifested energy that will be waiting for you on 12/21, 22 to transform into physicality.
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See the Earthquake in Your Fears

My sweet niece, Megan, started high school on Monday morning.  She has been anxious about it and finally on Sunday morning she told her mom, my sister, that she wanted to make a list of all the things she was nervous about that might happen on her first day.  Impressed with her daughter, mom immediately got pencil and paper and became the scribe.  Megan’s list included, among other things, earthquakes, flooding, her house tipping over, and car wrecks.  Her list might make you smile, but it got me to thinking.  Megan has Down syndrome and speaks whatever is present in her mind.  I began to see her list as an incredible example of what it really feels like inside to be fearful.

It’s easy to see her list as an example of how we make up stories about the futureIt is the stories we tell ourselves that create the fear, often unfounded by the facts of the situation.  It’s in our filtered perception of the situation where we get lost.

Thinking that her expressions of fear might also relate well to a dream state where the subconscious gives us images of our fear, I looked up this list in my dream symbols book.  Here’s what I found:

  • Earthquakes – an enormous event creating general insecurity; also a sign of making a new beginning.
  • Flooding – seething emotions and the fear of being overwhelmed by your emotions.
  • House – symbolizes a place of protection and security, the shelter of the soul.
  • Car – points to the transformation into something new, while “Wreck” represents obstacles and barriers toward your goal.

Smart girl, eh?  She expressed through images many of the things we all feel when we are headed into a new situation, a place of the unknown.  But wait, it gets better.  After she made the list of what made her nervous, she wanted to make a list of what she could do to combat her fear.  (My sister swears she didn’t even prompt her to do this!)  This list included some very practical things like “looking out the window to check the weather” or checking her iPad for weather updates.  It also included her most powerful coping strategies such as prayer and talking to her imaginary friends.  What impressed me the most about this list is that it was about getting present to the moment.  It is when we are conscious and aware right in each moment that we can feel safe, confident, and more of who we really are.  When I listen to Megan talking to her imaginary friends she frequently is describing the situation she is in, and how she is feeling and “they” seem to help her sort through her sense of confusion to an understanding of what she needs to do/be/act in that moment.

Do you feel fearful about your future?  Can you see the “earthquakes, flooding and car wrecks” that you are making up?

Learning to stay focused in your present moment is a first step to diminishing these stories.  The second step is learning quality tools for sensing, feeling and managing the wide range of emotions that flow through us constantly so that you can be with any emotion, even BIG ones, without the fear of being overwhelmed by an emotion you can’t handle.  If you want help with either of these steps, please contact me at information@channelyourhigherself.com to talk about forming a coaching relationship.

Oh yea, Megan had a GREAT first day in high school.


Want to address your fears?  Try Megan’s approach:

  • Make a list of the things that make you feel nervous or anxious.
  • Notice if anything on your list is an idea, fantasy, belief or thought about what might happen, instead of what is actually so.  Can you rewrite your fear based strictly on facts as they stand in the current moment?  Notice if your fear or anxiety shifts a bit.  You can keep rewriting and editing as you continue to refocus on what is so versus what is made up.
  • Make a list of what strategies/tools you can use to get you out of your story-making thoughts and in to your present moment.  Do one of these right now (one very simple, yet highly effective technique is to take three or four deep full breaths, breathing in and out very slowly.)  When you feel like you’ve brought your mind back to the current moment, make a list of all of the sensations you feel.  These could be things like calm, peaceful, relaxed, more free, shoulders released, face relaxed, etc.
  • Keep your focus on your “present moment” feelings and ask your Higher Self to give you one or two concrete action steps you might take on ONE of the issues that is making you anxious.  Write this down followed by a commitment statement about when you will take the action.



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Don’t just Transform, Transubstantiate!

In a recent Conscious Evolutionary Circle the idea was brought into the field that in our worldview we want to experience the “Shift” as transubstantiation, NOT just transformation.  To transform is to alter what we already have.  To transubstantiate is CHANGE our substance altogether.

The butterfly analogy is a perfect reference for this distinction.  The caterpillar spins its chrysalis and disintegrates within.    It is the “imaginal cells” (yes, they are really called that) that begin the process of building the butterfly.  We, as lightworkers, are the imaginal cells of our planetary body and it is up to us to begin to truly imagine, and then EMBODY, what an entirely NEW species we can become.

We have a 13+ billion year history of nature taking quantum leaps transubstantiating into completely new forms of life.  This time, however, we are the first species in that 13 billion years to be self aware of the evolutionary step in front of us.  We are being asked by nature to step into our roles as imaginal cells to midwife this transubstantiation.

One of the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard states,

Code 29 – You are Now Ready to Undergo the Process of Transubstantiation

Mind affects matter.  “Matter” is not dense and solid but rather is energy and information in motion, in largely empty space, guided by an invisible, non-physical Self or consciousness.

The Universal Self is that consciousness personalized.  Through the integration of the full spectrum of selves, combined with your unconflicted behavior and passionate intent to evolve, the substance of your body/mind is changing to the higher vibration of the Universal Self.

This is saying YOU must transubstantiate yourself.  You must move beyond the limitations of your egoic separation, and incarnate right NOW as the Universal Human we are to emerge as when we “eclose” from this chrysalis we are creating now on our planet.  Who is the Universal Human?

See yourself as omni-present. … Post-transition experience is universal personhood, whose Self is unique and universal, formless and in a form which is not bound by ego – but is a consciously manifested expression of Source or Spirit as you.  The dichotomy between formless and form disappears.  It is all Consciousness creating.  Barbara Marx Hubbard, 52 Codes

Some Things You Can do to Begin Transubstantiation:

  • Seek out communion with other pioneering souls who believe that such a Shift is possible and want to support one another.  One such place is the community of Agents of Conscious Evolution.  You can enroll any time in the class and join a dynamic community with a common purpose.  theacetraining.com/ACE
  • Join a Conscious Evolutionary Circle to find others interested in evolving our planet.  Find a Circle near you (or start and post one of your own) at:  Birth2012.com.  In Austin, join our Meetup Group at http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Conscious-Evolutionaries/.  We’re also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary


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Midwife Your Inner World to Midwife Our Planet

I can see fireworks in the distance as I watch from the hospital room window.  My dad is lying in the bed in a coma in the hospice room and we are waiting for him to die.  I thought that once the life support systems were removed that it would happen quickly, but that’s not how it works, at least not for him.  It was four days later, on July 8, 2005, early in the morning that he finally let go.  I’m not that interested in seeing fireworks anymore.

The strange thing, though, is that I’ve developed an even deeper relationship with my dad since his death.  I feel him visit me often, especially when I am in meditation.  He’s been much on my mind these past few days, of course, and he came to be with me this morning when I sat with my meditation group at Whole Foods.

When the “sit” began I was feeling all sorts of big, uncomfortable energies swirling in me and around me.  I think it’s part of what is going on in the world right now, lots of chaotic, “old stuff” wanting to transform.  Just Monday I worked with my buddy coach, Amy, on a very old cell level memory that created a decision that shows up as a recurring pattern in my life that I would like to transform.  I’m using EFT as one tool to shift this pattern.  If you know this work (and it’s good stuff, so go here if you don’t), you know that you include a statement similar to, “I profoundly love, honor, forgive and support myself.”

In my sit I began tapping out this pattern (using my etheric hand).  Within minutes I was filled with a knowing of being loved.  I clearly felt my father’s presence there to remind me of who I really am.  Through words, feelings, knowing states, and emotions he helped me get clear about the difference between the human aspects of myself and my true state of divinity.  I am so grateful to have my dad continuing to nurture and guide me in my life.

Are you feeling chaotic?
Is “old stuff” that you thought you had cleared showing up for you again?

I believe those of us that have awakened are mirroring the transformation that is gestating in our planet.  As we midwife these deeper shifts for ourselves, we energize and help midwife the deeper shifts within our humanity that must change for our planet to experience the birth of our more evolved humanity.

Resources for midwifing the birth of our planet:

  • Do you crave a community that understands the transformation that is wanting to be birthed?  Do you feel called to contribute your own unique gifts?  I encourage you to listen in to this FREE global teleclass, “The Birth of a New You and a New Humanity” featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard and Neale Donald Walsch as they share their vision, wisdom and guidance for birthing a more peaceful, sustainable and connected humanity.  Sunday, July 15, (recording available)  http://theacetraining.com/BirthOfANewYou
  • Maybe you already know you are an Agent for Conscious Evolution.  I can highly recommend this program that is more than just training.  Your life will change as you get the support to step powerfully into the gift you are here to give to humanity.  The “shared focus” of this community is to create a celebration on December 22, 2012 to acknowledge the evolutionary birth of our new humanity.  http://theacetraining.com/ACE
  • If you yearn to move beyond “old” patterns and allow your most powerful self to shine through, I would love to support you.  I have a few spaces for new coaching clients to work with me in a sacred opening to your most authentic expression.


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The Buzz Around Happiness & Heart Intelligence

Shift out of resistance and happiness shows up on wings of inspiration, action, joy and a sudden feeling that life is truly joyful”  Erica Glessing


This beautiful sentiment was penned by a former client, Erica Glessing, who authored Happiness Quotations, and is the instigator of a powerful new opportunity, the Happiness Telesummit.  Erica interviews 32 world class Happiness Experts, including yours truly, to build the vibration of happiness across the planet.  The summit runs 7 days, May 24 – May 30, and is free for the listening (or optional fee to download these amazing interviews).  Sign up here:  http://bit.ly/eghapch

“Evolutionary Happiness” is the topic of my interview.  When you’re feeling so inspired in your work

  • that time doesn’t exist
  • creativity springs forth
  • synchronicities stream resources to you, and
  • perfect collaborative playmates show up

you are following the pull of your evolutionary impulse and the resulting fulfillment and satisfaction elicits evolutionary happiness!  During the interview I lead an exercise to help you tap into your evolutionary impulse (read more) and give you tips for developing your capacity for evolutionary happiness.  My interview is scheduled for Sunday, May 27 at 2:00 CST (you can listen to it for free for up to 48 hours later).  Sign up here:  http://bit.ly/eghapch

If you are looking for ways to shift out of your resistance, one of the best coaches I’ve found for this is Christian Pankhurst.  We are nearing the end of his launch for the Accelerated Awakening Program, (registration begins 5/24, noon ET, http://bit.ly/awkn4ch) but there is still time to watch his free video series that is packed full of value about “Heart Intelligence.”  Register at http://bit.ly/awknch

Through the 3 FREE video series you’ll discover what it means to live your life using your Heart Intelligence that creates opportunities that your mind intelligence would never “see.”  Here’s what you will learn:

Video 1:  http://bit.ly/awknch

  • — How to consciously feel joy whenever you want to
  • — How to discern your heart’s truth verus your conditioning
  • — How to access your deepest longings and bring them into physical reality
  • — How to feel into what you need, ask for what you want and LET IT IN!

Video 2:  http://bit.ly/awkn2ch

  • – The power of embodiment and why changing your beliefs won’t work
  • – Turning your shadow into your greatest gift
  • – How to Expand Your Emotional Range, safely and enjoyably

Video 3:  http://bit.ly/awkn3ch

  • – The difference between inspiration and motivation
  • – How to build a vision that is magnetic to the forces of creation
  • – Taking inspired action rather than disciplined ‘push’
  • – How to express yourself so your message ‘lands’
  • – Why traditional goal setting won’t work as effectively
  • – The difference between Heart Power & Will Power
  • – Knowing your true direction & receiving guidance

As you can see, it’s well worth the optin to gain access to these videosBuilding your Heart Intelligence is a foundational practice for Conscious Evolutionaries to be able to step even more powerfully into contributing their gifts in the world.  To begin with video 1, register at http://bit.ly/awknch.


Join other Conscious Evolutionaries as we seek to fully embody our own evolutionary happiness by giving our gifts powerfully in service to evolving humanity.  Our Conscious Evolutionary Circles focus on using  the methods of  Heart Intelligence as we build our skills as agents of change for the good.  More info at http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Conscious-Evolutionaries/ or https://www.facebook.com/ConscEvolutionary

1st & 3rd Wednesday mornings, 9:15 – 10:30 a.m., Whole Foods outdoor mezzanine at 6th and Lamar.

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Skating Through Work & Life

An ice skater, in a beautiful, flowing white, silvery, sparkly kind of outfit, moving gracefully across the ice.  That’s the image that surfaced for me when a friend asked me for a metaphor of how I wanted my December/January to feel.

An ice skater works on so many levels for me.  I’m in the midst of developing a new product I want to release in January (I’m totally excited about it!), yet there is still quite a bit of work to do.  My new product needs to look pretty, become accessible through new web pages, entered into a software program so it can be purchased, and marketed, of course.  There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that must happen to launch a new product.

In figure skating the “long program” is all about demonstrating the skater’s skills, grace and athleticism.  There are changes in rhythm, jumps, spins, long graceful movements and short bursts of fancy footwork, all of this while maintaining a look of grace, ease, effortlessness and balance.  It takes practice to create this sense of flow.

My practice for the past ten years has revolved around how to work in ways that don’t feel stressful, overwhelming and out of balance.  I’ve learned, and utilize, a number of tools to do this, sometimes successfully, other times not so much.  So, with this new product development I am once again focused on my “long program.”  I intend to demonstrate not only my skills for writing and coaching, but also, at working within a state of grace as I change rhythms, jump, spin and glide my way through the myriad of tasks associated with this new product while also participating in holiday cheer.

Which way is the dancer turning when you look at her?  It’s said that in whatever direction she’s turning is the side of the brain you’re using to see her.  Turning clockwise? You’re in your right brain.  Turning counter clockwise? That’s the left brain.  Can you shift your perspective and see her turning in the opposite direction? Can you change the speed of her turn?  Can you do this at will? All of these are possible!

I use her to remind myself that I can shift my perspective at any time I want to if I’m “skating” in a way that doesn’t feel good to me.  It’s my practice for creating grace, ease, effortlessness and balance.  What’s your practice?


Want to Create Your Own Metaphor?

  • Sit quietly, close your eyes and take a few deep, centering breaths.
  1. Now pose the question to your Higher Self, “What image will best serve to remind me of my deepest desires for how I want to ‘be’ as I move through these next few months?”
  2. Allow the answer to float up from your depths, without forcing or trying to make it happen.
  3. Be open to it showing up as an image, phrase, specific color(s), metaphor, story, archetype, or any number of ways your Higher Self can communicate with you.
  4. Journal about the image you received; why is it perfect?
  5. Draw the image or find a facsimile that you can post to remind yourself of your deepest desires.
  6. Most of all, have FUN with this!!


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Cosmosgenesis, I AM the Story of Conscious Evolution

Be Still.

I received this in a meditation last week when I asked, “What is most wanting to emerge from me?”

Be Still and you will Know.

And now I Know.

I just returned from sitting with a group (always so powerful to synchronize energies with others) whose intention is to sit in the middle of the city for 40 minutes of silence and then to share about that experience.  The first thing I experienced was a deep appreciation for the luxury of having 40 minutes of stillness ahead of me.  It felt very expansive, so much so that the loud noises of traffic, trains, horns, and people moving around us became part of that expansiveness, included and welcomed in that expansiveness.  That was cool.

But the coolest thing was as my inner stillness deepened even as it juxtaposed to the loud hum of the city, I felt the story of “cosmogenesisbecome me or, I guess, I became it, I AM it.

In the Conscious Evolution Circles we teach the “Three C’s of Conscious Evolution” based on the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard.  The first “C” is “cosmogenesis,” the story of evolution over the past 13+ billion years.  This is the story that out of nothingness consciousness (God, Source Energy, Nature, Universal Love) occurred.  From that moment forward, the natural process of consciousness was to evolve by quantum leaps, always to higher consciousness, more complexity, greater freedom.  From no-thing, to a the universe, to an earth, to life, to animal life and then human life, the inner impulse of consciousness is to continuously seek higher consciousness, more complexity, greater freedom.

In this moment of sitting, I felt the non-dual state of being formless and the timelessness of the beginning of consciousness TOGETHER WITH the impulse to evolve to higher consciousness that is encoded into our DNA.  I felt myself TO BE the successful evolution of these 13+ billion years of evolution still excited and motivated to seek higher consciousness, more complexity and greater freedom.  The vast awakening that is occurring throughout our world is the turning on of this DNA encoded switch that NOW is the time for our next evolutionary leap.

What are the possibilities for that leap?  Saturday, October 15, you have an extraordinary opportunity to hear 14 leading Conscious Evolutionaries talk about their vision of what’s possible in this unique time of planetary transformation.


BIRTH 2012 Convergence Day!

and others form the “Welcoming Committee” to our Birthing of Universal Humanity

Live Virtual Event, 12:00 – 2:00 Pacific Time

Register Here



Even if you can’t attend live, register anyway to receive the recording of this extraordinary gathering of visionaries creating intentionality around global change.  Most important of all is that YOU are invited to give your own unique gifts to this co-creative planetary shift.  Are you game?


How to Feel the Story of Cosmogenesis within Yourself:

  1. Begin by connecting deeply with your Essence, who you really are.  (Listen to a guided way to do this on my Higher Consciousness Coaching page.)
  2. Observe first the field of energy that is you that is timeless, formless, peaceful and infinite, yourself as pure awareness.  Soak in this state for as long as you wish, it is delicious.
  3. When you are ready, allow this request to sit in your heart space, “Show me what the evolutionary impulse feels, looks, sounds like in me.”
  4. Observe any thoughts, feelings, images, colors, sounds, “downloads,” or impressions that surface within you.  Notice the sensations in your body as you do this.  You are in touch with the DNA of cosmogenesis!
  5. Write about your experience in your journal to anchor this awareness.


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Inspired to Passion

Who inspires you? Last night my ears perked up when I heard Diana Nyad’s name mentioned on the news about her upcoming swim from Cuba to Florida.  Diana was one of my first mentors for physical fitness as a lifestyle.  Her book, Basic Training for Women, was written in such an inspirational, motivational and personal way that I found myself thinking of Diana almost as a personal friend.  This was 30 years ago!  I think my desire to be in partnership with my body – to honor it, respect it, to find joy in moving it, to feed it well, to learn from it – can be traced back to Diana’s motivational reverence for the mind/body/life connection.

So here I am 30 years later inspired once again by Diana’s persistence to live out a dream. She attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida in 1978, and also intended to complete this swim last summer in celebration of turning 60.  In both cases, weather, something beyond her control, stopped her.  Diana is once again on the brink of realizing this dream.

One of my primary intentions while participating in the Youthening Program (energy downloads channeled through Wendy Down) is to feel the passion of my younger self, the me who believes she is here to make a difference in this world. Listen to Diana as she also steps into the passion of daring to follow through on an earlier dream, to feel herself as the collective energy of her aging cohort who are unwilling to be defined by conditioned beliefs about aging.

THIS is the time in our world to step fully into your passion, giving your gifts to the worldMy passion is being stimulated around consciousness transformation.  I just found out this week I have a place to begin leading Consciousness Evolution circles!  More about that in August, but for now, if the idea of playing a role and giving your gifts to our planet’s evolution is tapping you on the shoulder, I encourage you to attend or listen to the recording of the Activation Call led by Barbara Marx Hubbard this Saturday, July 23.  Or, become an Agent of Consciousness Evolution (read more) and join me in creating your own local evolutionary circle.

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Gestating FREEDOM

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m in a gestational period.  I’m incubating the next phase of my vocation, though I do not yet know what it looks like.  I do, however, have the full support of the Universe as I am receiving many synchronous signs about what this next phase feels likeFREEDOM!

A couple of weeks ago I was walking home from the gym where I am a personal trainer, thinking about client hours, cancellations, income, the time oriented nature of this biz, and retirement.  The question I raised for myself was, “If you retired, what would you want to do with your time?”  Well, I treasure the physical training I do with others and would want to keep a few clients; I enjoy playing with energy, consciousness expansion, and sharing these kinds of resources with others; I get pleasure from writing about living from a connection with your Higher Self.   A huge wave of recognition flowed through me and I just had to laugh out loud!  I am already living in a way that reflects what I want to do when I “retire!”  I am already experiencing the FREEDOM I imagined for my future.

Last week I confessed to a friend I had wasted too much time lately playing Angry Birds (really? it’s embarrassing!).  She told me that when she was pregnant she had the most delicious feeling of being continuously productive, regardless of whether she was “in action” or not.  She was producing a baby when she was taking a nap, watching mindless TV or working; the most important thing was that she was gestating. There it is, FREEDOM to follow whatever is calling to me whether it is strategic games to entertain my mind, or bike rides to fuel my body, or sharing my professional skills, the real productivity of gestating my future is happening 24/7 and it needs the time, space and FREEDOM to do that.

One last example is from the Agents of Consciousness Evolution training.  Our focus the past few weeks is around allowing our compass of joy to bring forth our unique skills and gifts so that we each can use these in service to the transformation of our world. As Agents, we see ourselves as the pioneers modeling a co-creative community that honors every ones’ strengths and gifts, providing the FREEDOM for people to self-express in ways that empower their highest contribution to the community.  It’s the FREEDOM to be who you really are, abundantly supported on all levels, to joyously evolve our world through your own full self-expression.

Integrating More Freedom Into Your Life:

  • Where in your life do you feel the most restricted or stuck? Now take the opposite view and “make a case” in your journal how this part of your life actually reflects some aspect of FREEDOM.  What insights or inspired action steps come from this?
  • In your quite time, ask yourself, “What is growing in me that wants to be shared with the world? You may not receive a specific answer, but you may receive a feeling, an image, a color, a thought, a scenario. Just notice what shows up and allow this new information to incubate. Check in again after a few days to see what else is present. How is this information moving you toward experiencing more FREEDOM of self-expression in your life? Check out programs (many are free!) by the Shift Network to support you in your journey toward full self-expression.
  • Whenever I lead clients to experience themselves as their most expanded Self and ask, “What are you feeling?” invariably I hear “FREEDOM.” Listen to my meditation,The Mental Gap,” which leads you through the experience of feeling yourself as pure energy. You can download this for FREE using the promotional code FREEDOM. Share your experiences HERE of feeling your Mental Gap!
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