Be the Midwife & Gentle Humanity’s Birth

My heart is so open I just wept with the beauty of this clip from the 1982 move, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.  This wonderful image of E.T.’s heart, big, red and vibrating with love, became the culminating energetic symbol of our Conscious Evolutionary Circle this morning as we focused our attention, and intention, on gentling the Birth of our humanity in this transformational shift we are experiencing on our planet.

Our topic of discussion revolved around making conscious the collective unconscious resistance to the shift, then stepping fully into our powerful pioneer selves to transform this resistance into energetic pathways that support the Birth so that it proceeds more gently.  Wowie zowie, to put it that way really brings home the perspective that we, which includes you since you are reading this blog, are here to play BIG in this world!  Yet, every one of us walked away from our Circle experience feeling fully empowered to authentically step into our agency as a Conscious Evolutionary.

Here are the 3 primary tools we played with this morning to energize the field of “allowing” (vs. “resisting”) the Birth of a heart-centered humanity to emerge:

  • “Touch” one another from the depths of our open hearts (think E.T.).  Seek to live in our highest vibration possible, seeing the highest vibration of others even when they show up in their lowest vibration.  Connect to our heart energy often and allow our hearts to resonate with those around us in order to strengthen the morphic energy field of Love. 
  • Awaken to an even deeper understanding that our outer world is a reflection back to us of the unconscious resistance that can be found within each one of us as the hologram of the universe that we are.  To affect the outer world we must first shift our inner world, which then gets reflected back to us as a shift in our outer world.  Visualize an infinity sign.
  • Step courageously into our calling as a conscious wayshower, and boldly claim our strengths in order to give our gifts.  When we are clear about who we really are, we recognize our unique gifts are imperative for the world AND that we are a single facet of one consciousness. “Me” becomes “we,” seeking generative alliances with whom to co-create, satisfying a yearning for both resonance and differing perspectives.  This shift involves letting go of Egoic identities, limiting beliefs, and old paradigms.


Are you getting caught up in the chaotic energy that is the manifestation of the collective unconscious resistance,


are you midwifing and gentling our birth?


My wish is for you to step courageously into your gifts as a wayshower and join with others in gentling this Birth that is moving our humanity, ready or not.


Actions You Can Take to Help Gentle our Birth:

  • Get involved with Birth 2012, a global celebration on 12/22/12 recognizing our emergence into a new way of being founded in unity consciousness.  If you’re in Austin, create your own celebration to honor our Birth and post it on Birth 2012 Austin facebook page,
  • Become an Agent of Conscious Evolution (ACE) to gain skills, knowledge, and support for stepping boldly into your gifts for the shift.
  • Learn more about your inner landscape and skills for shifting your inner world so that your outer world is more to your liking.  A great (free) resource for this is the Consciousness Playground.
  • Get involved with a community of like-minded pioneers that will support you in living more authentically.  If you are in Austin, we would love to have you in our Conscious Evolutionary Circles.  Or, you can find a wide variety of personal growth, social responsibility, and spiritual exploration programs through the Shift Network.  They also sponsor a social media gateway called the Shift Movement where you can find/create community.
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What’s Your Highest Vision for Humanity Post-Birth?

The challenge we now face is the challenge of choosing our destiny. Our generation, of all the thousands of generations before us, is called upon to decide the fate of life on this planet. The processes we have initiated within our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our parents and grandparents cannot continue in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. Whatever we do will either create the framework for reaching a peaceful and cooperative global society and thus continuing the grand adventure of life, spirit, and consciousness on Earth, or set the stage for the termination of humanity’s tenure on this planet.
Segment 2 of Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness


Are you a Law of Attraction fan?  Then you understand how critical it is for awakened planetary citizens to focus on the highest vision for our planet we can achieve.

As an Agent of Conscious Evolution (this inspirational and life affirming class begins anew Wed, 10/10), I am stepping more fully into my agency as a Conscious Evolutionary and asking questions to stimulate new thoughts, new perceptions, more hope, and greater planetary involvement.  Based on David Gershon’s work, Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World, I dialogued with two groups of people last week around this statement:


Create a positive vision of the transformative change of our Birth you wish to see at the personal, organizational, and systems level.


Wow!  Here is a sampling of the possibilities and potentials people were “remembering” about our future, once we make a full shift into unity consciousness.

Co-creation:  People are attracted to collaborate with one another through their mutual interests and excitement, each seeing the “other” for the unique gifts each brings to the project; projects are viewed as ways to expand consciousness by playing in both physical and non-physical realms; we are no longer bound to the Earth plane, though it remains a place to gather and connect; everyone understands fully their Divine Self and are inspired and guided by the Evolutionary Impulse to continuously expand consciousness.

Heightened empathy & intuition:  An ability to truly “get” and know one another; to understand, value and “see” one another as an aspect of ourselves having a different experience; to use this skill as a portal for shape shifting and to experience multi-dimensionality.

Transparency:  Through telepathy an ability to know what others are thinking so no more hidden agendas, back room deals, lies or cheating; increased access to the noosphere (higher collective intelligence); access to information, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values of others no matter where they are when you experience connection/resonance with them; impacts need for language, words, etc.; new ways of communication unheard of now will be the norm.

Governance/Justice systems:  Leadership for “the good of all” rises, with no power struggles, more service oriented; flatter governing models, more self-governing, self-responsibility; less need for punitive based justice, higher potential for love-based community oriented “do-overs.”

Economics:  People rise to their highest levels of service, giving their gifts at their highest potential; all gifts are valued and respected; less need for money, more focus on energy exchange; improved skills of manifestation so less need to “buy” things; abundance and prosperity for all so less need to “prove” worth with things and a simpler life is the norm; there is no power viewed in accumulation as everyone knows the “secret” to manifesting what is desired and the idea of “power” becomes irrelevant.

Health/Aging:  Health issues, as well as aging bodies, subside as people use their skills of co-creation with their own bodies; emotional and mental health practices support ever evolving consciousness; what we call “aging” only occurs through the choice of an individual and is no longer a given.


As you can see, when you allow yourself to play with what’s possible, there’s no limit for your vision.  Who knows what our “post-Birth” scenario will be, but what I do know, is the more I play in the field of what would be fun to experience, the greater the energy field of that attractor pattern becomes and helps to pull me (and collective consciousness) forward.

Never doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world.  Nothing else ever has.   Margaret Mead

What are YOU dreaming about these days?

YOU can add to the Morphic Field of the Post-Birth Attraction Pattern:

  • Make a connection with 2 or more others and explore what you think is possible if humanity takes a huge quantum leap into unity consciousness.
  • Get involved NOW to be a part of Birth 2012, a global celebration for our collective birth into unity consciousness.   Contact me about getting involved if you live in Austin!
    Or, join our meet up at or our Facebook page at





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Don’t just Transform, Transubstantiate!

In a recent Conscious Evolutionary Circle the idea was brought into the field that in our worldview we want to experience the “Shift” as transubstantiation, NOT just transformation.  To transform is to alter what we already have.  To transubstantiate is CHANGE our substance altogether.

The butterfly analogy is a perfect reference for this distinction.  The caterpillar spins its chrysalis and disintegrates within.    It is the “imaginal cells” (yes, they are really called that) that begin the process of building the butterfly.  We, as lightworkers, are the imaginal cells of our planetary body and it is up to us to begin to truly imagine, and then EMBODY, what an entirely NEW species we can become.

We have a 13+ billion year history of nature taking quantum leaps transubstantiating into completely new forms of life.  This time, however, we are the first species in that 13 billion years to be self aware of the evolutionary step in front of us.  We are being asked by nature to step into our roles as imaginal cells to midwife this transubstantiation.

One of the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard states,

Code 29 – You are Now Ready to Undergo the Process of Transubstantiation

Mind affects matter.  “Matter” is not dense and solid but rather is energy and information in motion, in largely empty space, guided by an invisible, non-physical Self or consciousness.

The Universal Self is that consciousness personalized.  Through the integration of the full spectrum of selves, combined with your unconflicted behavior and passionate intent to evolve, the substance of your body/mind is changing to the higher vibration of the Universal Self.

This is saying YOU must transubstantiate yourself.  You must move beyond the limitations of your egoic separation, and incarnate right NOW as the Universal Human we are to emerge as when we “eclose” from this chrysalis we are creating now on our planet.  Who is the Universal Human?

See yourself as omni-present. … Post-transition experience is universal personhood, whose Self is unique and universal, formless and in a form which is not bound by ego – but is a consciously manifested expression of Source or Spirit as you.  The dichotomy between formless and form disappears.  It is all Consciousness creating.  Barbara Marx Hubbard, 52 Codes

Some Things You Can do to Begin Transubstantiation:

  • Seek out communion with other pioneering souls who believe that such a Shift is possible and want to support one another.  One such place is the community of Agents of Conscious Evolution.  You can enroll any time in the class and join a dynamic community with a common purpose.
  • Join a Conscious Evolutionary Circle to find others interested in evolving our planet.  Find a Circle near you (or start and post one of your own) at:  In Austin, join our Meetup Group at  We’re also on Facebook at


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Midwife Your Inner World to Midwife Our Planet

I can see fireworks in the distance as I watch from the hospital room window.  My dad is lying in the bed in a coma in the hospice room and we are waiting for him to die.  I thought that once the life support systems were removed that it would happen quickly, but that’s not how it works, at least not for him.  It was four days later, on July 8, 2005, early in the morning that he finally let go.  I’m not that interested in seeing fireworks anymore.

The strange thing, though, is that I’ve developed an even deeper relationship with my dad since his death.  I feel him visit me often, especially when I am in meditation.  He’s been much on my mind these past few days, of course, and he came to be with me this morning when I sat with my meditation group at Whole Foods.

When the “sit” began I was feeling all sorts of big, uncomfortable energies swirling in me and around me.  I think it’s part of what is going on in the world right now, lots of chaotic, “old stuff” wanting to transform.  Just Monday I worked with my buddy coach, Amy, on a very old cell level memory that created a decision that shows up as a recurring pattern in my life that I would like to transform.  I’m using EFT as one tool to shift this pattern.  If you know this work (and it’s good stuff, so go here if you don’t), you know that you include a statement similar to, “I profoundly love, honor, forgive and support myself.”

In my sit I began tapping out this pattern (using my etheric hand).  Within minutes I was filled with a knowing of being loved.  I clearly felt my father’s presence there to remind me of who I really am.  Through words, feelings, knowing states, and emotions he helped me get clear about the difference between the human aspects of myself and my true state of divinity.  I am so grateful to have my dad continuing to nurture and guide me in my life.

Are you feeling chaotic?
Is “old stuff” that you thought you had cleared showing up for you again?

I believe those of us that have awakened are mirroring the transformation that is gestating in our planet.  As we midwife these deeper shifts for ourselves, we energize and help midwife the deeper shifts within our humanity that must change for our planet to experience the birth of our more evolved humanity.

Resources for midwifing the birth of our planet:

  • Do you crave a community that understands the transformation that is wanting to be birthed?  Do you feel called to contribute your own unique gifts?  I encourage you to listen in to this FREE global teleclass, “The Birth of a New You and a New Humanity” featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard and Neale Donald Walsch as they share their vision, wisdom and guidance for birthing a more peaceful, sustainable and connected humanity.  Sunday, July 15, (recording available)
  • Maybe you already know you are an Agent for Conscious Evolution.  I can highly recommend this program that is more than just training.  Your life will change as you get the support to step powerfully into the gift you are here to give to humanity.  The “shared focus” of this community is to create a celebration on December 22, 2012 to acknowledge the evolutionary birth of our new humanity.
  • If you yearn to move beyond “old” patterns and allow your most powerful self to shine through, I would love to support you.  I have a few spaces for new coaching clients to work with me in a sacred opening to your most authentic expression.


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We Are All Connected


This morning I facilitated a Conscious Evolutionary Circle where we communed through heart-centered interactions about the Venus Transit now in progress.  You can read the full post which is excerpted below at this website:

We are entering a new era, the Divine Feminine is rising, coming forth within each one of us to heal and bring into right balance and right relation our planetary family. We are moving into HEART-based living! Feminine qualities (Venus, moon) are going to transcend into wholeness and integrate with those of the masculine (the sun).  The Feminine is rising and coming into the forefront to bring unity consciousness forth.

“Many consider the momentous Venus in Gemini transit in June, 2012 as a key marker of a new 2600 year cycle of humanity.  This Earth/Venus/Sun alignment has been suggested to symbolize the re-activation of the Solar Feminine.”
“What does that mean? In short, it suggests the energizing of the feminine creator in her one-ness or all-ness. The solarised feminine creator is all encompassing.”

“Just as woman gives birth to both genders, the rise of the solar feminine creator suggests a rebirth of the consciousness of our whole selves. Together in unison, yin and yang are transitioning into a major realignment chapter. Gemini correlates to blended diversity. True androgyny is the highest state of spiritual evolution.”
Copyright © 2012 Rose Marcus, All Rights Reserved


 An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.

Sunday evening I heard this Chinese proverb when I watched the pilot show of Touch, the TV series about an autistic boy who experiences the connections of the world through numbers.  Immediately following I had a visceral recognition of our connection to everything.  It was such a powerful sensation I had to sit in stillness for about 30 minutes to absorb and integrate this deeper understanding (though none of it was “mental understanding”) of “oneness.” There are no words, really, to express what opened for me, even though I have had many expansive experiences of feeling “I am that also.” Wow, from a TV program!


A vivid memory returned of a client who was sensing his most expansive self and described the experience as feeling himself as a strand of the most beautiful red silk thread within the tapestry of the Universe.


WE ARE ALL CONNECTED – Be still and you will know it.

  • Know that you are one with all.  My gift for you is this meditation, “Love Everywhere,” to know yourself fully as One energy with the world. (10:28 minutes)

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  • Feel yourself in the tapestry of All That Is.  What color of thread are you?  We are each a thread AND the whole tapestry.  We are each a cell within the planetary body AND the whole planetary body.
  • Stop and feel the energetic support right now for connecting heart to heart.  There’s no more perfect time than now during the transit!  Learn the HeartMath heart coherence technique to easily and quickly tap into your ability to be with others (and yourself) through your heart space.

  • Read more here about how “oneness” fits in with being a Conscious Evolutionary.





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The Buzz Around Happiness & Heart Intelligence

Shift out of resistance and happiness shows up on wings of inspiration, action, joy and a sudden feeling that life is truly joyful”  Erica Glessing


This beautiful sentiment was penned by a former client, Erica Glessing, who authored Happiness Quotations, and is the instigator of a powerful new opportunity, the Happiness Telesummit.  Erica interviews 32 world class Happiness Experts, including yours truly, to build the vibration of happiness across the planet.  The summit runs 7 days, May 24 – May 30, and is free for the listening (or optional fee to download these amazing interviews).  Sign up here:

“Evolutionary Happiness” is the topic of my interview.  When you’re feeling so inspired in your work

  • that time doesn’t exist
  • creativity springs forth
  • synchronicities stream resources to you, and
  • perfect collaborative playmates show up

you are following the pull of your evolutionary impulse and the resulting fulfillment and satisfaction elicits evolutionary happiness!  During the interview I lead an exercise to help you tap into your evolutionary impulse (read more) and give you tips for developing your capacity for evolutionary happiness.  My interview is scheduled for Sunday, May 27 at 2:00 CST (you can listen to it for free for up to 48 hours later).  Sign up here:

If you are looking for ways to shift out of your resistance, one of the best coaches I’ve found for this is Christian Pankhurst.  We are nearing the end of his launch for the Accelerated Awakening Program, (registration begins 5/24, noon ET, but there is still time to watch his free video series that is packed full of value about “Heart Intelligence.”  Register at

Through the 3 FREE video series you’ll discover what it means to live your life using your Heart Intelligence that creates opportunities that your mind intelligence would never “see.”  Here’s what you will learn:

Video 1:

  • — How to consciously feel joy whenever you want to
  • — How to discern your heart’s truth verus your conditioning
  • — How to access your deepest longings and bring them into physical reality
  • — How to feel into what you need, ask for what you want and LET IT IN!

Video 2:

  • – The power of embodiment and why changing your beliefs won’t work
  • – Turning your shadow into your greatest gift
  • – How to Expand Your Emotional Range, safely and enjoyably

Video 3:

  • – The difference between inspiration and motivation
  • – How to build a vision that is magnetic to the forces of creation
  • – Taking inspired action rather than disciplined ‘push’
  • – How to express yourself so your message ‘lands’
  • – Why traditional goal setting won’t work as effectively
  • – The difference between Heart Power & Will Power
  • – Knowing your true direction & receiving guidance

As you can see, it’s well worth the optin to gain access to these videosBuilding your Heart Intelligence is a foundational practice for Conscious Evolutionaries to be able to step even more powerfully into contributing their gifts in the world.  To begin with video 1, register at


Join other Conscious Evolutionaries as we seek to fully embody our own evolutionary happiness by giving our gifts powerfully in service to evolving humanity.  Our Conscious Evolutionary Circles focus on using  the methods of  Heart Intelligence as we build our skills as agents of change for the good.  More info at or

1st & 3rd Wednesday mornings, 9:15 – 10:30 a.m., Whole Foods outdoor mezzanine at 6th and Lamar.

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Synchronicity, Harmony, Joy ……… Pain?

As you know, Celeste, for those already within time and space, their lives are usually all about finding love and making money.
Yet not so long ago, while awaiting their first turn, breathing would have been enough.
Hey, Celeste, I vote for breathing, finding love, and making money, in that order.
So much air, so little time –

The Universe

Synchronicity” is the first one of my  “8 Awesome Ways to Know If You’ve Opened Your Channel” to your Higher Self and my Higher Self (HS) has certainly been communicating with me this week. I’ve been licking my wounds over the lack of success of my launch of “How to Be A Conscious Evolutionary – Awakened Seeker’s Journey.”  Not only was it not successful, but the stress of the production and promotion of this product negatively impacted my relationships and my health.

It wasn’t until this past Wednesday when a flurry of synchronicities all came together did I notice my HS was trying to get my attention.  It began with a powerful and deep meditation Wednesday morning that was chock full of contrasts . . . .  that didn’t feel like contrasts.  That is, I was fully present to my emotional pain that felt very heavy while at the same time noticing lightness within me.  This turned into a definite energy field of darkness next to pure white; I listened to the loud noises surrounding me and to the total quietness inside of me;  I felt the moist cool air on my face and the spaciousness of infinity; I lost all sensation of my physical body from the waist down and observed a sharp pain in my back.  In every instance I was aware of the contrasts, yet they felt only like distinctions of experiencing the same thing, a place where “preferences” seemed like a mute point because it didn’t matter, it was all the same. Wow!

Later that afternoon I listened to the message by Steve Rother (below) that centers on stepping fully into this harmonious world, including the harmony and joy (!) of pain.  His message in words contained the essence of my morning experience.  And then Mike Dooley’s wonderful note from The Universe (above) put it all into perspective when I read it late Wednesday evening.

In my coaching practice I often help people feel “the perfection of their situation even when their intellect doesn’t get it.”  As a Conscious Evolutionary I practice the meme of “Crisis is an evolutionary driver that stimulates innovative and creative solutions.”  And in my spiritual practice I forgive people and situations using the meditation, “You owe me nothing.  I owe you every thing.”

No matter what the words are, when you can grow to experience pain

  • as joy
  • as an evolutionary course corrector
  • as the Universe synchronistically and lovingly supporting you
  • as an experience to deepen your sense of oneness with All That Is
  • then you won’t get stuck, you will always be evolving!


Practices to see the silver lining while experiencing emotional/mental pain:

  • In your journal, write down every potential ripple effect that your situation might stimulate including those inside of you and those on your environments around you now or in the future.  Dig deep!
  • Think outside the box and brainstorm new solutions to your situation if money (or relationships, location, etc) were not an issue.  Don’t stop until you’ve uncovered at least three (3) ideas or thoughts you’ve never even had before.
  • Center your energy with long slow deep breaths.  In your mind’s eye, see the person or situation that is causing you pain and look at it directly and say, “You owe me nothing.  I owe you everything.”  Notice the insights that move you forward. (See below for an audio experience of this.)
  • The Awakened Seeker’s Journey includes journaling exercises about how crises evolve your path and a recorded meditation about forgiveness that includes the phrase above.  I’m happy to gift you half off your purchase using the discount codepain.”




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Conception Day 3/22/12; Conceiving a New Humanity

conceive [kənˈsiːv]  vb

1. (when intr, foll by of) to have an idea (of); imagine; think
2. (tr; takes a clause as object or an infinitive) to hold as an opinion; believe
3. (tr) to develop or form, esp in the mind
4. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) to become pregnant with (young)
5. (tr) Rare to express in words

We are nine (9) months out from celebrating BIRTH 2012, 12/22/12, a day to honor the threshold of our emergence towards a more loving, more collaborative, more unified humanity.  But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

We must first be able to “conceive” this humanity before we can birth it.  Let your imagination play with these questions to see what shows up for you.

  • What is YOUR conception of a new humanity?
  • What’s possible for our humanity if our transformation flows from fully awakened humans?
  • What would a quantum leap for our humanity look like in evolutionary terms?
  • What characteristics, attributes, or ways of being would epitomize a new humanity?
  • What is your memory of our human future?

If we can “see” it, we can “be” it.  We can begin to live as though it is already so, which becomes a “calling forth” for the kinds of humans that can create such a new humanity.

I recently listened to an interview with Shifra Hendrie as she talked about the “coming era.”

“What is the Divine vision?  That Divinity and Infinity should be expressed everywhere.  … an Infinite being shinning his/her infinite light out in to the Infinite No End.  But, that’s no big deal for an Infinite Being.  What is a Big Deal is for that Infinite Being to be able to shine that Divinity and Infinity through a human heart.”

[What is your vision of the coming era?]

“A sustainable society for every human being where there is no fear, no competition, no struggles, no death, no separation, but an ever expanding experience of Love, joy, oneness, and Divinity within ourselves.”

Watch this inspiring video as Barbara Marx Hubbard talks about  our Humanity Ascending.  “We’re going to go where humans have never gone before.”

Conception Day, March 22, Austin & Global Events!

Conception Day Gift – One Day Only: March 22
Get The Awakened Seeker’s Journey E-Course
(Part 1 of the Trilogy) for Only 1¢!

In Austin, join me at 6:30 pm upstairs outdoor mezzanine of Whole Foods at 6th and Lamar to conceive a new humanity through an interactive hour of meditation, global heart-to-heart coherence hook-up, culminating in a collaborative group creative project. (Bring $5 supply fee and a flower.)

Global webcast event features Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne McTaggart and other top leaders as they share their insights about this all-important year and give you tools that empower you to create a new story for humanity.

Registration is free. Sign up here:

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Birthing the New Norm of a Conscious Being

It began last Friday in Austin when I joined about 10 other female entrepreneurs over lunch to share what it means to run a business from a heart-centered perspectiveService to humanity, spirit focused business missions, honoring a deeper calling to fulfill life purposes, birthing evolutionary projects, these were themes expressed among the group.  The energy expanded as each shared from her authentic self.

Then I flew to Los Angeles where The Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard hosted a free (!) day and half conference for any of the more than 2000 people who have participated in the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training.  Around 150 people showed up for the weekend.

And “show up” they did.  Participants were fully present to each other, connected to Essence, and eager to give as well as receive from one another.  Each person inspirational in her/his own right.

Barbara herself was lovely.  Accessible, humble, witty, charitable, Barbara is a model for BEING in this world, fully incarnating as Essence in her moment-to-moment presence.  I reveled in her ability to embody the concepts of the “third wave of empowerment,” [Steve Rother] the ability to hold authentic power without diminishing the power of those around her, nor diluting her own power.  It is this harmonizing effect of the third wave that will support the true collaborative nature of Universal Humanity, the evolving transformation potential of our future.

Kudos to Stephen Dinan and Devaa Haley Mitchell of The Shift Network for continuing to model an Enlightened business.  They are generous with their time, talents and passions as they weave a beautiful abundance tapestry of giving and receiving monetary flow through their organization.

A Conscious Evolutionary will always ask, “What is emerging?”

Could it be this heart centered, authentic embodiment of Essence is actually going to be “The New Norm?”

Listen to a small sampling from a few of the ACE participants as they share the projects and talents they are gifting to support the transformation of our humanity into the New Norm.  Notice the unique activation point that each of these people will create in the world.  Consider what your own activation point is.

Reconciliation with Native Americans – Maya Shaw Gale

Earth in Concert – Werner John

Peace Planet Project – Laura Merrell

Singing in the Shift – (The Peace Room), Sharon Abreu


Do You Embody the New Norm?

  • There are many who believe the next quantum leap for our human species is to evolve to the “Universal Human,” one whose foundational field of energy is Love.  Listen to the words you choose to use in your own life.  Are you speaking from a foundation of Love or Fear?
  • The vision for “Universal Humanity” includes a society that flows from unity consciousness and also honors the unique gifts of each individual. Harmonious daily life happens through a synergistic sharing of those gifts.  Do you collaborate with others from your authentic power, neither dominating others nor diminishing yourself?


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What do you Propose for 2012?

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

Photos of White Rock Lake Park, Dallas

This photo of White Rock Lake Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

While running at White Rock Lake on Dec. 31, a man newly arrived from Mexico asked me this question.  As he shared his “proposal” for his new year in a new country I delighted in his energies of potential and possibility that presented itself.  He came from Matamoros where the drug lords are terrorizing every day life and the expansiveness of the freedom we enjoy here was pouring from him.  When we parted, I was left feeling euphoric with positive possibilities of what it might mean to “propose” to the New Year.


Propose” feels so collaborative; “resolve” feels individuated.
“Propose” is full of possibilities; “resolve” seems inflexible.
“Propose” carries future potential; “resolve” holds shame of the past.


For Conscious Evolutionaries, the year of 2012 holds much potential for the Birth and first breath of a new humanity, our next evolutionary state.  Referred to as “Universal Humanity,” this conscious collective is characterized by collaboration, cooperation, peace, sustainability, regenerative economics, co-creativity and unity consciousness.  It is our world movement as a species to a balance of the higher vibrating states of both masculine and feminine energies combined.  We won’t magically arrive at this state all at once, but this is the year of the tipping point, the 100th monkey effect that moves us in that direction.

“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

I propose for myself in 2012 to be in synergistic collaboration with the energies flowing around me throughout the year; to step fully into the syntony of being an Agent of Conscious Evolution, aware of synchronicities guiding me toward others who are also resonating with this calling. Our co-creation occurs (supra-sex!) through inspired action based on the spontaneous knowing that flows from our Higher Selves.  In living from this place of our Essential Selves we support our world’s natural syntropy (vs. entropy) to occur and evolution toward the Universal Humanity happens.

My proposal is based on the “Seven S’s of Social Synergy” that I recently taught in our Conscious Evolution Circle in Austin.  Join our Facebook page ( to learn more about what we are doing in the Circle.  In the next few months our focus is around the “Winter of Wellness.”

But, you don’t have to live in Austin to participate!  You can hear inspirational wellness talks in the Wellness Summit, a FREE telesummit beginning January 9- March12 chock full of world-class pioneers such as Joan Borysenko, Dan Millman, John Gray and more!  For more info visit


“What’s your proposal for the New Year?”

  • Sit quietly and let your awareness move inwardly.  Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”  Make your proposal based on your deepest joy.
  • Or, ask your quiet and poised mind, “What is most wanting to emerge from me in 2012?”
  • Want to get better at hearing your own inner wisdom?  Try the exercises from How to Channel Your Higher Self to build your skills at receiving deep and personalized guidance.


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